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“Lisy!!!” I panicked as I rolled closer to her. I discovered that her head was bleeding..


“Teddy bear my best friend”she gasped stretching out her hands for Ted but he stood like a statue staring at her in awe.


“What have you done??”Daniel shouted as he rushed to hold Lisy. She smiled at Ted as tears falls from her eyes…


“I’m okay!!!”She coughed as I helped her to sit down..


Finn and Ryan rushed in with a first aid kit..


“Teddy” She called out for him again but he did not respond..


He must be shocked because he hit her mistakenly..


As he takes several steps backwards


“Stay here with me Ted” Eliska whispered as she collapsed..


Immediately, Ted also collapsed….




I lifted my sister’s lifeless body covered in blood upstairs…


Finn had already called the doctor..


Stanley requested that they get treated at home to avoid media scandal and interrogations…


Thankfully the doctors rushed here quickly attending to both Ted and Eliska at the same time..


Sarah also rushed in with some body guards.. She screamed upon seeing Ted and Lisy in the condition she met them..


At least, she wasn’t here to witness how dangerous her boyfriend was in anger zone..


I pace around the room, waiting eagerly.


The doctor finally stepped out of the room


“She’s fine but asleep for now. She needs a lot of rest” he told us and we nodded..


Ted’s doctor also said similar things..


Sarah stayed beside Ted while me, Finn and Stanley went downstairs to the parlour


“I’ve never seen Ted in rage like this before”Finn breathed out as we sat down on the couch..


“Neither have I”Stanley exclaimed



“I’ve seen him in rage before but nothing was compared to what I witnessed today.. The force he used to punch me and his speed were all amazing.. Though he was injured badly but he did not feel the pain.. He was still able to punch me in the face” Stanley explained


“I thought his anger issues were gone. For a long time he hasn’t lost his cool” Finn said


“I freaked out when I saw the damage he did to his room.. He turned that poor room into a mess.. His wall was stained with blood as he punched the wall angrily.. He punched his mirror into pieces.. I swear I nearly jumped out of my skin”I spoke up explaining my counter


“He was getting better.. The last time he got angry was at our family dinner months ago.. Even after Finn provoked him by attacking Eliska he did not loose his mind though he was angry but I swear my brother was getting better. He barely got angry over little things that used to provoke him to wrath but I turned him back into a beast.. I made my peaceful and happy brother become an angry monster..” Stanley said


“You can’t blame yourself” I told him


“Nah! It’s his fault.. He was screwing around with his brother’s best friend, my girlfriend. I’m his best friend or was his best friend.”Finn paused


“Stanley have always had a crush on only one girl which is Eliska.. I know but he claimed he got over it.. Why couldn’t you say it out in the open that you love her . Why sneak around with her?!!” Finn shouted


“Because of Ted.. Because Eliska considered Ted’s feelings above hers.. Because


she loved Ted more than anything in this world.. Look where our twisted love have


brought us. Damn those their friendship rules.. I wanted to lay claim on her but I


couldn’t because I wanted my brother to be Happy.. I knew he would be angry if he


found out but God!!! He lost his mind..”Stanley shouted back obviously fustrated


by the situation at hand..


We feel into silence


“Will he calm down when he wakes up???” I finally broke the silence “I don’t know. But I hope he does” Stan replied.


“I love my brother alot but my heart failed me.. I told my heart not to fall in love with Lisy but my heart has a mind of it’s own different from me.. I fell deeper in love with her.. I was shocked when he hit Eliska.. I was surprised he did not calm down even after hearing her voice” Stanley muttered



“She used to be the only person capable of calming him down, if he doesn’t listen to her, I’m afraid his anger issues will become critically worse than it used to be” Stanley murmured as his eyes became very red..


“He will listen to her.. let’s keep a positive mind”I said I hope he does…


I quickly texted mom that everything has been resolved..


I don’t want them to panic because I know everything is far from been resolved..




“I’m okay Stan” Eliska grumbled


“But you’re in pain.. At least, let me call the doctor to check up on you”Stanley requested


“I’m fine.. Just take me to Ted’s room.. I need to see him”


“Don’t be stubborn, Ted almost killed you” Finn shouted sounding pissed off and I sighed..


“He did not hit me intentionally. Stan take me to Ted immediately” Eliska ordered “Sis calm down, we are just looking out for you.. I also don’t think it’s safe to be around Ted.. He got mad at Sarah for touching him..”I spoke up


“He needs me.. I know how to handle Ted.. I’ve seen him in similar situations” “Not like this one. You’re also his target now, he won’t listen to you” I stated “Let me try.. please”She pleaded..


Stanley relunctanly agreed to her demands..


Standing at the door to Ted’s room, Stanley held Eliska’s hand and said


“If he looses his mind and lay a finger on you.. I swear I’ll kill him this time…


Keep that in mind”


“Noted!!! But always remember he’s your brother and we made him like this.. you


have to kill me first”She threatened him opening the door and closing it gently


behind her…


“Fuck!!!”Stanley cursed…




I walked quietly into the room… I saw him lying down on the bed. His back facing me


“Teddy!!!”I whispered and he turned around, his blood shed eyes staring at me..


I sat down on his bed as I placed my hand gently on his injured hand..


“I’m sorry Ted.. you don’t have to be mad at yourself for hitting me.. I deserved it and alot more.. Please don’t feel guilty at all..” he closed his eyes..



“All this wouldn’t have happened if I did not go to see Stanley that morning, I provoked him because I was jealous that he moved on.. I couldn’t bear the pain anymore.. I toss our rules aside for my selfish need..”I sob.


“Come, you need to freshen up”I requested and surprisingly, he stood up.. I assisted him to undress as I led him to the bathroom..


After washing his hair and cleaning him, I wrapped a towel around his waist and led him back to the room .


I changed the bandage on his hand and wore him Daniel’s clean clothes I found in the wardrobe..


“You can go back home, I will disappear for a while..”I spoke up “Why???”he spoke up


“I know you very well Ted.. As long as you’re angry with me, you won’t like to be around me”I explained


“Break up with Stanley.. I’ll pretend all this never happened”he requested


“I can’t.. I love him just the way you love Sarah.. if I asked you to break up with her how would you feel???”I asked and he remained quiet


“Even if I accept your demands, you won’t be able to forget about it because your injured hand will serve as a reminder.. It’s quite unfortunate, you don’t want me to be happy.. My Teddy Bear’s greatest desire was for me to be happy.. He wanted me to fall in love.”I reminded him


“The Lily I know, would never break my trust, nor choose to fall for my brother” “I did not choose whom to fall for. You can’t help who you fall for.. Falls aren’t usually planned.. If they are planned, they are called jumps”I explained.. “You’re choosing Stanley over me Lily”Ted pointed out


“That’s where you’re wrong.. I’ve always chose you over everything.. Because I loved you more.. Being with someone I love doesn’t mean I will neglect you. You should know this better than anyone.. No one can take your place in my life Ted.. No matter what the future holds for us, you’ll always be my Teddy Bear..”I paused “It’s quite unfortunate that you no longer consider my happiness as yours all because of the childhood grudges you habour for your brother whom stood by you and risked his life for us.. This is unlike you Ted..”I walked out of the door not looking back.


“Lisy!!!”Stanley embraced me..


“I need a place to stay, Where Ted can’t ever find me”I spoke up “What!!!”they shouted


“I’m trying to gamble with his feelings, I’ll compel him to forgive me”I said..


“I know of a place” Finn spoke up


“Take me there.. Daniel please send someone to buy me new clothes, lingeries and shoes”I requested


“I’ll send Raissa” Danny said


“And a new phone” I added as I smashed my phone to the wall..


“What the f**k!!!”Finn gasped


“You know how to smash phone just like Ted knows how to smash things”Finn murmured


“Birds of a feather flock together”Stanley added “I learnt from the master himself”I claimed..

I hope Ted also learnt forgiveness from me. I miss my Teddy bear..




“Dad!!!”Ted called out for me but I ignored him..


“Honey!!!”my wife tapped me gently


“Stay out of this Marie”I shunned her.


Immediately, Ted, Elena and Tyler walked in..


“What are you doing in my house??”I shouted at Ted..


“Dad!!”he paused


“Don’t call me that.. You’ve insulted me.. You have no right to be called a Koppel..


You’re a disgrace to this family.. The biggest mistake”I yelled angrily..


“It’s not the first time I’m hearing all that. I’m the outcast of the family, I know all this bullshit.. But I came because I need you to Stanley right now”he commanded rudely


And I slapped him angrily.


“NAND!!!”my wife shouted


“Stay out of this Marie”I shouted back at her..


“You’re rude, mannerless and you don’t have regard for relationship” “I do have regard..” he protested


“What regard??? Then tell me where is Eliska??”I shouted.


And he looked stunned


“You hurt her alot.. You’re selfish son.. That girl sacrificed so much for you.. We abandoned you but she accepted you.. I failed to be a good father to you but she filled that space.. I abandoned you in the rehab center.. I cut all your communication but she fought hard.. she searched for you.. She became everything to you but you lashed out on her because she fell in love with your own brother..”I paused as my breathing became uneven


“NAND!!!”my wife whispered holding me but I pushed her off me..


“Is your hatred for your brother more important to you than your best friend?? She made you who you are today keep that in mind”


“I know.. But I can’t forget the fact that she chose Stanley over us”Ted shouted “No son!! You chose your hatred instead of her happiness”I sat down as I let out a deep breath


“I’m ashamed to be called your father”I muttered loud enough for him to hear me.. “I’m more ashamed to be called your son” he fired back and I storm out of my chair to slap him but my wife held me as she sob quietly..


“You should be ashamed of yourself” a familiar voice shouted


I smiled as I saw her figure..


She looks pale..


“Apologize now” she ordered looking furious..


But Ted stood arrogantly staring at me..


“Teddy???” she paused and everyone tensed up at the high pitch she called him


“I swear, if I count Three, you haven’t apologize to Nand, I won’t be responsible for


my actions” she threatened


And I smiled..


“I’m sorry Nand!!”I heard Ted whispered


“What???”I pretended not to hear him..


“I’m very sorry for my behavior Nand..”he spoke up a little louder.. “It’s okay”


“Lisy!! What brings you here??” Stanley asked..


“I came to check up on Nand, heard he was ill.. Surprisingly, I came at the appointed time”


“I’m better my dear.. It’s very nice of you to check up on me”


“Don’t sound like that, You’ve always been more of a father figure to me Nand..


And!!”she paused…


“What child???”I asked..


“I also wanted to apologize for the crisis in your family because of me.. I’ve taken advantage of your trust and I’m deeply sorry for spiking your son’s against each other.. I’m duely responsible for everything about that”she knelt down


“I’m sorry Nand..”she pleaded and I squat beside her holding her tightly.. “You’re not responsible for anything.. It’s fate.. It was bound to happen” “What do you mean by that dad”Stanley asked



“Have always known you guys had a thing.. I asked Stanley but he denied it but deep down my heart I knew you guys were bound to fall in love with each other.”my wife explained


“The feelings have always been there ever since you guys were kids.. Todd knew”my wife added


“My dad knew!!”she exclaimed as she dragged her feet to sit down..


“How???”Elena spoke looking baffled..


“I was pregnant with Elena at that time, when I overheard Todd’s conversation with Nand”my wife confessed


“I had no idea you eardropped on us Marie”I spoke up..


“That’s because your gaze was solemnly fixed on the kids”she replied smiling..


“What did my dad tell you about us???”Eliska eagerly asked..


Everyone slowly sat down waiting eagerly for me to speak up.. I cleared my throat and said..


“Look over there Nand.. Your boys and my little girl”I mimicked Todd’s voice as


tears falls down my eyes as the memory of that day flood into my mind


“They’re playing Todd.. I replied him but I paused as I focused my attention closer


on you guys.. Eliska was riding Tyler’s baby bicycle when you hit a stone, you


summersaulted with the bicycle, Stanley and Ted ran to your aid.. They both


prevented you from falling hard on the floor.. You fell on Stanley’s body while Ted


burst into tears removing your helmet”I paused..


“I wanted to rush to check on you but I stopped when I heard Ted crying instead of you.. I was baffled”my wife interrupted


“Funny enough, You were the one consoling Ted”I said to Eliska as she smiled..


But Ted looked tensed..


“Stanley held you tightly as he watched the way you were consoling Ted, and Todd whispered to me and said Stanley is jealous, he wished Eliska was holding him back”


“I wanted to rip Ted off her so badly but I convinced myself to be contented with just holding her.. I envied Ted so much”Stanley chipped in..


“Suddenly, Tyler burst into laughter.. Ted seized crying.. Stanley and Ted both attacked Tyler angrily.. You tried to separate them they did not burge, so you began crying, they ran to you and you also bursted into laughter.. Then I said to Todd.. Both of my boys cares alot about you”I paused


“In a different manner, he said to me.. And I asked how??”I chuckled before mimicking Todd’s voice again



“Ted consider himself to be my Eli’s twin.. He will always protect her and fight tooth and nail for her happiness until his last drop of blood just the way Eli will fight for him but Stanley’s love is more than mere friends, like a man who found a priceless jewel..”


“This is bullshit”Ted shouted


“Dad said similar things to me, I thought It was my imagination but I was wrong.. I felt him, he was by my side in a peaceful place..”Eliska said


“How did my Todd look like in the after life???” Racquelita asked walking in on us with tears in her eyes..




I was shocked to see Mom here…


She sat beside me eager to hear of dad


“He was beautiful, I thought he was an angel who came to take me to heaven but he was my dad”I spoke up as few Happy tears dropped from my eyes “What did my Todd say to you???”mom asked anxiously..


“First, he called me his Jewel and asked me to come to him.. He said to me, you’ve wander for long Eli, you’re not meant to be here now”I paused


“I told him I knew.. That I’m happy .. I begged him to Take me home with him where I belonged but he refused”


“He said to me ‘You don’t belong here with me.. Your family is waiting patiently for you.. Go home to them’ he requested but I declined him.. He said ‘My stubborn tigresss.. There’s a lot of unfinished battle. You have to carry your cross and succeed not hide here like a coward and I challenged him I told him I’m no coward.. That I’m an El Toro, we fight till the end.. And my end has unfortunately come”I paused wiping off the tears from my mom’s eyes.


“Dad said, ‘Your end is far from you child, your mom has been calling out for you.. Why do you ignore her???”


“He heard me”mom stated happily


“He did, he knew you were sad and ill.. He also knew that you needed me”


“I told him I was tired and in pain.. I also complained because I felt like someone was choking me”I took a deep breath..


“He said It happens at times.. Perhaps someone dear to me almost died. The person must have wanted to die to be with me”



“He asked me if I heard the person’s name or voice in my mind?? But I got lost in my thoughts and didn’t give him a reply


I rather tried to dismiss the topic but he said ‘He loves you child..He wanted to die to be here with you..’ I was surprised… I asked if he knew him??”I paused holding gaze with Ted I spoke up


“He said that he had always known him ever since he was a little boy, that he had a thing for you..’ He called his name.. i was surprised when he said that Stanley was a nice young man… I asked him if he saw him here” Ted eyes began to soften but I know he was still angry..


“Dad said he sent Stanley back but he may not recognized me.. He convinced Stan that i went back to earth and he ran back happily”Ted tore his gaze away from my mine but I continued to stare intensively at him


“I told Dad that Stanley hated me alot. That I was sure Ted asked him to find me”immediately Ted looked at me.. His eyes filled with tears.. He’s holding back… And I tore my gaze away from him staring back at my mom


“Dad led me back.. He loves us alot Rocky”I said and she hugged me..


“Ted!! Can’t you forgive us”Stanley surprisingly asked..


I met Ted gaze once again.. I saw him debating with himself.. I stood up, walking


towards him holding gaze with him….


I squat beside him..


I cupped his cheek..


I know these past few days were hell for him.. I know he’s also suffering alot.. “I won’t choose any man over you Ted..”I found myself assuring him


“I love you alot.. I don’t like seeing you in pain or in anger zone ever again.. I want my Teddy bear.. I missed my Teddy bear, my bestie, please bring him back.. Tell him that I’m sorry for betraying his love for me.. Tell him that I want him back and he should consider my happiness at heart just like he has always been doing”I murmured as we sob together


“I’m here Lily” he whispered to me cupping my face, as he used his thumb to clean my face


“I’m so sorry!!!”he said and I hugged him tightly..


He struggled, as he pulled away from me, he paced around like he was searching for something


“What are you looking for Ted??”I asked


“My Lily’s smile” he said and we burst into laughter I’m so happy, I’ve found my Teddy bear




(Eliska’s uncle’s wife)


“I hope you have something important to say to me??” Benedicta asked me “You sound as if I carry irrelevant gossip around Benedict”I said to her “Go ahead Livia”she requested


“How is working under Eliska like???”I asked


“Less stressful, she don’t over labour me like my ex- boss”she stupidly replied “That’s because she’s trying to toss you around”I lied “What do you mean??”


“She’s gonna replace you very soon.. She will complain about how lazy you are as a secretary”I said


“I’m just the landlord’s secretary.. She seems satisfied with my work”


“Eliska is a devious bitch.. she’s my husband’s neice but look how she over thrown him and framed him up” I tried to convince her “Really??? She thought..”


“I know”I interrupted her..


“That’s Eliska’s trap.. We fell into her trap.. just like you are about to fall in her


trap”I added poisoning her mind…


“How can I stop her??”she smartly asked


“You can’t”I said




“But I can help you.. in return you have to raise a petition against her”


“I can only request a petition, when I’m suspicious of any misconduct”


“There is a misconduct. She claimed my husband land that have always belonged to him.. She sent his family to the street.. How can The boss of this land render her uncle’s family homeless??”I instigated her


“If the council members hear of this outrageous misconduct, she will instantly be removed from her position”she added


“All you need to do is submit a petition, requesting for an investigation”I told her “The Queen is done for..”she said and I smiled within me.. Never underestimate me Eliska..


Your powers has come to an end!!!


Β© Winner Godwin and


Grace Aghedo


August 2019


All rights reserved





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