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I’ve always heeded to my elders advice but that doesn’t mean I’m always obedient..


I’m quite the opposite but for a good course.


My grandfather has made me a strong believer of his doctrine but somehow I failed him.


He would say:


‘Eliska always remember.. A bird in a hand is worth two in a bush.. it makes you a true El Toro..


But when you’re found in a tough situation fighting for what you hold dear to you and saving those who are dearest to you..


It’s like untangling a tangled thread and in the process of untangling it you tangled it harder..


The best thing to do is to cut it off without thinking twice..’


That was the case of my land.. I risked losing in the process of searching for something better but still I held it dear to me..


I paid off my debt with the Gold I dug from my land..


But I failed to cut off the tangled thread and free my land from those craving to own it..


I failed to protect it from my uncle’s.


The bank manager..


And the governor..


Maybe, because then I had no proper means of protecting it..


Or maybe because I had little knowledge of how to protect my right but now times have changed..


I have changed!!!…


I don’t get intimidated by people anymore..


Because now I am the law..


And I believe and abide by the law..


I believe in myself..


Well, a proper introduction is quite necessary now..


I’m Eliska El Toro..


Daughter of late Mr Todd El Toro and Mrs Racquelita El Toro..


I’m 22 years old..


A full pledged citizen of Los Angeles, California..


And the rightful heiress of late Ortiz El Toro’s favorite land and his widest ranches…


It’s literally the biggest and widest ranches in Los Angeles..


And I’m a lawyer..


I’m currently living in Germany..


And I only have one best friend..


He’s name is Ted Koppel, an artist to the core..


He was my childhood friend but we got separate after I lost my dad..



But as fate would have it.. we met again in a compromising situation.. On a rough path but our friendship rekindled despite our rough situation.. We studied at the Same institute


But I’m planning on moving back home..


Back to Los Angeles..


And I’m a happy single lady..


“Ahhhh!!!”I grumbled..


I can’t believe I’m putting such great effort in looking sΒ£xy..


Ted must be going crazy waiting for me downstairs..


I’m surprised he hasn’t yelled my name..


“Eliska!!! Come down already..” my best friend Ted yelled my name in fustration just as I expected he would..


I let out a deep breath as I picked up my purse..


Before taking a final glance at myself..


Fully satisfied with my make over..


I walked downstairs graciously..


“Oh my gosh!!! Eli, you look breath taking” he exclaimed and I blushed..


I quickly lowered my gaze, praying he doesn’t notice my reddened face.. I can’t give him the satisfaction of that..


“Thanks Ted..”I hugged him immediately as he drew closer to me..


“My comments earlier on still have alot of effect on you.. I’m amazed but not surprised.. But I’m happy that after all these years I still have an effect on you..”he whispered in my ear and I pulled away from him and hit him with my purse playfully..


“Hey!! What was that for dumb head???” He grumbled sounding like a baby.. “That’s for teasing me with such cunning remarks.. Block head” I replied him earning a groan from him..


“Anyway, you don’t look bad”I praised him checking him out properly..


He always look great..


“I always do.. Thanks by the way”he replied


“Are you certain that the governor’s son will be here in person??” He asked raising his eyebrow


“I don’t know.. but there’s no harm in trying..”I replied him as I opened my door and waited for him to step outside before I locked..


“Even if that d**khead doesn’t shows up.. I’m still gonna make this night memorable..”I whispered walking slowly side by side with him…



“I’m going back home sooner than I expected.. I hope you’re gonna come back with me to Los Angeles??”I asked in anticipation hoping his reply would be positive.. “Yes!!! I love adventures”he replied opening the door for me but I hugged him happily..


“This calls for celebration.. Ted..”I shouted happily and he scoffed..


I entered inside the car and he closed the door for me..


Soon he rejoined me and we drove off in silence.. Even if he doesn’t admit it..


Ted is definitely happy to go to Los Angeles with me..


It has always been his dream to stay in Los Angeles especially where there’s lots ranges and horses to explore the city with..


“Are you sure you’re golden land is still untouched??”Ted asked suddenly, Breaking the silence


“Not yet!! But I heard that the governor was planning on buying the land.. Mom told me that my uncle is still not convinced that I truly found gold on that land because he has turned the land into a mess looking for gold but he found none” “I can’t wait to see that land and the gold.. Most importantly I can’t wait to see the shock on your uncles faces when they found out that you’re the owner of the biggest mansion in Los Angeles with the most biggest ranges ever..”


“Oooh!! Sounding like that.. I’m already picturing their faces.. Things will change for good when we get there..”


“I know bestie.. You’ll also change alot when you return home.. But I’ll always stand by you.. I won’t get tired of your frightening little ass” he said mockingly but I know he’s right..


The rest of the drive was in silence as we became glued to our own thoughts..


The party was more than I expected..


I felt quite uplifted with the knowledge of having my best friend with me in Los Angeles..


Because I know the path ahead will be extremely difficult and challenging for me. I’m also having great fun because at last the governor’s son graced me with his presence..


I wanna use him to get to his father..


That d**khead is sitting across the bar at the VVIP section with his friends..


He looks pretty handsome in person..


I’m laughing like a fool right now but I can’t help it..


“Eli.. sweetie, I wonder how you’re able to withstand such great amount of alcohol


in your system.. Why aren’t you ever drunk and you always drink more alcohol


than me???”Ted asked sounding tipsy..


He’s always unpredictable when he’s drunk..


“Teddy bear.. You know I’m a genius.. that’s the reason I’m always around to wrap your butt back home when you’re drunk..”I replied him..


He opens his mouth to say something but i spoke up shunning him.. and I shouted at him


“Ask no more questions and sit still..” and he giggled..


He tried to snatch my vodka but I grabbed it before him and he lost his balance and pushed our table..


All the leftover drinks spilled on my dress..


I stormed out of my seat and headed to the restroom…


I grumbled angrily..


“He’s lucky he’s my best friend and luckier that my dress is black” I murmured to myself as I walked over to the restroom feeling embarrassed for the first time mainly because I know that governor’s son might have probably witnessed everything..


I mistakenly bumped into someone as I missed my step and fell into a strong firm arms and not the hard tiles ground that I expected..


I spun around to appreciate my saviour but choked on my words..


Standing before me..


Is no other than the devil’s son…


‘i cursed my luck today!!’i said to myself because I hate to accept help from my enemy..


I stare at his deep icy sea blue eyes as I pray for the ground to open up and swallow me rather than appreciating his help…


“Thanks by the way”I finally spoke up and his gaze flickered around while clears his throat..


“It’s nothing.. am always a gentle man when saving clumpsy chicks..”he replied sounding like a jerk..


“Clumpsy chick!!! that’s not a random name these days.. But you shouldn’t go around calling people your sisters name.. You look rich but how can your parent give such weird names to a lovely girl like your sister.. But I’m happy for the name my parents gave to me. You can ask politely for it” I replied him sounding pissy off..


He looked baffled by my guts but my stone gaze remained firm..



“Hmm.. you have a sharp tongue but I hope it won’t get smitten off by a deadly cat.. But I’m kinda curious about your lovely name”


“I don’t sleep with my mouth wide open.. Eliska is my name jackass”I replied before I slowly walked away from him..


“Finn Thomas is my name.. Keep that in mind when we meet again”he half yelled and I halted..


‘This guy have some nerve.. His pride piss me off.. I wonder how I’ll be able to be around him without losing my mind’i grumbled within myself before turning around to face him..


“I hope we don’t cross path.. especially in an unpleasant event because I crave badly to punch some senses into your d**khead.. Mr Freak.”I said holding gaze with him daring him to challenge me..


“It’s Finn and not ‘freak’ Eliska”he spoke up laughing at me..


“Freak off already!!”I half yelled gesturing for him to go away as I walked away


ignoring his laughter..




He should have been named freak and not Finn..


When I got back to the party..


I received the greatest shock for that day….


Β© Winner Godwin and


Grace Aghedo


August 2019


All rights reserved






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