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“That little fact hurts me too but I’m not giving up even if you’re with Finn.. Tonight I’ll mark you as mine.. Your body will respond to me in a way it’ll never do with another man”he said and bent his head and claimed my pu**y..


I jerked off the bed.. But his hands pinned me down forcefully as his tongue worked magically on my pu**y as I moaned his name countless times..


I felt myself dripping, soaking f**king wet for him as he sucked on me with every passion buried in his heart..


My body tensed as my inner part tightened and jaw clenched..


This feeling is new and strange..



I’m f**king begging for him to go deeper and suck me roughly “Cum for me babe”he ordered and my body obeyed him..


He didn’t stop, he continued to suck me and lick me clean before releasing his hold on me..


“Your pu**y is mine now babe.. No man can ever pleasure you the way I do.. No man has that right to it but me”he whispered and claimed my lips as I tasted myself on him..


A loud banging interrupted us as an unexpected voice called out for me saying..


“Lily!!! Open up!!!” And I frozed…




“Ted!!!!”Lily whispered as she tried to reach out to me but I pulled my hands out of her reach..


“Teddy!!!”she spoke softly and sad..


The tune of her voice breaking my heart but what she did to me was unforgivable..


“I warned you several times.. You ignored my feelings, you screwed behind my


back with my brother.. I’m a man of my word.. Don’t ever show your f**king face


to me!!!”I yelled in anger..


My body vibrating in anger..


“You can’t do this to me.. I’m your best friend, Teddy..”she pleaded in tears..


“If you ever considered my feelings, you’ll never grind your teeth nor let him claim your body the way you did.. I can’t forgive you”I spat in disgust..


“I’m sorry I couldn’t control my feelings.. I’m sorry I feel in love with your brother whom you despise so much.. I’m sorry I couldn’t muster the courage to tell you.. But I did everything I did because I love him.. And if you can’t consider my feelings, then I’m sorry you can’t be my friend..


I want him and I’ll fight for him..”she vibrated in tears..


I wanted to understand her feelings but I felt too betrayed to think..


My heart is breaking seeing her in tears but I can’t help it..


I can’t pretend to be happy with their relationship..


I can’t comfort her…


“Do whatever the f**k you want to do.. If you choose my brother over our friendship then good luck.. I don’t wanna ever see your face”I shouted at her and she ran away from me..


As more tears flow from my eyes…


Even though my words were harsh I couldn’t stop myself from running after her..


I need to be certain that she’s alright..


I was about to cross to the next street when a van ran over her..


I yelled her name in pain and shock..


Only to wake up in my bed sweating heavily..


“Ahhhhh!!! Ahhhhh!!!”I breathed out heavily as I wiped off the tears from my cheeks..


I rushed out of my room after glancing at the time..


It was just a minute after 3am..


Using the elevator heading to the fifth floor..


Immediately the elevator landed I hurried to Eliska’s room.. Breathing heavily I banged the door loudly..


I continued to bang the door a little louder..


“Lily open up!!!”I shouted..


What the hell is taking her so long to open the door..


I pushed the door but it doesn’t open up..


She doesn’t like to lock her door..


Then why the hell did she lock herself in today..???


I hope she’s alright..


I lifted my fist to bang the door again but stumbled inside as she opened the door unexpectedly..


“Why the hell did you lock your door???”I grumbled loudly..


“Because your player of a brother is under the same roof with us.. Prevention is better than cure”she explained and I nodded my head and walked inside.. The strong scent from her room it’s quite awkward and strange but I like it..


She’s in her bathing towel..


No wonder, she took so long to open the door for me


“I was excreting when you chose to bang my door at this time”she said grinding her teeth..


“I had a nightmare.. I’m so f**king scared Lily.. I thought I would never see you again “I spoke up and she opened her hands for me.. I rushed towards her and embraced her..


We stood like that for some minute before she led me to her bed..


She placed my head on her lap as she gently Patted my back..


“Tell me about the dream Teddy bear”she urged me..


I inhaled a deep breath and explained every bit of the dream to her..


She listened without interrupting me..


“It was just a dream Teddy!!! A wild imaginations you had because of our encounter earlier on..


Nothing can separate us.. Not even our lies and secrets..


I’ll always stand by you through thick and thin..”she spoke up and I cruddled closer to her..


“I love you Lily.. I don’t want to ever loose you to Stanley..


He likes you alot and sometime it makes me jealous and insure.. You’re the only thing I have that he doesn’t have..


I don’t want it to change….”I muttered..


“I know!!! But you know I also admired your brother alot, it hasn’t change anything between us”


“I know.. And I’m sincerely grateful..


Do whatever you wanna do with his feelings but Don’t ever choose him over us”I pleaded desperately..


And she pecked my cheek..


“Sleep now my Teddy bear.. I’ll Chase all your scary nightmares away”she whispered to me and my eyes obeyed her..


As I closed my eyes surrendering myself to nature..


Embracing darkness.. I drifted off to sleep with a calm and relaxed mind..




After Ted fell asleep i walked out of her closest, she gave me a warm tempting smile as I walked closer to the door but turned back and crawl closer to her bed ignoring her protest and crashed my lips on her tempting lips..


Devouring her with every deep pleasure buried in my heart and she savoured and matched with the urgent thrusting of my tongue.. Meeting up to my demands and needs..


This girl will be the death of me..


My tempting crush only wrapped in a towel..




If could just devour her right now…


But Ted is f**king sleeping on her lap peacefully like a baby..


What a cockblocker!!!


I could feel my self growing hard again when I broke the kiss and walked out of her room closing the door quietly without looking at her..


I don’t trust myself not to crash my lips on her again if I spare her a final glance..


It’ll be clingy and romantic to take a final glance at her…


With all my last self control I walked up to the elevator..


When I got into my room.. sudden wave of loneliness and urge to have s£x




Ooh!!! Eliska…


I’m turning into a horny wolf for your sake..


I’m in heat!!!!


“What have you done to me Lisy..???”I asked myself as my voice echo into my room…


I locked my door..


I peeled off my shorts and brief boxers and my d**k shoot vibrantly straight and hard..


The memories of her wet pu**y as I lasped all the juice that gushes out of her clit..


I gently stroked myself..


Closing my eyes..


Surrending to our memories together..


Replaying her moans in my head as she yelled for me to suck her harder..


I tensed up but increased my stroking pace..


The image of her s£xy eyes staring at me while she swallowed my d**k in her wet


and hungry mouth flashed on my mind..




My dirty innocent virgin girl, lisy..


She’s not experienced but my body reacted better than I’ve ever imagined..


The way her eyelashes moved when she stared at me and sucked me deeper moved me alot..


I moaned out her name as I came on my hand..


“Shit!!!”I cursed feeling relieved..


I’ve never cum before on my own but Lisy have turned me into something different..


How will I live without her???


How can I withstand seeing her with my best friend..???


How can I back down without a fight???


I don’t want Ted’s Dream to come to pass but I can’t question my heart from falling


deeper for her..


“Ooohhh!!!”I breathed out..


Why did I have a crush on my brother’s best friend…???


I really need to forget her.. I don’t wanna destroy their friendship..


I don’t wanna hurt Eliska nor Ted…


I care so much about the two of them..


It’s best I leave this city…


I’ll have to disappear from their lives for peace to reign…




When I arrived downstairs for breakfast.. Stanley had already left the house leaving a note with Mom…


Only two words was written on it..


‘Thank You’…


I felt a rush of anger but I remained calm as I sat down quietly eating my breakfast..


“After breakfast I want to have a word with you”mom spoke up immediately the elevator opened up..


Ted walked up to Rocky and engulfed her in a tight embrace as he greeted her before he sat down beside me smiling at me.. “Looking bright”I complimented and he giggled…


“Mom I’m handling that issue at the moment, you don’t need to worry yourself”I answered Rocky…


But she doesn’t look convinced..


“What’s going on??”Ted asked..


“Mom is worried because she overheard Zak planning to kill me and take over my land”I explained and Ted laughed out loud..


“Rocky!!! Lily is a smart ass.. she’ll deal with Zak in a couple of hours.. I trust her” “Mom!! You see even Ted has great confidence..”I chipped in


“He’s your best friend.. He’ll always support you.. I’m your mother.. You can’t expect me to relax when my only child’s life is in great danger..”Rocky answered and I rolled my eyes..


I picked up my phone and dailed one of the power judges number in town..


Mr Marshall…


Putting the phone on loud speaker..


“Good morning your honour…, I’m barrister Eliska El Toro on the line” “Miss El Toro, what a pleasure to hear from you…”he replied


“My apologies for calling you without an appointment.. I sent my case to your email.. I wanna know if any date has been set for the preceding”I asked


“I replied in full details, The court will hear your case today by 2:00pm prompt.. And a notice has been sent to the accused”he replied and mom smiled



“Thank you so much for squeezing out time in your tight schedule to take up my case..


It’s a great honor to work with you”I said


“Likewise me”he replied and hung up…


“Mom, hope you’re satisfied now???”I asked Rocky and she nodded her head.. “That’s my Lily flower..”Ted complimented and I scoffed and quietly lavish my breakfast..


When I glanced at my wrist watch it was quarter past nine…


“I’ll be heading out now.. I have a date”I spoke up..


Ted pulled me down and whispered in my ear..


“Make sure you break his nose if he tries to pull a stunt on you” and I laughed out loud..


“Be careful child”mom called from behind me and I smiled as i step outside..


I found Pedro opening the door for me, while Oskar escorted me to my car..


I climbed on majestically and Pedro shut the door..


He sat beside my driver.. while Oskar entered into the other car behind me.. “Who is driving the other car”I asked


“Seppe, ma”Jasper answered me and I nodded my head..


The car ride was smooth and relaxing..


When the car halted Jasper opened the door for me as I walked out..


My body guard trailed behind me as I entered into Freak’s building..


It looks similar to the one he had in Germany…


“Welcome!!!”freak greeted as he walked up to me and pecked my cheeks…


“You can wait outside for me”I dismissed my guards…


Leaving me alone with freak…


He led me upstairs to his second parlor as I sat opposite him…


“I’m glad you came”he spoke up and I smiled


“What would you like to drink??”he asked


“Any brand of strawberry wine you have”I replied and he rushed to his wine bar..


He came back with a cold bottle of strawberry wine..


He opened it and filled two glasses with wine..


He served one to me..


“Let cheers!!!”he requested lifting his glass in the air..


“To us!!!”I spoke up lifting my glass to grease his glass gentle


“To us”he responded and sip his wine…


“It taste good”i complimented…


“It sure does.. especially because I’ve gat the most beautiful Lady with me”he


replied and I smiled…


What a hypocrite…


He’s damn good at lieing…


“Why don’t we get to know each other better???”he requested


Ooh I’m tired of him already…


“Yeah… You ask first”


“No!!! That’ll be rude.. Ladies first”he replied and I giggled.. “Okay then, where you into a serious relationship before this” “Nope.. leaving a legacy of one night stand”he replied truthfully… “So you’ve never been in love before???”I asked curiously..


“I have.. but it’s my turn to do the asking”


“Go ahead!!!”I urged him..


“Have you ever been in love before???”he asked


“I’m not sure about my feeling but have been head over heels for one guy”I replied him and he smiled..


“What happened???”he inquired..


“We were like fire and ice.. More like a forbidden relationship”I answered smartly..


And he chuckled…


“He must be a d**k to let you out of his grib”


“He wasn’t a d**k.. He was considerate of our differences and he weighed the outcome of our forbidden relationship.. He knew it’ll only cause disaster and invite trouble and heartbreak”I lied as i tried to defend my relationship with Stanley.. “He’s still a d**k for leaving you”freak stood his ground..


“Maybe to him.. the opposite of loving me was leaving!!! I never got to know our ending because I walked away before him… I pushed him away”I answered from my heart…


Yeah I did push him away…


“So who was your only love??? Tell your tale”I requested sipping my wine.. “Her name was Lydia.. We broke up shortly after highschool” “Why???”I inquired


“I caught her cheating with my step brother”he replied in a sad tune…


“Sorry about that..”I consoled him..


“Tell me about your family???”I asked him changing the topic..


“Well I’m the third son but the fourth child of the family..


My mom’s name is karolina Robbinson..


Fred**k my eldest brother


My sister Selena, she’s my elder sister..


I respect her alot..


Then my father’s second wife Venessa..


I also cherish her alot..


She has always been a great friend to me..


Then I have Rayan.. My step brother I talked about, he’s one month older than me and last but not the least..


My baby and precious sister…, Joanna..


She’s also my step sister, the baby of the house but I value her alot..”he explained


“Wow!!! Large house”I pointed out


“You can say so”he replied


“What about you??”he asked..


“I’m the only child..”I replied him


“That must be very lonely for you”he inquired


“Nah!!! When my father was alive, I lived in Ted’s former neighborhood..


We literally grew up together, but after he passed away we moved back here for some reason and so on and so forth but I wasn’t lonely because I gat my cousins around me…”I lied and cut my story short.. “You don’t wanna talk about it”he pointed out


“Yes.. it’s all in the past”I murmured sipping my wine..


Not everything…


“I guess life wasn’t pleasant then???”he asked.


And my blood boils in anger…


“On the contrary, life was so unfair..


People who my father trusted snatched my father’s mansion, laid claim on his wealth leaving his wife and daughter to fend for themselves without a dine.. Thank God for grandpa..


They sheltered us and fed us..


But when things began to fall into place I lost my grandpa..


My life became a living hell..


I struggled and suffered to further my education.. Even when my uncle’s deserted me I didn’t give up..


I strived hard with my inheritance my grandfather left for me..


I took a loan, I struggled to pay it back.. I furthered my education on my own and here I am reaping the fruit of my labour..”I explained grinding my teeth in anger… I sipped my drink again inhaling several calming breath..



“You’re indeed a survivor.. I’ve never been in your shoes”he paused.. That’s because your father was stealing people’s money to save your skin.. “But after everything you said today.. You’ve won my heart..” “What???”I half yelled.. in disbelief….


“Sincerely speaking, I proposed to you because I wanted to revenge.. but not after hearing your story.. I’m a d**k”he said


“Of course you’re a d**k… A freaking d**k”




“I know you were scheming something but I also agreed to this because I have my own motive”I confessed…


“You do???”he questioned in disbelief..


“Yeah!!! I wanted revenge on your father”I blurted out…


“What!!!!”he yelled


“He tried to scam me.. He conspired with the bank manager to claim my land reasons best known to them”I explained briefly..


Intentionally hiding the fact that I found gold on the land.. “This is creepy… But I’ll help you”he said “Really???”I asked happily…


“Yes, I promise.. I never go back on my word.. I also want my inheritance my grandma left for me.. I want it back”he confessed…


“You father wants my land because I found gold on the land years ago.. And because the land belong to the late Ortiz El Toro”I blurted out..


“I’m willing to help you but you must help me get back my grandma’s company she willed to me”he requested honestly


“I give you my word Finn…”I pledged…


“But we still have to go ahead with this relationship and pretend to be in love.. Because tommorow I’ll introduce you to my whole family..”


“No problem… But one warning… Don’t fall in love with me”I warned him… “I should be telling you that.. because once I kiss you.. You’ll fall under my spell”he whispered and I burst into laughter… I miss Stanley..


His kisses were magnificent and breath taking…


“Where’s Stanley???”I blurted out before I could stop myself..


“He left”he answered and his phone interrupted him, while he excused himself


I sat there in great pain as i felt my heart Breaking into a million pieces..


Stanley Koppel stole my heart away…


Perhaps I was right..


The opposite of loving me was indeed leaving…


But he left without a proper goodbye…


The thought of it broke my heart further…


Life is truly unfair…


My phone vibrate inside my purse..


I opened my purse and removed the phone..


Without looking at the name I answered the call…


“Hello”I spoke up


“Is this Miss El Toro???”the unfamiliar female voice asked in panic and I hummed


too distracted to look at glance at the caller ID..


What she said next made me to stumble on my feet and i lost my balance…


My phone slipped away from my hand and crashed loudly on the floor…


But I felt like my broken heart was crushed over and over and over again….




© Winner Godwin and


Grace Aghedo


August 2019


All rights reserved


Do you think Finn was truly touched my Eliska’s story???




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