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“I’ve gat to go”Daniel excused himself closing the door behind him..


I moved closer to Stanley as he stare angrily at me..


I kissed his neck but it had no effect on him.. I continued to pepper kiss his face until he pushed me to down to the couch


“This is so wrong.. I’m mad at you for kissing him, I want you all to myself.. is that too much to ask for??”he breathed heavily


“No.. I’ll talk with him tommorow.. I’ll set things right I promise”


“That means we also have to face Ted’s wrath”Stanley stated


“I don’t care.. I will fight tooth and nail for our happiness..


I want to make our relationship official”


“I’m madly in love with you Lisy”Stanley whispered before devouring my mouth with his hungry lips..


I got carried away as I cluntch tightly to him holding his neck firmly


Moaning into his mouth as he angled my face deeping the kiss, seizing my breath away..


Everything fade away as I submit myself to his amazing mouth and the pleasure that erupt from him


“What the f**k!!!”A familiar voice yelled and we pulled away from each other swiftly breathing heavily.. Staring at the furious gaze on us…




Ryan stared furiously at us.. I ignored his hard stare as I redress Eliska’s gown..


I looked into her eyes blocking Ryan’s glance from her..


The panic in her eyes faded off as she smiled warmly at me..


“I love you”I reminded her as I kissed her lips gently


“I love you more.. please can you step outside while I talk with Ryan”she asked..


And I nodded my head.. I’ll just guard the door..


I won’t leave her alone tonight..


I walked past Ryan as I closed the door and sat down beside it..


“Ryan come over please”Lisy spoke up..


“You should be trembling in fear for what am gonna to do you but you look so calm and relaxed.. Don’t you have a conscience??”Ryan shouted..


“I do have a conscience.. I’ve already decided to talk to him tommorow even before you caught us. I wanted to talk to him this morning but he insisted that I should rest.. I’m not doing this because I don’t care about him”


“You care?? And you have the guts to cheat on him with his best friend??”he shouted


“I’ve always loved Stanley all my life.. I tried so f**king hard to forget him. I tried to move on with Finn. I lied to myself to love him but it did not work out because all I could think of was Stanley. Did he truly hated me for not fighting for our love?? How many girls is he with now?? Did he missed me??? Even when I make out with Finn, I only picture Stanley in my mind.. I’m sorry I hurt your brother but I can’t force myself to love him”Eliska confessed


“How long have you been in love with Stanley???” “Ever since I Know the meaning of love”she answered.


“Why did you not date him??? Why did you have to do this to Finn??? Why??”he shouted


“Because of Ted. Because Ted forbids me never to have any relationship with his brothers.. because Ted hates them all.. He’s angry at Stanley because he thinks Stanley always steals what belongs to him.. Because I can’t bear the thought of rifting two brothers apart” Lisy shouted..


“Because I love Stanley and I care about my best friend’s happiness.. Because I can’t bear to witness Ted’s anger.. I care alot about Ted… I know all my reasons doesn’t justify my actions..


I’m sorry, I never imagined that Finn would fall in love with me. It was a deal between us.. I couldn’t forced his heart not to love me.. I’m f**king sorry Ryan.. I did not mean to break his heart”


“I could see the sincerity in your eyes.. Strangely, I believe you.. Lydia cheated on him with me.. You unfortunately, did the same thing but the motive was different.. Lydia’s actions were to separate both of us but yours was because you care alot about Ted. I’m angry at you but I believe your intentions were genuine, I’ll help you talk to my brother but first you must tell my mom, and we’re facing both of them tonight”Ryan said



“Okay!! But before we tell Finn can I have a moment with him..”Eliska requested “Okay.. come dear let’s go”Ryan said and I stood up from my sitting position.. And I opened the door staring at Lisy..


“I want to be here for you”I spoke up


“You should go home with Danny.. I’m also telling Ted tonight. I want you to stay away for the meantime”Eliska suggested


“I’m not gonna run away.. Ryan I trust you to take care of her.. I’ll head home with Danny.. please bring Finn over after she leave here”I requested “Okay!!!”Ryan answered and I pecked Lisy and walked away






“I’m not angry at you”venessa hugged me and I let out a deep breath


“I know you must be disappointed in me but I’m truly sorry”I told her sincerely holding her hands


“I’m disappointed.. Though Finn is my step son, I’ve always considered him to be like my very own son.. I want him to be happy.. You, Finn, Stanley and Ted are all at fault.. You must sort things out…


Set Finn free please!!”she requested and I nodded in agreement hugging her tightly “I’ll set things straight.. Hopefully everything will fall back in place”


“Everything will fall apart once the truth is out but you have to remain strong. Because Ted may overreact worst than Finn”Venessa explained


“I know.. But he’s my best friend, it’ll take him time to accept my decision but I know he loves me alot”I told her..


“Finn is alone upstairs..”Ryan announced and I thanked him and headed upstairs




I opened the door gently… Finn back was facing me..


“Finn!!!”I whispered and he turned around and smiled at me..


But he looked disturbed..


“I need to tell you something very important”I spoke up “Sit down”he requested and I sat down facing him.. he doesn’t look happy..


“I wanted to speak with you earlier this morning.. Finn I cheated on you..”I confessed


“I know!!”he whispered shockingly


“You know???”I asked


“I found out the day I came back.. I heard you moaning in Stanley’s office”He


stated and I gasped


“But…”I paused


“I know you never loved me Eliska, That’s the reason you only make out with me.. At first I was suspicious of you because you always initiate the kiss when Stanley is around but when we are alone you hadly respond to me kisses.. I was angry when I confirmed my suspicion, that’s one of the reasons I left.. I love you Eliska.. I’ve never loved anyone like this before ..


Stanley is a great guy.. I knew he had a crush on you.. but I thought he was okay


with me dating you..


I’m hurt Eliska..


I’m sad”he whispered as tears drop from his eyes..


I’ve never seen him cry before.. But it broke my heart to witnessed it.. “Why did you play along???”I asked curiously


“Because I love you.. Because I needed you but i can’t have you because your heart belongs to another man..”


“I’m sorry Finn.. I never meant to hurt you.. please forgive me”I pleaded “Why did you do it?? Why did you agree to date me when you loved someone else??? Is it because I asked you to?? You could have told me.. Why did you hide it from me???”he questioned..


“I’m sorry.. I should have told you but I couldn’t”


“You couldn’t??? You had several opportunity to open up to me but you remained fustile.. You took advantage of my feelings.. You used me”he stated


“I’m guilty but I did what I thought was right.. I couldn’t tell Ted about my relationship with his brother”


“What does Ted have to do with this???” He asked


“One of our friendship rules is that I don’t date any of his brothers.. He always had issues with them especially with Stanley”I explained


“I know about that but he’s dating your baby sister”Finn pointed out.


“We all know Sarah is not my blood relative.. Though she’s family but she’s my Nanny’s daughter.. So I can’t use that against him”I explained


“So using me was the best option you had isn’t it??”he questioned waiting for my reply


“It wasn’t.. And I’m sorry for everything Finn..”I apologized


“This is not about being sorry. You broke my heart.. I opened up to you, I told you about Lydia and how she cheated on me… But you caused me more pain than she did because I loved you more than anything.. I was willing to ignore the fact that



you loved another man but you had s£x with him while you ignored me.. I’m hurt.. You broke my heart over and over and over again.. Why???”he asked


“I’m sorry Finn”I sob loudly as I reached out to him but he snapped his hands away from me….


“Get out!!!”he barked


“Finn”I sob


“Leave”he ordered and I walked out of his room wiping off the tears from my eyes…


“How did it go???”venessa asked me


“He needs you venessa”i said hoarsely and she rushed upstairs..


“He will come around soon”Ryan spoke up


“He knew all this time”I told him..


“He kept quiet because he loved you very much”Ryan said.


“I messed up pretty badly” I walked away..


Tonight gonna be a long night…




I’ve explained everything to Ted but he just stood up from his bed and stood beside


his window with his back facing me..


“Teddy!!”I panicked


“Ted!!!”I called again but he ignored me


And I kept quiet staring at his back unable to see his face.


I can’t fathom his reaction..


“Why Stanley of all people???”he finally spoke up turning to face me.. And he looks mad…


I’ve seen that look before, and i panicked within me..


His anger has consumed him


“Why???”he shouted and I flinch


“I’m sorry”I muttered


“Sorry??? You lied to me, you made a fool out of me and Finn.. You used him and cheated on him with his very own best friend.. You broke our friendship code.. You decieved me your bestie. How can you be so heartless???”he yelled louder “Teddy please calm down”


“Don’t call me Teddy.. You’ve lost the right to call me Teddy.. I can’t forgive you


for this .. I won’t”he shouted as he smashed his flower vase at the wall angrily


frightening me


“I can explain..”


“No Eliska… You’ve done all the talking you had to do.. I listened quietly to you..


You fooled me”he shouted turning his center table upside down as the glass


chattered into several pieces..


“Ted!!!”I cried out..


“How can you fall in love with Stanley of all people??? Why him???”he ranted as he slammed his hands furiously to the wall..


Daniel, Sarah and aunt Sheila rushed inside and they panicked seeing the state of Ted’s room


Thank goodness mom is not at home


“You betrayed me”Ted shouted again using his fist to chatter his dressing mirror. Blood rushes from his hand


“Ted!!!”I shouted as I rushed to him but he pushed me away. “Don’t touch me.. Don’t call my name ever again”he warned me


“It’s me your Lily flower.. I’m your best friend Ted”I reminded him as I sob loudly “No!! No!! No!! If you considered me as your friend you would never betrayed me nor decieved me.. I hate you more than I’ve ever hated anyone before”he shouted as he walked past me with his bleeding hand.. Sarah and aunt Sheila rushed after him as Daniel rushed towards me as I sob heavily calling out for My Teddy bear.. “Teddy”I cried out on Danny’s shoulder.


This is the first time his anger was directed towards me and…


“Stanley!!”I whispered out my thought..


“Daniel please Take me to Stanley’s house please.. Ted must be heading there..”I panicked as I dragged Danny to the elevator.. The elevator was stained with blood…


“He left!!” Sarah said as I stepped out of the elevator..


“Ooohhh God.. This is not good”I panicked..


“Let’s go!!!” Danny shouted grabbing the car keys..


“Come over to Stanley’s house with some of the guards.. Should in case we are not able to calm him down”I shouted at Sarah as I rushed inside the car hastenly…


If anything happens to both of them. I’ll never forgive myself for it. Never!!!




“I’m really sorry man”I said to Finn as he stare angrily at me


“I know… Do you remember the promise I made to you???”he asked me and I stare at Ryan before settling my gaze at Finn..


“Yes!!!”I answered


“I promise to unite you with the girl you fall in love with.. Even if I hate or love her”


“I remembered”I replied him.


“An oath is an oath.. I’ll try my best to honor my oath. But give me time to adjust to the truth.. I can’t think straight now.. I need more time please”Finn requested and I agreed


“This is hard on me”Finn stated


“But I’ll be harder on me when Ted finds out”I murmured.. Immediately, Ted barged inside my house with a bleeding fist.. “Stanley!!!”he shouted


“What the f**k”Ryan muttered…


“Please leave us alone”I requested


“Stanley??!” Finn questioned panicking


“He’s my brother”I assured them


“I’m not your brother you moron”Ted shouted “Just go please”I urged them


“We will step outside but I won’t promise to remain calm if things get out of hand”Finn said as they walked out the door.


“Ted calm down.. Let’s talk like a civilized adult”I requested and he stoned me with my flower vase bursting my head ..


“How dare you!!”he barked angrily as he grabbed me by my collar


“Ted I love her”I shouted and his bloody fist punched my mouth and I staggered backwards


“I’ve always loved Lisy ever since I was a kid.. Why can’t you accept that???”I shouted


“Because you always take everything that belongs to me.. My dog, my father’s love, my mother’s love, my siblings love and now my best friend’s love.. Why???”he yelled


“I never stole our parents love. I did swap your dog and you forgave me for that. Lisy is my woman because I love her but you are her best friend.. instead of fighting for her happiness, you’re fighting against it.. Why???”I shouted back at him


“Because she fell in love with you Stanley.. Because she broke our friendship code”he answered


“Is that the reason..?? Or is it because you don’t want to see her happy??” “You son of a bitch”he punched me unexpectedly



“Hit me Ted!!! Show me what you’re made of”I requested urging him to vent all his anger out on me..


I don’t want Eliska to see him like this..


She will be disheartened


“I love her.. She loves me then why are you so angry???”I shouted


“Because she fell in love with you of all people in the world.. because I hate you Stanley.. You always take what belongs to me”he shouted as he rushed towards me slamming me to the ground and I crashed hardly on the floor “She belongs to me”he repeated as he punched me continuously


“She’s not a toy that can be owned by anyone.. She’s the love of my life”I choked out coughing blood. He raised a stool to hit me but everything happened so fast but all I heard was Eliska’s agony cry


“Ted!!!”she whispered


“Lisy!!!”I panicked as I rolled closer to her..


Her head was bleeding heavily


“Teddy bear, my best friend”she gasped stretching out her hands for Ted but he stood like a statue staring at her in awe.


“What have you done??”Daniel shouted as he rushed to hold Lisy..


She smiled at Ted as tears falls from her eyes…


“I’m okay!!!”She coughed as I helped her to sit down..


Finn and Ryan rushed in with a first aid kit..


“Teddy”She called out for him again but he did not respond..


He must be shocked because he hit her mistakenly..


As he took several steps backwards..


“Stay here with me Ted”Eliska whispered as she collapsed..


Immediately, Ted also collapsed….


© Winner Godwin and


Grace Aghedo


August 2019


All rights reserved





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