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The zeal to find this bastard has kept me going..


But I’ll make sure I pull a bullet to that bastard’s heart..


He gat to pay for his deed..


Though Sarah confirmed that Arthur was the one who abducted her.. he also met his end in that fire…


But I won’t rest until I’ve found the third party…


For the past few days there have always been one question in my mind…


Who is this third person???


Who could he be???




I hastenly rushed out of the elevator after receiving a call from Ryan.. “Danny”I called out


“In the bar”he answered..


He seems busy with his computer..


“Ryan called earlier on, he requested to see us privately”


“Can’t it wait.. I’m trying to crack this tape code”he answered fully concentrated on his laptop..


“He assured me that it gat to do with Lisy’s case and he asked us to come with weapon.. “I blurted out and he halted..


Shutting his laptop, he grabbed his car keys and I handed his guns to him while he hid them at his back…





“Come in”Ryan urshered us in..


“Why did you choose such deserted hut to see us???”I asked feeling strange about this place..


“Because it’s important.. Someone is monitoring my movement, any wrong move I make all my hardwork will go to waste”Ryan said as he offered us a bench to sit on..


“Firstly how is Rocky??”he asked


“No improvement..”Danny spoke up..


Ryan typed something on his phone and showed it to us..


I almost choked.. As I struggled within me to remain calm.. I could feel Daniel’s hand on mine holding me..


“I need proof”I spoke up in disbelief..


“I’ll email you the video from the moment I resuced her to the operation..” Ryan said


“How is she doing???”Daniel asked eagerly..


But there’s something strange about this meeting..


I just feel uncomfortable with this place..


“She hasn’t woken up.. Her heart is weak but the baby is healthy”Ryan answered “Baby???”I questioned


“Yeah!!! She’s two months pregnant”


“She never mentioned anything about being pregnant to me..”I stated firmly.. “She did tell me about giving you the best surprise after everything was over”Danny chipped in


“This just don’t feel right”I voiced out


“What do you mean??”Daniel asked


“You could have said everything on phone but you fixed this meeting at this forsaken place”I pointed out.. intentionally leaving the part he asked us to come with weapon


Ryan typed on his phone saying that we were surrounded…


“I thought I explained earlier on that my movement was being monitored..”He said


“The place for this meeting shouldn’t bother you Stan.. All that is important is that


Eliska is alive and she’s pregnant with your child.. This calls for celebration”Danny


spoke up loading his gun..


“Which hospital is she??”I asked


“She’s in Los Angeles city hospital, she’s in good hands..”Ryan assured us


“I want her to be moved to her own hospital today..”I requested


“I agree with you but don’t you think that will be too risky, considering the fact that the bastard responsible is roaming free in this city”Danny pointed out.. “She’s safer out of this city”Danny added


“Is there any other complications”I asked


“For now no.. But we can only confirm that when she wakes up.. She needs our prayers”Ryan said


“Thank you alot for Everything”I muttered “I did it for Finn.”


“We owe you alot”Daniel spoke up


“After going through the mail I’ll send you, you’ll find out that we are indepted you.. And we…”he was interrupted my gun shot..


“Fuck”Ryan groaned as he pulled out his gun.. “I’ll cover for you.. Get the car”I told Danny “That’ll be too dangerous”Ryan shouted “The car is bullet proof”I told him..


We continued to exchange bullet with whoever was attacking us..


I covered for Daniel as he sneaked out to get the car..


While we continued to exchange bullet until I entered into the car safely leaving Ryan behind…


I felt guilty leaving him alone in that crazy shootout but he pressured us to go without him..


He seems to be confident that the attacker won’t hurt him..


This just don’t feel right.. The whole meeting, the shootout, Eliska being alive..


Something fishy is going on..


“Take a u-turn, there must be another route that leads to that hut”I said to Daniel “There is.. Why are we going back???”he asked as he quickly takes a u-turn “Something is fishy.. I believe Ryan is hiding a very vital information from us..”I stated firmly


“I don’t think so.. He was being sincere”Daniel objected


“Let’s find out.. I strongly believe he might be working with the Mastermind


behind his plans..”




“He might be working with the Same person that killed Eliska or that person might be able to lead us to the real Mastermind of this whole game”I explained “But Eliska is alive”



“I hope so.. I don’t feel anything anymore.. i feel very empty.. I really hope she’s alive”I said as the car came to a halt.


I saw Thomas Robbinson shaking hugging Ryan as they laughed together..


His men were singing songs of joy..


My blood boils as I stare at the scene before me..


“That son of a bitch”I grind my teeth stressing each syllables..


“Let’s get out here”Danny suggested as he starts the engine..


How can he lie to us??


Why would he burn our Eliska???


How did he find their location before us??


If he was the one that set them ablaze then why did he rescue Eliska and hide it from us???


Or could Ryan be lieing to us???


Could he be scheming with his father to transfer Eliska’s wealth to an imposter..????


Is the lady they found truly my Lisy???


“What the hell is going on???”Daniel shouted as he hit his fist hard on the steering wheel…


“I’m confused bro.. My brain is choked up with several questions.. Everything is f**king confusing.. I have no clue who the real enemy could be??”


“I’m mad.. Why would Thomas Robbinson be so cruel to our Eliska..??? Why is he against us??? Was he the one who set her ablaze??? Was he the one who rescued her??? What kind of game is he scheming???”


“Lisy’s land of gold.. That’s what they all wanted her wealth”I blurted out still confused


“But he’s f**king rich.. Why would he plot to kill her..???”he asked..


And I asked myself the same question..


Why would he want Eliska dead???


He lost his son because Finn chose to Eliska over his father’s warning..


“He wants revenge”I blurted out


“Revenge??? Why??”


“He probably blamed Eliska for Finn’s death”I answered


“But we haven’t been able to find the murderer that killed Finn”Daniel said “Yeah!!! But I’ve gat a feeling that he may have a hand in his son’s death and also in Eliska’s death”


“Finn was his favorite.. he wouldn’t hurt him..”Daniel interjected


“He was his favorite when Finn was under his control.. But he lost that control after Finn feel in love with Eliska”I explained vividly to my point of view..


“It makes sense.. But why would he plan to kill her and save her at them same?? What kind of game is he planning this time around??”I asked out loud “What is his ulterior motive???”I added..


“We should question Ryan after watching the mail he sent us”Daniel suggested “I can’t trust Ryan.. But I’ll adhere to your opinion.. We will interrogate him after watching the video clip he sent us”










Things are slowly falling back into place.. Aunt Rocky woke up a month ago but was discharged from the hospital a week after she woke up.. Ryan was able to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that how he rescued our Eliska.. But Stanley wasn’t convinced even after watching the video..


He was enraged after watching the whole incident from how she was tortured and brutally beaten..


To when, Thomas and his goons attacked them, shot her and burnt the entire building down..


It took us time to accept what happened.. All that mattered to me was my sister was alive..


Even though she was burnt, Ryan made sure she under go plastic surgery..


Though he did confined to us that he lied to his father that it was his spy he rescued and made him believed that he wanted to use her to gain Eliska’s wealth as part of his revenge plan towards us for the death of Finn..


This new month graced us with a reason to smile because my sister has finally been discharged..


But she has been partially paralyzed.. But the doctor assured us that she has great chances to recovering speedily..


I smiled sheepishly as I recalled the day she arrived home..


Her buoyant smile and laughter lightened up the whole mansion and its inhabitant.. Mrs venessa Thomas and my love Joanna also came to welcome Eliska.. including the press..



The press were eager to interview Eliska to share with the world her miraculous escape from death.. But it wasn’t possible that day


Though, An interview was scheduled few days ago when she finally told the world in details how The governor Thomas Robbinson shot and set her ablaze..


Thomas Robbinson has suddenly disappeared.. His account has been frozen.. His wanted poster has being pasted at every nook and crannies of the city, also on online social media platforms…


Finn’s mother Karolina seems to have a change in heart..


She begged for forgiveness on behalf of her husband along with Tyler..


Stanley was still determined to get his person revenge on Thomas one way or the other even against Eliska’s pleas..


But Eliska have being able to convince Stanley to let the law punish him.. Though Ryan made a pledge to personally see to it that his father pays dearly for his crimes..


“Danny boy”Stanley shouted as he steps out of his car


“Yo!! I’m here”I shouted back drawing his attention towards my direction “Ryan called.. He found Thomas”


“Let’s send the cops to the location”I suggested “Too late.. Ryan had finish the job..”he said happily.. “What do you mean??”


“Ryan shot him dead.. Watch this”He urged me happily placing his phone screen at


my face to give me a clearer picture..


“He’s dead!!!”Stanley shouted happily..


I haven’t seen him this happy…


He looks happier today than when he Eliska returned home..


He brought a wine from his car as he pop the wine shouting in joy..


Good give my Joanna the strength to overcome this pain of loosing her father…


Sarah wheeled Eliska downstairs..


“Why are you shouting???”Eliska counted her words as she asked curiously “Thomas is dead.. His very own son Ryan shot him dead”Stanley blurted out “Yes!!!”Sarah exclaimed but Eliska looked sad..


I seems to be the only one who noticed this as Stanley and Sarah jubilates together..


“Why do you look sad??”I asked as I squat holding her wheelchair



“Because Ryan is alone.. He needs a shoulder to cry on and lean on now. Thomas was still his father..”She said..


“You never seems to amaze me sister.. You truly have a heart of Gold”I praised her..


“Stan”She called out earning his attention..


“Where is Ryan.. Call him to come here”She requested..


But Immediately Ryan walks in with a blood stained shirt..


“Come dear!!”Eliska urged him..


He knelt beside her as he embraced her crying on her shoulder..


“I wish I could move my hands I would love to hug you back desperately..”She said shockingly as tears drops from her eyes.. When I looked at Sarah she was already in tears..


My mind went back to Joanna as I discreetly sent her a voice message.. “Thank you so much”Eliska weeps


“Thank you very much Eliska for being here for me”Ryan in between sobs..


“Pour it all out.. Ryan”I murmured..


“We are here for you..”Stanley Patt his back..


“She may not be able to hold you back but she will ensure that you don’t go through this pain alone.. We are here for you as a family.. To support you and be your back bone”Stanley said


“No more crying please.. let’s celebrate.. For the storm is over”Sarah spoke up..


Pulling Ryan up for an embrace..


“The storm is over”Stanley and I shouted chorusly as we embraced each other..


Β© Winner Godwin and


Grace Aghedo


August 2019


All rights reserved





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