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“Lisy!!!”I voiced out…


I ran towards the receptionist table as I heard footsteps after me but I ignored them..


“I’m sorry sir”Nurse Tara tapped my shoulder but I looked at her confused.. As I lift up my head and stared at the Television myself I saw two dead bodies being carried away as the reported said


“Miss Eliska El Toro’s body was not found at the crime scene but her phone and other valuable items were spotted at the scene but an alarming note was left behind which proved that this was a brutal abduction.. The Queen of Gold city’s disappearance is still a mistery to us all. .. I’m Anna Campbell reaching you from NCTV.. We’ll bring further detailed information after thorough investigation by the DIS..




“What the f**k!!”I cursed..


“Give me the car keys Danny” I requested stretching my hand forward.


“No don’t please”my mom interjected stepping forward standing in the middle between Danny and I..


“I need the damn keys right now!!”I shouted..


“Sir, this is a hospital.. reduce your voice”a nurse reprimanded me “Shut up miss”I yelled at her..


Ted snatched the keys from Danny’s hand as he stretched it forward to give me “Ted!! Don’t test my patience, give me the car keys”I lower my voice a little “Don’t act irrational brother”Ted spoke up


“Stanley you can’t go over there please, let the cops do their job son”my mom requested


“My daughter is safe somewhere I can feel it.. She’s a fighter”Rocky added..


I could see through, she’s panicking but she acts so calm..


I strongly feel that Lisy is in great danger.


Shit!!! I forgot to place a tracking device on her…


“I know she’s a fighter Rocky, but I can’t act calm.. I can’t rely on those silly cops in uniform.. I can’t wait like this.. All is not well, I can feel it strongly inside me.. I have had this great urge to cry since this morning, I’ve never felt like this Mom.. I feel miserable..”I paused


“Ted, please give me car keys.. I need to make an attempt.. I may succeed.. I can’t wait patiently for the DIS.. She’s calling out for me, I can feel it..”I tried to express myself


“Give him the keys, Ted”my mom instructed “Marie!!!”Ted murmured


“This is not a battle for one person, we need to join hands together”Danny suggested


“This may not be a war Lisy can conquer alone.. I need to be there for her”I added “I know!!! That’s the reason why you shouldn’t go.. I’m also feeling very emotional and uncomfortable.. I had the same kind of mixed emotions before I lost my husband.. I’m scared, I know my daughter cannot handle this storm alone.. I’m scared, she’s my only child but I think it’s not safe for you.. You can be used as a weapon to control her…”Rocky explained her objection “Rocky!! I just wanna try, I’ll be extra careful.. I promise”


“Give him the keys, Ted”my mom commanded and Ted handed over the keys to me..


“I’m coming with you”Danny spoke up


“You need to stay here with your mom”


“Mom is in good hand, The whole family is here, no objection man.. Eliska is more like my big sister.. You need someone to watch your back….”Danny said “Let’s go”I muttered..


“Please, Call me when Sarah regains consciousness”


Danny requested…




I couldn’t move a muscle.. my legs are weak and my hands are trembling..


I’ve never felt so helpless like this before.. The blindfold tied around my eyes is not helping at all..


I feel so guilty for the death of my body guards, two buoyant men died miserably saving me, yet I couldn’t escape..


I don’t have an idea where we are heading to but I know that we are on a sea because I’m having sea sickness..


“Untie me please, I wanna throw up”I requested..


But I got no response..


I opened my mouth to plead with them again but rather, I threw up..


“Gosh!!! Disgusting”a voice grumbled..


“She did make a request man, so clean this mess for ignoring her”another voice commanded..


I sighed as I doozed off feeling exhausted.




I opened my eyes in shock due to the cold water poured on me..


The blindfold has been removed replace by a gag tied around my mouth..


A chain around my neck, on my hands and on my feet confined to a standing position..


My hands and legs are bleeding heavily


“Long live the Queen!!”A blonde guy mocked me as his puppet laughed at me.. I forced a smile on my face as I forced myself to laugh along with them..


“What’s funny???”another blonde scary guy asked walking to us “Nothing brother”the blonde guy answered “Where is my sister???” I asked the scary guy


“In the hospital back with your family..”The scary guy answered looking paranoid Ahhhhhhh!!! That’s a relief.. I can die in peace now.. “What do you want from me??”I asked


“Save your question for the boss”the blonde guy answered and I scoffed.. “Why are you boys chatting instead of breaking her bones” my cousin’s voice booms angrily


“Arthur!!!”I voiced out in disbelief..


“You’re looking too good sister”Arthur said mockingly..


“Break her bones”he yelled at his men..


“Yes boss!!”they responded chorusly..


The blonde guy and two other guys picked up rod as they started hitting me..


I tried very hard not to scream and I hissed in pain severally while Arthur stared at me happily..


He finally signaled them to stop and I cursed silently..


“Great Job brother” Monica said walking in on us behind her was Lorreta..


“Hello cousins”I coughed out hissing in pain..


“You have some guts Eliska, you still gat pride even in this state”Lorreta said sounding pissed off and I smiled at her, which pissed her off more..



I shivered within me as my uncle who was supposed to be in prison walked in with his wife..


“I’m proud of you son”Zak hugged his son and his mother blew him a kiss.. “Happy family reunion!!”I spoke up mockingly


“I’m surprised Julie is not here.. But it’s so good to see you all here for the last time”I said


“You should be afraid” Zak said walking towards me “I am scared!!!”I coughed out more blood


“So scared that it makes me sad.. I’m scared because I can feel your end coming so soon but I won’t be able to rescue you all, my helplessness is making me very sad” “You bitch” Zak yelled as he gave me a thunderous slap and my lips broke. Damn my soft skin!!!


My face hurts alot but I froced myself to smile..


“You hit like a baby”I murmured with a sly smile and it provoked my uncle as his lips curved in anger..


“You look miserable Zak, prison suits you alot”I spoke up..


“Bring the ice blocks”Arthur ordered..


I hate cold…


“Thanks to Ema, we found out you hate winter alot that why we brought you to this island” Monica spoke up..


“Ema sold you out ignorantly..”Livia added


“If Sarah who likes winter alot could not withstand the cold room for three days, what do you think will happen to you!??”Lorreta asked


“You’re doomed”Livia added happily as the placed the bowl of ice blocks under my feet..


“So are you”I spoke up..


“I hate you so much.. I hate your guts alot”Zak said grinding his teeth angrily “I won’t go down so easily”I spoke up with my tembling voice.. As I began to shiver..


“Thanks for the warning”Arthur spoke up..


“Turn her upside down, dip her head inside the block..”Zak ordered, as they exit the hall…




Laying frozen to the cold ground, I opened my eyes lazily as I heard people grunting in pain from afar..


I struggled as I opened my eyes..


My vision is blurry, I can hadly comprehend nor identify anything..


“Boss, she’s here”a voice shouted..


As I heard heavy footsteps…


It could be Stanley..


He must have tracked my location..


“You look pathetic Eliska”I heard another familiar voice..


“Thomas Robbinson”I whispered


“You’ve lost your voice”he pointed out and I called out his name again but I couldn’t find my own voice..


He squat, pointing a gun to my head..


“I lost my son because he chose you over me.. An eye for an eye”he said as he stood up and fired the gun at me..


The bullet piercing close to my heart..


As he walked away humming in victory.


My vision become worst but I could feel the heat of the flames as it consumed the room..


While I laid helplessly as it consumed me..


I’m sorry I couldn’t fulfill my task father..


My legs began to burn as the fire spread out to all part of my body..


The worst of it, is that, I couldn’t cry out for help…


I watched myself as I slowly burn to my end as a bright light spread around me just like the same kind of light I saw when father appeared to me… I closed my eyes as the pain increased..


I love you Stan..


I love you Ted..


I love you Danny…


I love you Sarah…


I love you Ema…


I love you Santiago..


I love you nanny Sheila..


I love you Mom…


I’ll miss my family alot..


Live in peace until we meet again….


I love you so much Stanley….




We failed…


We arrived too late…


The island was already in fire when we got here…


I knelt beside Stanley as we watched helplessly as the fire fighters tried to quench


the flames..


My sister was in there..




The flames have finally been quenched but not a single soul was alive…


Our Queen died a miserable death..


I walked behind Stanley as he quietly looked around for Eliska’s body..


Most corpse were burnt into ashes.. some bodies were not totally lost..


So we still had a little hope in finding my sister’s body…


We searched severally but to no avail…


“Lisy!!!”Stanley yelled as he knelt down holding a gold necklace..


Not just a gold necklace, but the necklace he made for her at the mine..


I embraced him as we cried together..


What hurts me the most was her body was in ashes…


I gathered the ashes as a detective gave us a box where I poured the ashes into with a heavy heart..


Too soon, I won’t ever see your bright smiling face sister..


Nor hear your laughter that gladdens any soul and lighten a sour mood.. How could God be so cruel to watch this tragedy befall on us..??

How could he silently watch such gentle soul like yours die a miserable death..??


Why wasn’t it me in your position???


“Why her????”I cried out..


“Why???? God why???”I cried holding the box close to my heart…




My phone rang as I grumbled..


Why is doctor Carter calling me at this ungodly hour??


“Hello”I answered


“Sorry for disturbing you sir but it’s an urgent matter”doctor Carter spoke up..


I hope he did not call to request for donations..


“Go on!!!”I urged him


“Your Excellency, you son Ryan just brought in a burnt body to my hospital”he said


“What???”I shouted


“Sir that’s not all, he pleaded with me to save the lady at any cost necessary”doctor Carter added..


“Did he tell you her name??”


“No sir…”


“I want you to run all the test necessary, I’ll send you a blood sample confirm if it


matches”I ordered


“Yes sir”


“Get to work”I hanged up..


I searched my drawer for the Eliska’s blood Sample I asked Steve to get for me.. I dailed my pilot number


“Get the plane ready in five minutes..”I ordered..


I’ll go there myself to confirm if that body is Eliska’s ..


I wonder what Ryan was doing in that island. How did he locate that place??? I need to question my son myself…




I angrily storm into the private ward my son was hiding the body he found “Dad!!!”he exclaimed not looking shock to see me… “Explain yourself”I commanded


“I was beginning to wonder if your doctor wasn’t a loyal servant to you.. Glad he informed you I was here”Ryan spoke up


“What kind of game are you playing??”I asked raising my voice at him..


“She’s my spy.. Diane Scott.. I sent her there to kidnap Eliska.. I was on my way when she called me that you raided the island.. She begged me to save her baby and give the child a better life and that’s what I’m planning to do”Ryan explained “Why do you want to kidnap Eliska??”I asked not fully convinced my his story


“I want my revenge.. I want her to pay for the death of my brother.. I wanted her to suffer and die by my own hands”he explained with anger in his eyes..


“But I got to her before you. I killed her and burnt her to death..”I said “Sir, here is the result”doctor Carter walked in.. “The blood sample aren’t a match”he stated…


Now I fully believe my son’s story.


“And sir, Ryan requested a plastic surgery for the body.. He want her to look like Eliska”Doctor Carter said


“Thanks doctor.. You may step outside for a while”


“Okay sir”he bowed and walked out..


“I have another plan”Ryan spoke up..


“Diane is pregnant. I want to transform her into Eliska so that she can transfer all


Eliska’s wealth into the child and after the work is done, we will kill both Diane


and the baby”Ryan smartly suggested..


“Brilliant idea!!!”I praised him..


“For Finn!!!”Ryan hailed and I smiled..


I can’t wait to claim that land of Gold…


All her Gold will be mine and mine alone..


Thanks you Ryan for this brilliant idea…






My sister Sarah woke up few days after Eliska’s death..


Aunt Rocky is currently in a comma due to high blood pressure and heart attack. Ted was taken to the rehabilitation center a week ago.. His anger has gone overboard and he claims he sees Eliska everytime..


Stanley is getting better, he acts stronger and calm but I know deep down him he’s broken..


We couldn’t bury Eliska’s ashes because aunt Rocky hasn’t woken up..


So Stanley and I agreed to build a tomb to place her ashes as we await for Rocky to wake up and bid her final farewell to her beloved daughter..


Though we’ve returned to our daily activities as we struggle to move on but the


house has lost his liveliness..


No more laughter was heard..


Even the workers barely smile even when I or Stanley tried to crack a joke..


We have been in darkness after our light Eliska died..


The only thing that made me happy was that Zak and his whole family were also burnt alive and also Lorreta, Aunt Mariana daughter..


But we haven’t been able to find out the identity of the person who attacked them and set them ablaze..


The zeal to find this bastard has kept me going..


But I’ll make sure I pull a bullet to that bastard’s heart..


He gat to pay for his deed..


Though Sarah confirmed that Arthur was the one who abducted her.. he also met his end in that fire…


But I won’t rest until I’ve found the third party…


For the past few days there have always been one question in my mind…


Who is this third person???


Who could he be???


Β© Winner Godwin and


Grace Aghedo


August 2019


All rights reserved




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