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“Come!!”Eliska urged him..


He knelt beside her as he embraced her crying on her shoulder..



“I wish I could move my hands I would love to hug you back desperately..”She said shockingly as tears drops from her eyes.. When I looked at Sarah she was already in tears..


My mind went back to Joanna as I discreetly sent her a voice message.. “Thank you so much”Eliska weeps


“Thank you very much Eliska for being here for me”Ryan in between sobs..


“Pour it all out.. Ryan”I murmured..


“We are here for you..”Stanley Patt his back..


“She may not be able to hold you back but she will ensure that you don’t go through this pain alone.. We are here for you as a family.. To support you and be your back bone”Stanley said


“No more crying please.. let’s celebrate”Sarah spoke up.. Pulling Ryan up for an embrace..






I sat on my wheelchair staring at the window..


I’ve been visiting a therapist for a while now.. Though the first one week was painfully stressful for me but the zeal to walk before my wedding kept me going.. Speaking of wedding, Selena, Finn’s eldest sister got married about two month ago..


I couldn’t jubilate with her the way I wanted..


Because I was confined to a wheelchair and I couldn’t move my hand nor legs….


Stanley proposed to me that same day..


My belly bump has not started to show yet.


And Stanley is very eager for us to get married before my due date..


I, on the other hand, I don’t want to be on a wheelchair during my wedding.. But Stanley couldn’t careless, he assured me that he doesn’t give a f**k about the wheelchair..


All he wants is to be my legal husband and he wants our child to be born in wedlock..


Just few days left for that to happen..


The therapist seasons have been of great help to me..


I can move my hands and raise my feet and many more marvelous things I wish to keep a secret for the meantime…


“Your therapist is waiting downstairs”Ted said.. walking towards me..



He bends down to carry me but I stopped him holding his arms and he stare at me


in shock..




I just moved my hands..


“You can move your hands!!”Ted exclaimed happily and I nodded my head.. I opened my arms out wide gesturing him to embrace me and he hugged me tightly…


“This calls for celebration..”


“No.. Teddy bear.. I want it to be a surprise to everyone” “My lips are sealed”he said gesturing to zip his mouth shut.. “Send him over here”


“Okay Lily”He replied as he stood up heading to the door..


Holding the door knob he paused


“Your planned surprise will make my brother the happiest man on Earth” I chuckled softly


“I’m the fortune one to have a devoted and loving man like him.. He completes me..”


“You’ve transformed him into a better man..”


“It would not have been possible without you.. I love you so much Teddy bear”


“I love you more my Lily flower”






Sitted on my wheelchair with a bright smile on my face as Sarah styled my hair dividing the front into a side part before wrapping it into a bun.. Before putting a little crown on my hair and finally the veil..


I stare graciously at an unrecognized face that looks more beautiful than me..


“Eli”my mom blurted out as tears falls down her eyes..


“Mom”I whispered as she hugged me tightly while my eyes filled with tears.. “You look perfect”mom kissed my forehead


“Husshhh!!!!”she wiped off the tears on my cheeks “Don’t ruin your make up”mom warned me “Then you also have to stop crying”I replied


“If only your father was alive to see his little girl, now a full grown woman”


“He must be watching me Rocky”



“Todd won’t miss this event at all.. He must be smiling down at us right now.. Rendering his blessings on her”Teddy spoke up walking in on us “I wish I could freeze this moment for ever”Sarah whispered


“Hope you’re recording all this event dear???”I asked the person behind the camera “Yes ma’am”he shouted and I chuckled..


“Let’s go” Ted said as he pushed my wheelchair..




I’m having cold feet..


I can’t wait to leave this old life behind..


I can’t wait to see the look on Stanley’s face when he See’s me..


“You’re nervous???” Ted asked..


“Nah!!! Good to go”




I stand nervously on the alter waiting for my bride to Grace me with her presence..


I closed my eyes as I heard the sound of the trumpet..


‘This is the moment i’ve been waiting for why are you nervous???’i asked myself..


I opened my eyes as I gasped loudly..


Nah!!! I wasn’t the only one who gasped..


The whole crowd gasped along with me..


Ooohhh my Gosh!!!


“She’s walking”I blurted out happily as the church filled with murmurs and whispers..


This is the best wedding gift I could ever ask for..


Thank you God..


“Do you have any idea about this???”I asked Daniel my best man “No.. I’m as shock as you are”he answered..


Ted and Lisy smiled at each other before he handed her hand over to me..


But with a final hard glare..


Thank Goodness I wasn’t marrying his daughter I would have fled away…


“Do you like my surprise??”she asked with a seductive smile..


Damn you !!! woman..


You’re driving me crazy biting your lips like that..


“I love the surprise”I replied.. I drew closer to her and whispered to her ear “I’ll get back to you.. You won’t be able to walk for two days” “Challenge accepted”she whispered back and I chuckled..


As the priest clears his throat drawing our attention..


“We’re all gathered here today to witness the union between Mr Stanley Koppel and Miss Eliska El Toro as one in the presence of the Lord.. Say your vows”the priest said looking at me


“I’m honored here as the luckiest man on Earth to have been chosen by you Eliska El Toro. For I promise to cherish you each waking day better than the previous one.. I pledge to be your partner and bestie and also a good father to our children, to be your back bone through out our lifetime as one in harmony.. I pledge my faithfulness as Christ was to us. So I give you this ring, as a symbol of my promise and my endless Love to you my one and only Queen….”i said placing the ring on her hand..


I pecked her hand softly as she chuckled..


“Words can’t express my feelings to you but God and man as my witness.. I


promise to cherish each moment.. To brighen your morning and lighten your mood


at the end of each day.. To share in all your joy and sorrow for the rest of my life..


I give you this ring as a symbol of my endless Love” She said and placed the ring


on my finger with a sly smile..


Damn this temptation!!


She’s a devious woman and I love her so much..


“Giving a final opportunity to any man or woman who is against this union to speak up or forever”the priest paused


There was total silence.. Just when the priest opened his mouth to say something a


familiar voice shouted..


“I object priest!!”


“What may be your reason sire??” The priest asked Ted..


He walked closer to the alter and halted staring at us in tears..


“Teddy bear”Lisy whispered


“I… I..”he stammered


“I mean I don’t object to this Union but I just need to say something with God and


Man as my witness”Ted clarified


“Go ahead sire”the priest permitted


“Stanley, I want you to know that I totally forgive you and the lady beside you is still my bestie and will always be my bestie. Please don’t deprive me of that right. Okay??”


Ooohhh!!! In my vow I pledge to be her bestie “Okay. I understand”I replied



“You know nobody can separate us from each other.. We are bestie for ever.. I’m your Lily flower and you will always be my Teddy Bear.. Right??”Lisy asked as tears dropped from her eyes too


“Right!! Happy union bestie”Ted spoke up as he walked back to his seat hiding his tears..


“Priest Go ahead with the pronouncement”Ted shouted..


I used my thumb to wipe off the tears from my wife’s cheek..


“With the power vested in me, I pronounce you Mr and Mrs Koppel.. You may kiss your bride”


Immediately, I removed her veil and kissed her hungrily..


“Mine”I whispered claiming back her lips possessively…



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