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A New Dawn (episode 4)


Caro almost dropped dead due to the question asked by Tony. She knew the answer to his question was a death trap, because she honestly couldn’t remember how many men she had slept with. Caro was overshadowed by fear and started sweating under Air condition.


“What do you need my body counts for?” She shockingly asked, “I just want to know you better and also share in your past life, that’s all. You can as well ask for my body count too and I’ll gladly tell you” Tony said. Caro started panicking and contemplating weather to lie or say the truth, “but I have lost counts of how many men I slept with


during my reckless days, how on earth am I going to tell the man I don’t want to lose that I can’t remember how many men they were” she thought to herself.


Tony figured she wasn’t going to spill the beans anytime soon, so he let it slide. “It’s ok if you don’t want to share, I totally understand but feel free to ask me anything you want to know about me” he said and walked out on her to the bedroom. Caro broke into tears because she knew Tony might start suspecting her, “Should I tell him the truth about everything?” She asked herself but couldn’t summon up the courage to actually do so. On the other hand, Tony was trying his best not to think too much about the whole issue. He further blamed himself for asking and tried to forget ever asking. Just as he was about to go back to the parlour to meet Caro, she walked into his room looking sober.


“Tony I want us to talk” she said and sat on his bed, “Ok, I’m listening” Tony replied. Caro was scared but had to speak up to save her relationship with Tony, “About the question you asked not long ago, I delayed the answer not because I didn’t want to come clean but rather because I don’t know how to put the truth to you” she said. As she was about to go further, Tony stopped her and told her it was Ok and that she should let it slide. “Forget I asked you about your body count, I honestly feel it was wrong to invade your privacy just like that. I just wanted to


know a little bit about the past of the woman I’m in a relationship with, that’s all” he said and moved closer to hug her. “Is there anything you feel I should know though” Tony asked as he hugged her and she nodded “No”. Caro was fighting within herself to tell Tony that she had a son but was too scared to do so. “What’s wrong with me? This was the perfect time to tell the truth but I blew it” she thought to herself as her conscience was filled with guilt. Tony quickly changed the topic and they talked about other things but Caro wasn’t at peace anymore.


After a good time together, Caro retired to her house. She was troubled and couldn’t think straight, “I have to tell Tony the truth soon before he finds out from another means and might never forgive me” she thought to herself. Tony felt uneasy all night and still thought of why Caro saw it as a big deal to let the cat out of the bag, but he tried not to dwell deeper on those thoughts whenever they popped up.


It was weekend and Caro’s mum came with her son to visit. Caro was so happy to see her lovely son whom she hadn’t seen in over 2 weeks. She hugged her son and showered him with some gifts she bought during the week for him. “Mummy I miss you” he said and she told him she missed him too. They were to stay in her house till Sunday evening before leaving. Caro have also decided to


tell Tony the truth and hopefully, introduce her son to him. She prayed to God about it and asked him to soften Tony’s heart.


On Saturday evening that week, Tony fell sick and informed Caro. In no time, she was at his house to watch and take care of him. She bought some drugs on her way to his house and made him take them when she arrived. She made dinner and served Tony, when he was done eating, she took the plates to the kitchen while he laid back on the couch to rest.


While Caro was in the kitchen, her phone beeped and Tony reluctantly picked it up to see if she had a call but realised it was a WhatsApp message from her mum instead. He was about to put the phone down but something struck him and it was the first line of the message, which read “Your son has been disturbing me, he said his wants to play the game you bought for him, where did you keep it?”. Tony was dead shock and confused with the word “Your son”.


His heart skipped several beats and he was dumbfounded. “What could this message mean?” He thought to himself and before he could think further, Caro walked in. She noticed the way he looked at her but thought it was due to the sickness. She placed her hand on his forehead to check his temperature, Tony was mute and didn’t


know how to approach the situation or start the conversation.


“Check your phone, someone just messaged you” he said looking at her. She picked up her phone and panicked when she saw the text her mum sent but was careful so Tony wouldn’t notice. She put the phone down and told Tony that it was time to go to bed but he was still staring at her. “What’s wrong? Why are you staring at me” she curiously asked but Tony remained mute.


The atmosphere was a bit awkward and Caro started sensing what the problem might be. She started panicking but still tried to put herself together because she wasn’t sure he knew yet.


After a while, Tony broke the silence by asking “Caro, do you have a son?”.


End of episode 4


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