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I woke up feeling refreshed as I had decided to stay indoors Saturday night, with the way that Camy was behaving I didn’t want to go out.


I looked at the time and it was already mid-morning, Stella had been the one to wake me up as she had called saying she was hosting a mini braai and wanted me to be there. I was skeptical about it because I knew Camy too would be there and I wasn’t ready to play the good boyfriend.


I dashed to the kitchen and prepared myself an egg sandwich with some juice, it was the only thing I could prepare at that particular moment since the maid always had her Sundays off.


The sound of my ringing phone had me rushing to the living room where I had left it, I looked at the caller ID and it was an unknown number. I stared at it for a while before finally picking up.




‘Hey Steph.’


I couldn’t have missed the voice




‘I didn’t expect you to recognize me.’


I chuckled


‘I kind of stalked you a little on social media and found that your number is synced with your Facebook account so I got it.’ She said so straight forwardly




‘I don’t want to waste your time, just wanted to find out if you are coming to the braai?’


‘I will definitely be there.’ I responded


She went on and on talking about how her morning was going and for some reason I wasn’t so interested.


‘Ntombi can we talk some other time?’ I asked as politely as I could


‘Oh okay.’ She responded a hint of disappointment in her.


I cut the line before she could and went back to my food, I could smell that she was going to be trouble and seeing how close she was to Stella also made it a little complicated.


Time seemed to be rushing because the next time I looked at the watch it was already twelve, I rushed to the bathroom and took a quick shower knowing fully well that Stella would start calling me any time soon.


Settling for a turquoise shirt with rolled sleeves, I matched it up with white pants and masai slippers which mum had got for me on my twenty ninth birthday. True to my thoughts Stella began calling at 1pm but I chose not to respond because I was already on my way there.


There wasn’t so much congestion in great east road being a Sunday and by two in the afternoon I was already there.


Davido’s FIA was buzzing in the speakers when I drove in. I could see Stella eyeing me angrily by the veranda but I gave her a comforting smile.


When I got out, her husband Kennedy came to receive me. We had become friends over the years.


‘Hey man.’ He greeted giving me a manly hug


‘Kenny my favorite man.’ I said as he let me go


We walked to the pool area where three other men were.



One was our childhood friend Chisha and the other two were Kenny’s friends who I had met on several occasions.


We immediately involved ourselves into conversation as we attended to the meat on the braai stand and drunk our alcohol.


Later Stella came through with three ladies who I recognized as Sandy, Chisha’s fiancé and the other two who I was guessing were dating Kenny’s friends.


‘I am starving, can we eat already?’ I whined


‘This is coming from someone who just came in? Stella asked causing everything to laugh


We all turned towards the gate when a car drove in, it was the latest Range rover on the market. Something I had been admiring since its coming on the market but I knew I had too many cars.


‘Oh that should be Ntombi and her fiancé.’ Stella said dragging her husband to go and receive them


I remained talking to the guys and their women as I secretly eyed who my girl’s ex was.


Ntombi was the first to come out of the vehicle, I would have choked on my alcohol had I been drinking it. She was wearing a tight long grey dress that was hugging her figure, on the back it was open and one could notice the tattoo that was just above her figure. I heard the other guys swallow and the ladies rush towards her, I knew she had overdressed on purpose and was only trying to get people’s attention.


The guy suddenly came out and jealousy hit me, you know how ladies know when someone is better looking than them. Yeah you can say the same about guys, the guy was white and good looking.


Camila had been dating a white man and had not once mentioned it. You see she was one not to talk about her past relationships and even though I once pushed her



into telling me about this Marvin guy; all she said was that they were both good people but just couldn’t work out.


He was in a charcoal grey muscle t-shirt and black pants with black shades, I could actually say he was hot if I was a lady.


I watched as greetings were exchanged then they walked towards us.


‘So Marvin, meet my elder brother Stephen.’ Stella proudly said and I saw Kenny put his hand around her waist, I would do the same because man was good looking.


I watched how he didn’t pay much attention to Ntombi despite her making it obvious to the ladies that he was her man.


We were served with some food when Stella came to announce that she had to head out.


‘Can I come with you?’ Ntombi asked


‘No it will take only a few minutes, a friend is stuck at UNZA.’ She said giving me an evil stare.


I had been so engrossed admiring Ntombi’s body that I had forgotten about Camy.


‘Stephen so what do you do? Marvin asked breaking the silence


‘I am an engineer.’ I responded trying not to create room for more conversation


‘Stella tells me you are a lawyer.’ Kenny said


‘Oh yes I am.’


‘And you plan on setting up your own law firm here?’


‘Well that has already been done, I start working on Monday. I don’t like wasting time plus this


doesn’t come cheap.’ He said pointing at Ntombi and I heard the ladies aww



‘But where were you working from?’ I asked


‘I left Zambia for the United Kingdom years back, I had to take over from my father that side but after working for a while I decided to come back home and do my thing.’ He responded


Just then Stella drove in and my heart skipped a bit.


The ladies walked towards us as they involved in conversation, Camy’s laughter being loudest.


She was in an army green skinny jean that was ripped on the knees and a black vest with slippers on her feet. Her short hair was nicely combed and she had little make up on. They got to where we were but she stopped frozen when she came face to face with Marvin. They stood still for a while before I broke in.


‘Hey babe.’ I said kissing her lips but she didn’t part them


‘You two are together?’ Ntombi asked shocked written all over her face


‘Sorry I didn’t her.’ Stella said hitting her head lightly


‘Ntombi this is Camilla Steph’s girlfriend, Camy this is Ntombi and that’s Marvin her fiancé. I am sure you have met the rest.’


‘Can I have some water?’ Camy asked


She didn’t wait for Stella to respond because she was already heading for the house.


‘Camilla!’ Marvin yelled going after her


Ntombi held his hand but he glared at her leaving all of us in shock.


‘Camilla wait.’ He begged



She stopped and started following him, when they met half way she slapped him twice hard across the face but he just pulled her into his hands and held her.


All of us were now wondering what was happening as I felt my anger rise.



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