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Emotions; something that I believe each and every person has, emotions could be different; whilst some will lead you to doing the right things others will just take you in a totally different direction. I am all and more that every girl could ever ask for, I have had girls worship the ground that I walk on.


You see I graduated with distinctions from Harvard University and I was top of my class, dad always thought I would be a doctor but I guess engineering was my thing.


I come from a family of gods and goddesses; metaphorically speaking. My mother is the kind of woman that even young boys still look at, my father; oh my father was aging like fine wine. They only decided to have two children; I and my younger sister who actually behaved like my elder sister. With the kind of economy that our country is standing upon; I guess they foresaw the future.


My sister was beautiful, I could never ask for another apart from her. Got married at twenty two to her boyfriend of two years, I thought it was absurd, I actually



threw a punch or two to his face but for once since I can remember she put her foot down; he was the man of her dreams; yeah right.


And I Stephen was just in my own world; at twenty seven I wasn’t even thinking of settling down; it wasn’t on my agenda. I did well by moving from girlfriend number one to number seven. You must think I am evil but not entirely, I have a girlfriend; I feel I love her more than she does me but maybe just maybe I have a weird way of showing it, I try my best to give her the world; but she says what is the world to her if I leave myself out. She claims I am emotionally detached.



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