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As she gently placed her right foot on the red carpet.. Revealing her golden heels..


“Please stand up as we welcome.. the Queen of this great occasion..” I spoke up…


Taking a deep breath as i paused for a while..


I love the suspense..


The look on your their faces are priceless and entertaining…


She stepped down from the car facing us with her back..


Dressed in a black short gown..


She loves black..


“Miss Eliska El Toro”I shouted and she turned around immediately..


She walked graciously and slightly seductively towards the podium and my eyes


scanned and landed on her uncle’s face..


His face was priceless..


Before my gaze flittered around the podium taking in their expression to my




I averted my gaze back to the queen of the day..


As I stretched out my hand for her and she locked her hand with mine..


Immediately her foot landed on the podium a gunshot was heard…




As I walked up to the podium.. My gaze fell on my uncle’s face.. he looked shocked just how he ought to be.. Before my gaze fell on the bank manager to the governor and my uncle’s wife and my cousins..


Fully satisfied at their terrified and shocked expression..


I couldn’t help but to notice that freak was eye raping me shamelessly in public..


I rolled my eyes before my eyes locked on Stanley’s complicated face..


His facial expression was kinda hard for me to explain nor understand..


I averted my eyes away and looked at my bestie..


He looked pleased..


He stretched forth his hand and I lock mine with his..


Immediately, my foot landed on the podium..


My men fired a gun shot..


Ted tensed and I smiled at him and nod my head assuring that it was okay and he relaxed and smiled..


Another gun shot was head as my other foot landed on the podium..


I walked majestically, hand in hand with my bestie.. standing before the microphone with a smile as the third gun shot was heard..


My uncle looked like he was about to collapse and I laughed within myself. “Greetings to my distinguish men of the high table, my friends and family and everyone seated before me.. I’m pleased that you all squeezed out time to celebrate with me..


I would like to use this opportunity to give an open platform for anyone who wishes to work in my ranch to drop down a note with your name, address and qualifications to my mother Mrs Racquelita El Toro.. Thank you all for gracing this occasion..


Enjoy the party..”


And they all cheered for me shouting..


“All hail El Toro!!!


All hail the queen!!!”



I smiled warmly as i walked up to my mom and bowed before her still holding the microphone..


I waited as they all calmed down before I spoke up..


“This house is dedicated to my mother.. my backbone”I placed the keys to the mansion in her hands and tears of joy fell down from her eyes..


I quickly wiped the tears off and placed a peck on her cheek and she hugged me..


“Boss!!”one of my driver called me as I break the embrace relunctantly..


“Mom!!”she looked up at me..


“This is your personal driver..”


“It’s an honor to serve you.. I’m Mark.. At your service Madame”Mark bowed at


my mom and she embraced me again..


Obviously crying..


“Rocky!!!”Ted called her and she looked at him.. He dried her wet cheeks with his handkerchief..


“You deserve all this happiness, Rocky.. And many more is yet to come.. But if you keep crying we will be afraid to show them to you because we don’t wanna see you in tears”Ted spoke up and mom’s face lighten up… “That’s it.. Let’s Rock this party..”Ted said cheerfully..


There’s never a dull moment with Ted Koppel..


“You’re forbidden to get drunk at this party”I yelled as loud music came on air..


“Yes mom”Ted shouted in my ear and i pushed him away jokingly..


He walked up to mom and offered his hands to her inviting her to the dance floor


and Mom accepted..


She looks so alive..


Dancing and giggling with Ted…


“Ahhhh!!!”I breathed out..


How much I missed this side of mom..


“Care for a dance..”Stanley’s voice whispered in my ear as he wrapped his hands around my waist..


“I would like to.. But I’m grounded on a friendship rule with your brother.. Who would crash this party if he saw you with me”I replied sternly and he smiled.. He pulled me to a more quiet place inside the Mansion and released his grib on me..


“Can’t believe my brother deprived me of such great woman”Stanley spoke up..


“He can’t let a player hang around with me”I replied him..


“Nope!! He’s way too overprotective of you”he fired..


“Glad you’ve come to terms with it”


“What kind of relationship do you guys share.. it baffles me alot..”


“If you continue racking your head about it.. you still wouldn’t get an answer..”I replied him as he offered me a drink and I accepted it..


“Hmm.. You look breathtaking”he complimented me and I blushed..


Suddenly my pulse quickened as he drew closer to me..


His eyes held mine captive.. And my heart throbbing increases unusually..


“Look who I found here!!!”freaks spoke up from behind me.. causing me to break eyelock with Stanley..


Stanley expression lingered for a while from disappointed to his usual Playboy smirk..


“You’re entering was magnificent”freak said and stood next to me.. Which placed me in between them..


“Thanks.. Now you know your pride wouldn’t hurt if you accepted other people’s Glory”I said smiling at him and he rolled his eyes..


“With you I can try!! I was actually laying low because of you but ended up crossing paths”he confessed


“How thoughtful.. That’s in the past.. freak”I said and he looked surprised for a while before he smiled


“You have an admirable forgiving spirit”


“I inherited that from my Mom.. But mine usually fade off with time.. so don’t push your luck to much and ware off your luck..”I cautioned him.


“I’ll keep that in mind.. Let’s toss.. To a new beginning of friendship”freak said


lifting his glass in the air and me and Stanley lifted our glass as we toss..


“Thanks by the way”freak said


“You’re welcome freak”


“I thought that name was kinda outdated.. this is a new beginning”he complained and I laughed


“Get used to the name.. it won’t fade off until you do something worth the change” “Dinning with my enemies.. What a great start!!”Ted voice startled me..


“We made peace with one another Ted”I spoke up with my voice slightly shaken not because I was afraid of him but because I made this decision alone…


“I’m surprised.. The decision board fired me without my knowledge…”Ted said sacarstically holding gaze with freak and his brother.. His facial expression is very dangerous..


The air between us thickens..


I walked up to Ted and embraced him..


“Forgive them please”I whispered in his ear..


“They don’t deserve it”he whispered back


“I know..”I whispered back before pecking his cheek..


He sighed and nod..


“Last chance”Ted spoke up and I smiled..


“That’s my Teddy bear”I chuckled..


“It feels like a family reunion”Stanley murmured to himself but I pretended that I didn’t hear him..


Stanley truly loves his brother.. Even though, he behaves like he doesn’t.. his eyes say something else.. Story from Topster Stories. I’ve gat to strive hard to rekindle their bound…


“Lily!!!”Ted tapped my shoulder..


“Uhhh???”I replied but sounded more like a question..


“An invitation for you”Ted said handing me a card and I grabbed it from him..


Stanley stare awkwardly at me..


But I pretended not to notice his stares…


“You guys are talking about business in such tremendous party.. You’re the queen of the day.. you should be grooving and whining your ass on the dance floor”freak spoke up and I chuckled at his crazy thought.. But he was kinda correct..


This is my party…


“Will you do me the honour of being my dance partner???”I asked Ted and he blushed..


“I thought I should do the asking since it was my idea..”freak complained “Well, she beat you to it.. she asked me.. I’m the best dance partner”Ted replied wrapping his hands around my waist..


“But I don’t trust you enough to entrust her in your hands, Finn…” Ted paused.. “Stanley please dance with her”Ted spoke up and I raised my gaze in awe.. Unbelievable!!!


“Where’s my Teddy bear???”I whispered staring at him dumbfounded..


“I’m right here Lily.. You asked me to give it a try.. That’s what I’m doing.. Finn attempted on your life twice, but he hasn’t but that doesn’t make him a saint either” “But don’t end up grinding your teeth with him.. Or I’ll literally never talk to you again..”Ted threatened out loud and I scoffed.. “He’s a player”I whispered in his ear..


“I feel cheated here!!!”Freak murmured as Stanley grabbed my hands leading me to dance floor..


His hands slide to my waist as he pull me to his hard chest..


That gorgeous chest..


It might be six or eight packs..




Save me from my dirty thinking..


I sway my hip to the beat of the music.. While Stanley rocks me from behind!!!


Gosh this guy is a wild and crazy dancer..


Suddenly, a slower music came on air..


Stanley spun me around as I stood face to face with him..


As we fan each other’s face with our heavy breathing..


“I’m glad to witness this day!!”He breathed out as he swinged me around as my back hit his chest once again..


He held me with his left hand to his chest as I slowly grind my waist.. He hissed at the sudden contact taking me by surprise..


“This better not be a dream..”he whispered in my ear..


I felt pleased to know that he was also dreaming about a moment like this with






“It’s not!!”I whispered back.. And his lips brushed my exposed shoulder..


I inhale a deep breath as his hands roam around my body.. Quite surprise at first before relaxing to the feel of his touch..


His hands moved upwards in one swift motion..


“Ahhhhh!!!”I breathed out.. Feeling the sensation building up..


There’s a spark of fire as his hand brushed my br**st.. But slowly I felt as ease.. As


if, the fire had been quenched…


Anticipating his next move..


His hand remained on my br**st for a while.. Before he used his index finger to trace circles on my br**st until he came in contact with my already hard nipple.. I was expecting him to go further and touch me in so many different places but he didn’t..


He did something shocking…


“I adore you alot Lisy!!! And sometime it hurts..”He whispered in my ear..


Never knew Stanley could be a real gentle man..


Who respect a woman’s body..


All I always believed was he was a cunning player..


But today he proved otherwise…


I spun around to look him in the eyes..


His magnificent eyes..


I was unable to read!!


His emotions I can’t comprehend..


“You’re complicated… I fail to understand you”I murmured and he smiled..


“It’s fate!!!”He replied and walked away..


I walked after him quietly and confused..


“Nice party”Freak’s sister complimented me..


“Thanks”I replied as I grab a bottle of vodka..


I drank half of it and sighed..


“Your dance was amazing.. I couldn’t get my eyes of you..”freak spoke up.. “Your eyes must have been glued to my ass”I fired him and they burst into laughter..


If he wasn’t looking at my ass, he would have noticed the little encounter I had with Stanley..


I wonder why I don’t get drunk with vodka..


Who cares..


I raised my bottle to my lips but Stanley pulled it away and toss it behind me..


“That’s enough”he spoke up ..


“She can withstand alcohol.. Give it back to her”Ted spoke up sounding tipsy.. “I told you.. no drinking and getting drunk at my party”I glared angrily at Ted “I only had four shot.. I promise”Ted said and I chuckled.. Freak’s sister walked up to us with a sΒ£xy smile..


She lifted her glass up in the air and I tossed with my bottle of vodka..


“What’s your name???”I asked freak sister..


Drowning my vodka happily…


“Selena.. pleasure to meet you”she replied sounding humble but I sensed bitterness in her tune..


Or is it jealousy…


“I’m honored..”I replied back..


“I’ll take Ted upstairs..”Stanley volunteered and I nod in agreement..


“His room is in the fourth floor”I told Stanley and he nod..


I watched as he walked away with his brother.. it brought a smile to my face.. “I’ll head out now”Selena said as she hugged her brother and waved at me before walking away leaving me alone with the devil..


“Alone with the goddess at last”freak spoke up earning a groan from me.. “Scheming something dangerous for me???”I asked with a sly smile and he smirked at me..



“I want you to dance with me the way you danced with Stanley.. I want to feel your warmth… I want to mold your body closer to mine..”he confessed lustly, suddenly standing too close to me..


“You wanna wrap your hands on my waist and grab my ass.. just to boost your manhood.. in your dreams, freak”I replied him and he burst out into laughter.. “You’re an expert in cock blocking me..”he grumbled and I chuckled softly..


He pulled me to him, his eyes daring me to look away.. Though I wanted to look away, I find myself staring back at him..


My body is slowly responding to him even though my mind frowns at this attraction.. my mind lost to my body.. My body is slowly relaxing to Freak..


“Give me one chance.. I’ll explore and worship your body in a way no man has


ever done before”he breathed out..


And I smiled as his foolish desire..


“You’re asking for permission to f**k me”I spoke up with my voice slightly shaken..


“Which ever damned way you put it.. I want you”he said hoarsely sounding like he was in pain..


Even though I wanna use him to get to his dad.. I can’t trade my pride..


“In your dreams..”I replied him scooting away from his reach..


“Then be my woman.. I’ve been in love once.. I’m not as bad as you think”he


requested desperately..


“You’re desperate”I pointed out


“Hell yes I am!! Desperate times requires desperate measures”he defended himself and I smiled at him..


His words had other meaning…


I feel unease…


His words sounded like a warning..


It may brings disaster..


“Finn Thomas Robbinson..”


“That’s my name princess..”


“I thought it was clumsy chick”I said mockingly ..


“Don’t torture me woman..”


“I’ll think about it.. I’ve never been in love before.. Only had a crush and fantasy on


a man whom I can’t have”I explained


“Is he taken??”he asked..


“I guess so..”I replied


“He’s a fool to do that..”


“What instigate this sudden interest in me.. you wanted to kill me”


“You insulted me.. I wanted to pay back but Killing you was never my idea.. You amaze me.. you put me in my place”


“Glad those words came out of the horses mouth..


You’re not that bad..


I can’t promise you anything..


I still don’t know you”


“Every man has a past, we’ll talk about it on our date”he spoke confidently “So much confidence”I remarked and he blushed.. Finn Thomas is blushing…


“Even if we are to date.. I can’t guarantee that I’ll fall in love with you”I warned him


“Noted!!! I like it when you’re Frank with me and not being cunning”he remarked and I smiled..


He poured a glass of red wine for me and himself..


He gave me my glass as we both raised our glass up in the air , inch away from each other..


“Let’s toss”he requested


“Toss to what???”I questioned laughing foolishly..


“To a night without being at each other’s neck.. To this day.. To your success.. our new friendship.. our future which lies in your decision tommorow and to…” “What is going on here???”Stanley’s voice interrupted freak stratling me and my glass slipped away from my hand crashing to the ground.. The power of A KOPPEL…




Β© Winner Godwin and


Grace Aghedo


August 2019


All rights reserved






What kind of relationship do Eliska truly share with Finn & Stanley??? Whom among these men does Eliska have a greater chemistry with…


Ted Koppel


Stanley Koppel


Finn Thomas





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