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“I’m here.. At your command El Toro”I answered her..


And she pecked my cheeks before hugging me..


“Appologize to your parent”she whispered to me..


“I’m sorry Dad!!.. I’m sorry Mom.. I ruined your hard work again” “It’s okay son!! Elena appologize to your elder brother”dad said “Daddy!! You can’t force me to do that.. I’m an adult now”Elena replied “Now!!!”dad shouted


“Sorry Ted”she whispered and I nod..


“I’m here for you Eliska”I heard an unfamiliar voice from behind me and I spun around in awe..


But I saw a familiar face..


How the hell did he get here???





I must confess, immediately i heard that voice my heart sank.


How did he find me???


I thought i told him over the phone that i was very busy.


Why the hell is he here???.


I noticed Ted’s stone gaze at freak , he must be restraining himself not to slam freak to the ground right now and for that I’m grateful..


I should have just told him that freak called me.. Ted hates being keep in the dark.. I storm over towards freak.. Standing face to face with him I couldn’t help but feel irritated and upset..


“i have no business with you freak… So, please just leave” i said sternly Instead of leaving,he smiled at me…


Took his time to eye rack me shamelessly before he felt the need to reply me.. What a jerk!!!


“I’m sorry princess, but that isn’t your decision to make”. He walked swiftly away from me.. Surprisingly, he greeted Ted’s parents. I was super shocked.. As if reading my thoughts, Stanley opened his mouth to explain


“I thought it would nice if he joins us or what do you think mum???”


“that was very thoughtful of you. I was even beginning to think that you dont wanna come and see your second family anymore”Marie said to freak smiling.. Freak f**king walked closer to Ted’s mum and back hugged her He starred directly into my eyes and replied her


“Am sorry momma, i’ve just been busy with someone special”


“Awnn” Elena and Raissa swooned in chorus…


Freak greeted Ted’s dad with just a nod..


What a pompus jerk..


“who is she and when are we going to meet her” Marie, Ted’s mum asked him While I glued myself to my seat next to Ted.. Ted is at the verge of losing his temper.. I could feel it through his tightened grib on my hand..


I placed my free hand on his lap and he slowly relaxed to my touch..


“well, she is proving stubborn for now but i promise to make her fall for me” they all cheered him..


The most annoying part of it all is that his eyes didn’t leave mine all the time he was talking. It was as if he was talking to me and daring me to look away while giving me a sly smile.



This infuriated me more. This guy has some nerve. When he told me over the phone that he wanted to see me urgently, I thought he was kidding.. I never knew he was a dork..


blockhead.. And a stalker…


His grin on his face disgusts me alot.. It shriek my skin..


“I can’t stand him, Ted!!”I murmur to Ted..


“Neither can I bestie!!”Ted replied me and my lips curved into a bright smile knowing that we were on the same boat…


“I feel like smashing his face!!”Ted whispered to me


“And I crave badly to punch his face right now..”I whispered back my eyes locked on freak..


“We’re both helpless!!”I muttered to Ted and he groaned while he tightened his grib on me..


“Stop whispering like love birds”Stanley spoke up staring weirdly at me.. I felt a sudden wave of possesive through his stare..


But in a blink of an eye, his expression changed.. This guy is complicated..


I don’t give a f**k!!!


“We can’t help it.. especially when I’m at the verge of slamming this dude on this table.. But I don’t wanna ruin mom’s hardwork and effort she put to make this delicious meals..”Ted replied Stanley..


Rassia giggled loudly while Tyler, Stanley and freak rolled their fustrating eyes.. “That’s so thoughtful of you son”marie(Ted’s mom) said to him smiling brightly.. “Why would you harbor such recentful thoughts towards this lovely gentle man”Elena asked Ted grinning evily..


“I don’t owe you any explanation Elena.. And the last time I checked I’m your older brother.. You don’t talk when you’re elders are talking..” Ted fired back at her harshly..


“Whatever!!!”Elena murmured rolling her eyes..


“I’ll take my leave now children, enjoy yourself” Nand spoke up as he bowed down and kissed Marie… she blushed slightly.. Nand smiled back at her and walked away tapping my shoulders..


“Mom!!! We’ll take our leave now.. thanks for dinner.. it was great”Ted spoke up a while after his father walked away..



“Oh come on little bro!! Stay a little longer.. don’t be a scared little boy!!!”Stanley said mockingly..


“Stay son please!!”Marie beckoned Ted..


“I would love to but I can’t stand being under the same roof with this d**khead and not loose my self control..”Ted explained to Marie and she flashed him a warm smile.


“What did he do??”Marie asked looking worried and her tune full of concern..


“Ooh m’am he’s just sulking over some prank”freak spoke up and Tyler, Stanley


and Elena burst into laughter…


I couldn’t stand it anymore..


I slammed my hand angrily on the table and all their laughter seized..


“You spiked his drink as a prank.. And you guys are f**king laughing ignorantly”I yelled angily at their face..


I grabbed freak by his collar and pulled him to face me.. He struggled beneath me but I maneuver him and pinned him on the table.. I sat on his stomach and punched his face..


“That’s for spiking my best friend’s drink..”I shouted at his face..


I punched him again


“That’s for making him like a fool in public!!!”I spat at his face and punched him again this time I hit his nose..


“No jerk is allowed to mess with my friend!!!”I spat at his face and got off him.. Tyler looked shocked with his mouth wide open, Stanley have a weird smirk on his face.. Elena looked pretty shocked.. Raissa just had a blank expression with a sly smile..


While Ted is smiling like a dumbass..


And Marie!!!


I forget his mom was here, she looked pleased but not surprised..


“I’m sorry I lost control, Marie.. just couldn’t stand his guts.. someone had to put him in his place…”I tried to explain myself..


“I’m glad I witnessed it.. I’m happy you stood up for him when I couldn’t.. But don’t get into any crazy fight again..”Marie cautioned me and I smiled..


“You were amazing.. You’re always a wild sΒ£xy cat fighting like that”Ted whispered to me pulling me closer to him.. “Good night Marie”I pecked her


“Goodnight Mom”Ted also pecked her and she hugged us both


“Drive safely..”Marie said to us and we nod our heads simultaneously..



“Give me that.. I’ll nurse his wound”Marie said to Elena and I smiled happily feeling contempted with myself..


“Thank you for everything”Ted spoke up as we reached his car and I smiled back at him..


“I just did what any true friend would do.. I’m always here for you.. it’s a promise I don’t intend on breaking”I replied to him as I settle myself Inside the car.. “I just hope he doesn’t press charges against you”


“He won’t!!!” I replied him confidently..


“Why are you sure he wouldn’t???”Ted asked as he starts the engine of the car.. “Because he gat a big pride.. He can’t blab to the media that a lady bursted his nose”I explained to my dumbass friend..


“You’re so smart and intelligent”he swooned and I can’t help but to roll my eyes at him..


“That’s reminds me of the reason you’re hanging around with me.. I’m always here to save your sorry ass”I boosted to him..


“I hate to admit it.. But you’re right.. Someday the table will turn around”he murmured..


And I smile at his remark..


There’s never a dull moment with Ted Koppel…




After rounding up an exclusive case in court earlier today..


I delibrated on going home to take some Tylenol for my headache.. After much deliberation, I decided to go home and also to take a nap.. Slightly nervous and excited to go back home..


I found a strange car parked in front of my house..


Immediately I stepped down from my car, I felt a strong force coming from behind me.. I followed my intuition and bend down.. I raised my gaze as I felt a hand covering my view..


It’s a f**king ambush!!


I quickly opened my door and used it to slammed the guy whose fist almost crashed to my face..


Another guy charged towards me with a rod.. I summersaulted with him and we both fell to the ground.. with me on top of him.. I grabbed his rod and knocked him off..


“I hate ambush!! It’s childish”I grumbled to myself..


I quickly dailed 911


Before I grabbed one who was slightly awake and dizzy..


“Who sent you??”I questioned him angrily tightening my grib on his neck..


“Sir Finn”he choked and I released my grib on him..


I waited for the cops to take them away before I entered into my car..


I revised and headed to search for that freak… He just messed with the wrong lady..


My phone buzz and I reduced the speed of my car..


“Hey!!! Bestie.. couldn’t find your sorry ass at home.. And a strange car parked in front of your house”Ted spoke up giggling..


“Freak sent his goons to attack me.. I’m heading to his house”I replied him in anger “I’m heading there can’t miss the party”Ted said and hanged up on me.. I increased my speed as his house came into my view…


Have never been to this street before because almost all the residents living here are pompus bastards..


I parked outside his gate.. I load my gun and hid it at my back..


I stepped down after taking a deep calming breath..


I walked up to his gate observing the environment for a while before I tapped his gate gently delibrately ignoring to use the door bell..


“Who’s that peasant”the security guard yelled as he opened his gate..


“A surprise guest for your freaking boss!!!”I said rudely..


He looked me up and down and rolled his eyes.. He was about to slam the gate at my face..


I stamped my foot pushing the gate wide open and I felt a sudden pain at my foot… “Please don’t go in.. I’ll loose my job”he pleaded


“You lost your job the minute you open the gate without looking at the surveillance camera.. You don’t open door to strangers”I lectured him and walked past him..


I can’t hire such incompetent to guard my house…


“Hey!!! You’re ID Miss”someone blocked my path..


I glanced around the house.. counting the numbers of camera around.. That brat is f**king aware of my presence..


Before I could open my mouth to reply him.. more guards rushed towards us..


And they all surrounded me..


My leg hurts badly..


Now I have to dance with one leg..


I dislike such party..


“Can’t believe he sent his scumbags to fight for him.. Your boss is not man enough..”I scoffed speaking loudly..


They charged at me most of them holding knifes, some chains..


I removed my belt..


I hold it tightly and as I swinged it at them dordging all their moves.. I strangled one and collected his weapons..


Someone Stamped my leg badly.. And I swallowed back the moan that tries to come out..


Looking at them with a straight face, never giving them the privilege of seeing my pain.. I continued to fight them aggressively..


“I hate being late to such great party”Ted’s voice boom from behind me..


I let out a deep breath that I didn’t know I was holding..


“Attack!!!”someone amongst the thugs yelled and we continued fighting..


I’m glad Ted came on time.. He’s watching my back..


Someone twisted my hand from behind and I slashed his hand and his gribbed loosened on me..


“What the heck is going on here???”a lady’s voice yelled and all the guards got on their knees..


She looks so much like Freak..


Her guards uniform also looks similar to these punks..


Freak rushed out of the house like someone was chasing after him..


This guy is weird…


“Freak finally graced us with his presence Ted!!!”I spoke up ignoring the lady as I walked closer to Freak.. I shoot him a death glare and he gave me a sympathetic smile..


He walked past me and hugged the lady and she stare at me awkwardly..


“I’m glad you’re here”he told the lady with a kinda genuine smile..


“That does not answer my question?? What is going on here Finn???”she halfyelled at him..


“He sent his guards to ambush me at my house and I sent them to a comfy bed in the hospital.. I came here to confront him.. But instead of facing me like a true man would, he cower inside and sent his guards to attack me once again”I explained holding eye lock with Freak..


“Unbelievable Finn”the pretty lady yelled at freak..


“My apologies on his behalf.. I’ll pay any amount to compensate you but don’t let it out to the media..”she pleaded but I found her appology to be insulting..


“You can’t buy everything with money.. You can’t pay me off to keep quiet.. You don’t know who you’re talking to anyways!!!”



“You don’t know who we are either with they way you’re sounding”she replied me and it only provoked me..


“I know pretty well who you are governor Thomas Robinson’s children.. I don’t give a damn about your father’s corrupt money”I shouted at them.. Ted immediately grabbed my hand..


He’s just as angry as I am.. but still, he wants to calm my temper..


“I’ll lay this down for now.. But I hope we don’t encounter each other in such an event like this ever again.. Because I won’t be merciful”I warned Ted and walked past them with my hand still held captive in Ted’s grib.. We were at the gate when I turned around and said..


“Google my true identity.. That’s an assignment for both of you..”I walked out leaving them both stunned..


My enemies always lose to me.. it’s my goal to make them handicapped… “Where do we go from here??”Text asked me


“I need an x-ray on my left foot”I told him standing next to his car..


“But you’re foot looks good”he countered and I roll my eyes..


“Oooh!!! You’re so damned good at concealing your pain”he praised me and I smiled and head back to my car..


“We’re leaving tonight!! Book our tickets”I called out before entering my car and zoomed away..


I’m gonna rewrite my destiny and get back my inheritance!!! I said to myself.. Even though I know deep down I had no clue on how to cut off the trangling thread and set my land free from those bastard who turns law into their favor.. But one good thing is that they are unaware of the new law.. My law!!!


The True El Toro!!!




Β© Winner Godwin and


Grace Aghedo


August 2019


All rights reserved




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