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“I’ll lay this down for now.. But I hope we don’t encounter each other in such event like this ever again.. Because I won’t be merciful”I warned Ted and walked past them my hand still held captive in Ted’s grib..


We were at the gate when I turned around and said..


“Google my true identity.. That’s an assignment for both of you..”I walked out leaving them both stunned..


My enemies always lose to me.. it’s my goal to make them handicapped… “Where do we go from here??”Text asked me


“I need an x-ray on my left foot”I told him standing next to his car..


“But you’re foot looks good”he countered and I roll my eyes..


“Oooh!!! You’re so damned good at concealing your pain”he praised me and I smiled and head back to my car..


“We’re leaving tonight!! Book our tickets”I called out before entering my car and zoomed away..


I’m gonna rewrite my destiny and get back my inheritance!!! I said to myself even though I know deep down I had no clue on how to cut off the trangling thread and set my land free from those bastard who turns law into their favor.. But one good thing is that they are unaware of the new law..


My law!!!


The True El Toro!!!




I was dumbstruck when Eliska walked out of my house with her f**king best friend.. I didn’t know that my mouth was wide open until my sister hit my jaw..


It brought me back to my sense.. I wonder the kind of spell she casted on me.. She always have me wrapped around her hand.. She’s unique.. But I don’t accept defeat either..


“Get inside the house!! Finn”my sister yelled at me standing my the door and I


rushed inside slightly confused..


“Explain!!!”my sister barked at me..



“Selena it’s a long story.. I messed up and got humiliated that’s all”I replied in a nonchalant attitude..


But deep down am f**king disturbed..


“But seriously, that girl is mannerless and has bigger pride..”I complained after a while..


“I’m happy she can put you in your place.. get me your laptop”she requested and I grumbled within myself and walked to my room..


I was on my way down stairs when I heard Stan’s voice..


I rushed happily to meet my bestie.. Hoping am not to late to stop my sister from telling him about my encounter with Eliska.. He’s overprotective of her..


“You son of a bitch!!!”Stanley stormed at me and punched my cheeks..


I stumbled back and my sister rushed to me.. instead of helping me, she took my laptop away from my hand and walked away.. leaving me alone to my fate.. “What was that for dude!! I’m already in a lot of pain”I halfyelled


“You’re lucky you’re my friend.. I would have sent you to your ancestors”he threatened me and walked to my bar..


He poured himself a glass of vodka and drowned it down his throat..


“I hope my brother is unharmed”he asked me and I nod my head..


“Did you punch me because of your brother or because of Eliska???”I asked him slightly confused..


I really do deserve some explanations..


“Both, mainly because of my brother..”he replied and burst into laughter.. Unbelievable!!!


“But you tagged him the outcast of the family”


“Yeah!! But he is my little brother and I do care about his well being.. He’s important”he replied..


“I saw Eliska’s handwork on your men.. she wrecked their faces”


“Well your observation are true.. If i didn’t watch her fight, I wouldn’t have believed it either.. She’s a badass”I remarked..


“Finn!! Come check this out”my sister shouted waving her hand in the air..


“Let’s check it out!!”I said and we rushed to Selena..


“She’s a lawyer.. And according to so many other articles, she has never lost a case..” Selena chuckled shoving the laptop screen to my face giving me a proper view…


“Unbelievable!!!”I blurted out..


“Did you know about this???”I asked Stanley.



“Yeah!!! You never asked about her.. I thought you did a background check on her.. you always do it”Stanley defended himself.. But he’s gat a point..


“But I didn’t this time.. I only knew her name and asked my boys to keep an eye on her”I spilled out..


“Well you are lucky she didn’t sue you.. Dad’s reputation would have been tarnished and your ass locked behind bars”Selena said closing my laptop.. “You have to lay low for a while.. I don’t want you inviting unnecessary trouble upon yourself”Selena warned me and I embraced her..


“Thanks Selena..”I said to her.. she pecked me and walked away..


“She’s hot!!!”Stanley remarked which earned a warning groan from me..


“Don’t think of it.. you guys are history”I warned him..


“Well that’s not my fault.. she knew from the very start that no feelings involved.. yet she wanted to become my friend with benefits.. Don’t act dumb now” I knew he didn’t have feeling but my sister had feelings for him..


She risked getting a heartbreak just to be with him..


“I know you’re right.. but I thought she may be special because I’m your friend” “Gladly enough, you know I’ve never been in love.. I’ve only had a crush so far”he answered proudly..


“Let’s forget this issue.. Selena is over with it.. she’s happily in love now”


“Good for her..”


“You still have a crush on her??”I asked him and his shoulder dropped..


“Shit!! That’s why you punched me.. how could I be so dumb to believe you did it for your brother”


“I said both!!” He defended himself


“But you said mainly because of your brother”I pointed out “Because I care about his well being…


it natural.. And I know he’s very protective of her and would go to any length using any f**king measure to protect her..”he defended and I gave up..


“There’s no point arguing with you.. afterall, You’re Stanley Koppel” “That’s correct!!”he said proudly


“I’ll have to leave this city for a while.. Don’t wanna cross path with Eliska”I said changing the topic..


“Wise decision, why don’t you come with me..”


“To Los Angeles???”I asked


“Yes d**khead.. I’m leaving tomorrow morning..”he replied “Okay!! I’ll get my private plane ready..”


“I can’t wait to see the biggest mansion with the biggest and wildest ranges ever…


Media are also eager to know the owner”


“Rumor said it is owned by your brother”


“I also heard that..


But a reliable source confirmed that, he was the architect and also the agent ..


“Stanley explained..


“I guess you know the real owner??”I asked “It’s just a hunch…”he defended and I nod..


“Let’s toss the dice.. if you’re hunch is correct I’ll give you whatever you wished for.. it’s a promise..”


“You know I’ll never break my promise.. I’ll rather die than break a promise”I beackoned him and he smiled


“Okay.. if my hunch is correct.. you’ll make sure you unite me with the girl I’ll fall in love with in the future.. As a true friend even if you hate or like her???”he requested and I crossed my heart..


“It’s a promise Stanley.. An oath in my father’s name”I plegded happily..


“I believe Eliska might be the owner”he stated and I burst into laughter..


“She’s not that rich.. that’s impossible”I started and he glared awkwardly at me..


“It’s a hunch…”he pointed out confidently..


“Okay.. we’ll see who wins tomorrow”I smiled at him..


If he wins or not it doesn’t make a difference…


I have different taste in women..




I booked a commercial ticket for Eliska.. She insisted I book a VIP ticket for myself..


I was extremely bored.. When we finally landed, I was crowded by tons of reporters.. Taking photos of me..


Bumbating me with questions, they were too eager to know if I was the owner of the ‘Golden range’.. but i ignored their questions as I squeezed myself out of their grasp..


Luckily for me, Eliska pulled a trick on them.. And I flee away with her..


“I can’t believe they fell for your lie”I said as we entered our car.


“Who wouldn’t believe me.. They are just boozing around for headlines.. They must be embarrassed when they found out that he was not Shah Ruh Khan..”she replied laughing



“That’ll be the best headline.. Tomorrow will be a great day bestie..”I remarked happily


“It will be.. And also mark the beginning of my untold battle”she replied sounding exhausted..


I rested her head on my shoulder.. few minutes later she fell asleep..


I came here not because it was my dream like I made her to believe..


My only dream is to see her happy..


She stood by me through thick and thin.. And I’ll also do the same and more for her…


I’m glad to have her as my friend..


A satisfied smile creeped it’s way on my face..


The car came to a halt and I tapped her gently..


“We are home sleeping beauty”I said huskily.. And she rubbed her eyes gently..


I instructed the driver on when he should pick us up tomorrow before stepping out of the car..


“Welcome to my grandfather’s range”Eliska said trying to sound happily but I could feel the pain in her voice.. memories of this house is slowly affecting her.. “Stop staring at me like that.. I won’t cry.. I’ve cried enough… It just feel strange to be here after running away.. is this how you felt when you went to your dad’s house that night???”she asked and I nod in confirmation and she scoffed.. I embraced her and she held me tightly..


“Thanks blockhead”she giggled Breaking the hug and I laughed..


“Let’s go inside.. Mom must be worried”I said and she smiled brightly..


She liked it when I address her mom as my mom.. it eased her tension..


“Eliska!!!”her mom shouted as they ran to embrace each other..


She looks pale but happy..


“Oooh my boy!! You look exhausted!!!”Her mom exclaimed as she embraced me..


“Rocky!! Where’s everyone??”Eliska asked her mom..


I almost forgot that her mom doesn’t like to be address formally.. She prefers her name or a nickname.. she claims it makes her feel young..


“Your cousins went out for a party, your uncle’s whereabout I don’t know.. your nanny fell asleep waiting for you.. And her children also fell asleep..”Rocky explained and Eliska nodded..


“You guys should shower while I heat up your dinner..” “Thanks Rocky.. I’m exhausted”I said walking behind Eliska.. “Oooh!! I didn’t carry my pajamas..”I grumbled..


“The range is not far from here.. Go and get it”Eliska ordered..


“I can’t go there naked dumb head”


“I know!! Just go and shower..


I’ll take care of that..”Eliska said and walked away..


She always have a solution to all my problems..


I took my time in the shower.. When I stepped out of the shower I saw a box..


I unwrapped it..


“Ooh my gosh!!!”I exclaimed happily..


She got be a new pajamas.. Our picture we took in Hollywood printed on the shirt..


One heart written on the back.. beneath it Ted and Eliska boldly written..


“Hope you liked it”she asked opening the door and walked in..


Dressed in a smiliar pajamas.. the only difference is her’s is black and mine is white..


our favorite color..


“Like???? I love it!!! You’re the best” I pecked her happily..


“This is to thank you for coming with me”she whispered..


“Thanks Lily”I said embracing her..


“You’re most welcome Teddy bear”she patted my back gently for a while..


“Teddy”she called out standing by my door holding the handle..


“It’s been long you called me Lily.. You only call me that when you’re trying cun me or ask a favor.. I hope am save..”she asked with a mischievous smile..


I aimed my pillow at her.. But she dordged and slammed the door “Get dressed quickly”her voice called out behind the closed door… I waited until I couldn’t hear her footsteps before locking the door..


Still smiling to myself, I toss my towel away and put on my new pajamas.. it smells just like her..


My one and only unique best friend..


I walked majestically downstairs..


“You look good”she complimented me..


And I pulled a sit opposite her and sit down before answering her..


“I always look good.. that’s why you bug around me like a bee, isn’t it??”I asked mockingly..


“As if…”she murmured..


“Wow!! My children looks really cute tonight.. I feel like the luckiest mother to you have you both!!”Rocky exclaimed and we laughed



“No mom, we are the luckiest kids to have you as our Mom… Rocky you’re the best”Eliska answered as she moaned to the taste of the food.. “Rocky!!!”I called her gaining her attention..


“You’re better than the best”I spoke up


Dipping my spoon into my food and toss it in my mouth..


I was uplifted to cloud 9


“This is delicious..”I moaned loudly..


“I’m in cloud 9″I chipped in


And Rocky burst into laughter..


“What’s cloud 9??”she asked after in between her laughter..


“It’s our fairy land.. Packaged with surprising thing that makes you speechless”Eliska explained and Rocky chuckled in response..


Eliska takes after her mother in beauty and in cooking.. The rest I’m yet to find out..


After lavishing our food we bid farewell to each other as we departed to our various room..


I glanced at the picture Rocky took us while we were dragging the last cookies till I fell asleep..


“Teddy bear!! Get your ass of this bed and come down stairs!!!”Lily’s voice barked at me and I jumped out of the bed..


“I hate you!!”I barked at her and she chuckled and ran downstairs..


I quickly showered and brushed my teeth.. I’m excited for today.. I love playing pranks on people when I was in sophrome year but during my senior year I gave up with an awarding position as the best prank star.. Now I just derive joy at seeing other being pranked..


I heard people yelling at each other as I drew closer to the dinning table..


Eliska sat quietly eating her breakfast.. ignoring the rant and rare from her cousins..


I walked over to Rocky and greeted her and she nod her head in reply..


I pulled a sit next to Eliska.. she turned her face to me and I pecked her forehead.. Her cousin sister whose name I tend to always forget, gasped loudly staring at Eliska in anger..


“Ooh my Gosh!! Ted Koppel in our house”her younger cousin sister yells as she rushed to me embracing me from behind with my chair..


“Sorry sorry!! I’m Ema El Toro your biggest fan”she introduced herself..



“Nice to meet you Ema.. I’m Eliska’s best friend”I introduced myself and she smiled warmly at me before transferring her gaze to Eliska.. Her smile brightened up as she embraced her happily..


“I’m glad you’re home.. And thank you for fulfilling my deepest wish”


“I’m honored.. Sit down and have breakfast”Eliska instructed her and she complied while her other siblings shoot dager at us.. We ate our breakfast in silence..


“Thanks Rocky”I said


“Here’s your driver’s number.. he’ll be here on time”I handed over a card to her and she collected it from me..


“Thanks Mom”Eliska spoke up before pulling me behind her heading upstairs..


But we halted..


Standing face to face with her uncle…




“Racquelita!!”he yelled and Rocky rushed towards us..


“You couldn’t inform me before opening the doors to this outcast..”Zak barged.. “I was surprised to see her.. and no one was home when they came.. I only let her in because…”


“You owe him no explanations mom”Eliska interrupted her mom sounding pissed off..


“Excuse us..” Eliska said and we walked past him but I felt the need to punch his disgusting face…


I arrived at the golden range before Eliska.. She was to come a bit late ..


I doubled checked everything and confirmed that it was all in order before Rocky arrived and assisted me in supervising the rest of the decorations.. The opening of the range will be grand and unique..


I’m eager to see their ugly faces..


Her uncle and his companion thought the gold was in the ranch she inherited..


Because she made them believed she valued the ranch more than the land..


Mainly because she used the land as a collateral..


They forged fake documents and made her believe they sold the land


Eliska by pass them and bought more lands surrounding her little piece of land and ranch..


She made sure she surveyed the land..


So now, no one can make claims to the land..


That’s where we built the mansion and expanded her ranch..


But they all believed that I’m the owner of the land..


But I was just merely an agent..


The gates are painted with Golden color..


The mansion is designed with golden bricks and tiles.. while inside the mansion is designed with golden and white tiles..


That’s the reason I named the house the golden range..


It is bodly carved on both the front and back gates..


And I’m eagerly waiting to see the land of gold…


Satisfied with both the outside and inside decorations..


I went inside to grab a bottle of whiskey..


After the grand welcoming, there’s gonna be an exclusive party inside the Mansion..


I was seated on the hightable along with the governor and other top celebrities..


The media occupied the front roll by my left..


And the rest of the hall crowded with delightful citizen of Los Angeles..


“I would like to call on Mr Koppel to kindly introduce the owner of the golden range”the MC ushered me to the podium..


My eyes wandered around for a while before it landed on my brother and that freak as I walked to the podium..


A sudden rush of anger filled my heart but I reminded myself the reason of this


great occasion to calm myself..


I cleared my throat and smiled..


Maintaining a calm expression..


“It’s an honor to be here.. well,…”I paused interrupted by the screeching sounds of tire as two bikes halted..


A minute later eleven cars came in.. And everyone’s attention landed on the cars.. Exclusively new brands of LEXUS GLK 450, ACURA ZDX.. only the middle car was of a different brand..


Which was parked in front of the red carpet.. A brand new black VENZA..


All the men stepped down from their car and surrounded Eliska’s car..


All of them dressed in white suits…


One of them opened the door..


As she gently placed her right foot on the red carpet.. Revealing her golden heels.. “Please stand up as we welcome.. the Queen of this great occasion..” I spoke up paused for a while..


She stepped down from the car facing us with her back..


Dressed in a black short gown..


She loves black..


“Miss Eliska El Toro”I shouted and she turned around immediately..


She walked graciously and slightly seductively towards the podium and my eyes


scanned and landed on her uncle’s face..


His face was priceless..


I averted my gaze back to the queen of the day..


As I stretched out my hand for her and she locked her hand with mine..


Immediately her foot landed on the podium a gunshot was heard…




© Winner Godwin and


Grace Aghedo


August 2019


All rights reserved







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