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“That’s Eliska’s trap.. We fell into her trap.. just like you are about to fall into her trap”I added poisoning her mind…


“How can I stop her??” she smartly asked


“You can’t”I said




“But I can help you.. in return you have to raise a petition against her”


“I can only request a petition, when I’m suspicious of any misconduct”


“There is a misconduct. She claimed my husband land that have always belonged to him.. She sent his family to the street.. How can the boss of this land render her uncle’s family homeless??” I instigated her


“If the council members hear of this outrageous misconduct, she will instantly be removed from her position”she added


“All you need to do is submit a petition, requesting for an investigation”I told her “The Queen is done for..”she said and I smiled within me.. Never underestimate me Eliska..


Your powers and reign has come to an end!!!




As I stepped out of the elevator, I saw Benedict pacing nervously..


“Good morning Miss El Toro”she greeted but from the tune of her voice I could tell, something was wrong


I pretended not to notice as i sat down on the couch opposite her .


“Morning Benedict, it’s very unusual for you to visit me so early in the morning.. I did not call for any meeting”


“I came because something urgent came up”she said and I gestured for her to sit down


“Your aunt paid me a visit” she said


“My aunt.. Aunt Mariana???”I said in disbelief “No.. I meant to say your uncle’s wife” “Livia!!!”I interrupted her..


“Yes..”she replied she breathed out..


Livia must have attempted to poisoned her mind against me.. Benedict may be here because she doesn’t believe Livia or as part of her plan..


“But how does her visit relate to me???” I asked sounding paranoid “She tried to fool me to submit an appeal against you, accusing you for misconduct”


“I’m not surprised she did. Actually, I’m amazed she’s becoming smart now.. I’ve been wondering why she hasn’t revenged on me..”I said sincerely “I’m glad for your loyalty towards me..”


“I’ve pledge my loyalty to you ever since I got to understand the kind if leader you are.. But I told you because I want you to be cautious and careful..”


“I’m gateful Benedict.. But I need a favor from you” I requested “Anything boss”she said happily


“I want you to write an appeal against me, accuse me for misconduct and beg the council to revisit these issues”I requested “Boss.. That’s dangerous”she objected


“It won’t be.. Clear conscience fears no accusations.. I want to tame my aunt with her own game..


She wants to dig a pit for me to fall into but I’ll lead her to that pit and she will


foolishly fall inside the pit”


“But boss..”


“Please do it” I urged her and she relunctanly agreed…


“Thank you, Benedict”


“It’s my pleasure to be of help to you boss”she said and I embraced her warmly..




“Eliska” Finn called out


“In the garden”I shouted drowning my vodka gently..


“Holy f**k”Stanley cursed. I turned. I thought I heard Finn’s voice and then I saw two of them…


“Hey love”I waved at him as he kissed me softly.


“Why are you drinking all by yourself??”Finn asked sitting opposite me


“Ted is not a good drinker and I’m in a great mood for alcohol”I answered resting my hand on Stanley’s lap..


“Lisy!!! What’s wrong??”Stan asked


“Mixed emotions baby”I replied..


“I’ll go check up on Ted..”Finn excused himself and I waved at him..


“Honey talk to me”Stan urged me…


“I’m sad because I’m gonna take another family member down.. My plans will also affect my entire family who are against me. I’m sad for their downfall”


“It’s okay to be sad.. But it’s not your fault, they are just reaping the fruit of their labor”


“Drink with me”I requested


“I don’t drink to sadness bae”


“I’m not sad anymore.. This is the last bottle, and I wish to share with you in love and happiness”


“To love and happiness”I stated as I drank a shot.


“Gosh!!! How many have you had today”he asked and I chuckled “I lost count sweetie..”


“I’m glad you don’t get drunk”he added smiling at me


“I’ve imagined how my reaction would be when I’m drunk.. it’ll be hilarious and I’ll definitely look pathetic”


“I look s£xily hot when I’m drunk”Ted said and Danny scoffed “Where is Finn??”I asked curiously


“He left urgently to see his dad”Daniel replied


I nodded and strangely I had this strong unsettling pain in my heart.. Maybe I’m reacting to the alcohol


“What’s wrong??”Stanley asked holding me tightly


“I feel uneasy..”I answered rubbing my chest profoundly. “You’ve had too much alcohol in your empty system”Ted said


“I don’t think so.. I’ve had much alcohol than this but I’m feeling uneasy and sad”I stated


“You were sad before I came here”Stanley pointed out.


“You won’t understand, but I know something is wrong somewhere or something


bad is about to happen”I explained..


My phone suddenly began to ring


“Hello”I said


“Eliska meet me at my mansion.. it’s urgent”Finn panicked as he hanged up before I get to question him further


“Let’s head to Finn’s mansion”I blurted out.


My phone rang again as I answered it without looking at the caller’s ID.. “Cousin, Sarah was abducted”Ema cried “Where are you??!”I asked in panic


“Outside Ted’s Galaxy”she said and I disconnected the call..



“That was Ema, Sarah was abducted.. Ted, you and Danny should lead the case, it happened at your Galaxy.. Go with enough men, search for any evidence.. Stan and I will head to Finn’s house”I said and they hurried off..


I should have gone with them, they both need someone to console them.. “You can’t share yourself bae”Stan said as if he was reading my mind “They may act irrational now..”I pointed out


“Let’s head over to Finn’s house, we’ll catch up with them afterwards”Stanley suggested and I agreed relunctanly..




Finn’s house was unusually quiet, the gate was opened..


I nervously walked inside the house..


His parlour was damaged, broken pieces littered around..


My eyes caught a glimpse of blood trial and I followed the trail as I tread curiously towards direction of the blood mark..


“The blood ends here”Stanley stated and I nodded my head in agreement..


“Finn must be around here”I spoke up as we searched diligently for Finn..


“He’s over there”Stanley shouted pointing at a very large wardrobe..


“Finn!!!”I called out placing his head on my shoulder..


He coughed out blood as he stare at me in tears..


“We need to get you to the hospital”I panicked


“Take this!!!”he handed over a bloody envelope to me..


“I’ve called the ambulance”Stanley spoke up rushing towards us..


“How did this happen???”I asked Finn and he coughed heavily


“Their skills were professional.. But I’m sure they came for that disk and some documents”Finn explained faintly


“Stay awake Finn.. Don’t close your eyes, keep them lock with mine”I requested in tears..


“My eyes are very heavy.. I can’t hold up anymore”Finn coughed “Don’t say such a thing.. Keep them open”Stan urged him..


“Always remember that I love you Eliska.. I’m glad you have Stan.. He’s a great guy, he had always had a crush on you”Finn said and I gasped in shock.. Stanley has always had a crush on me!!!


“Preserve your strength..”I urged him and he coughed heavily again calling my name..


“Finn!! Finn!!!”I panicked as his coughing became severe..


“Damn you man”Stanley cursed massaging Finn’s chest…


“Where is the damn ambulance??”I shouted…


“Don’t ever hurt her Stanley”Finn said as tears flows from his eyes..


“Freak don’t close your f**king eyes”I shouted in tears.. And he smiled at me weakly


“It’s feels so good to hear you call me freak. Say it once again”he requested.


“Freak!!!”I muttered..


“Ahhhhhhh!!!! I’m very tired my queen…”he began to cough again as I heard the siren of the ambulance..


“The ambulance is here Finn, hold on a little longer”I urged him and he smiled


“I love you Eliska El Toro”he breathed out as his body suddenly became like a


limp and stiff..


“Finn???”I whispered


“Finn bro”Stanley shook him but no response “Finnnnnn”I yelled as I cried out…


“Open your God damn eyes freak..”I yelled as I cried louder..


How can he leave me like this..


I hate forever good byes..


“Finnnnnn!!!!”I screamed with all my strength…




“Untie me you bastards”I shouted as I struggled with tied hand..


“Remove this goddamn blindfold”I shouted again but no one answered me..


‘Sister where are you??


Please save me..


Ted baby, I need you..’i sob helplessly..


I heard footsteps approaching me as I tried to calm my nerves..


“Sarah!! Sarah!! Sarah!!!”an unfamiliar voice called out mockingly..


“Who are you??? What do you want from me?? How did you know my name??”I bombat him with question.


“That is not the right questions you should be asking now, dear Sarah!!”he replied “Please let me go”I sob..


“That’s a request Sarah.. I’m in no position to Grant you such a request”he replied and his hand grabbed my hair pulling me close to him.. As his hot breath fan my face..


His cologne smells familiar..


“Ask the right question”he ordered and I panicked within me “I.. I..”I stammered


“Ask!!!”he commanded and I shivered at the authority of his voice..


His voice suddenly sound familiar..


Where have I heard this voice???


“Alright!!! I’ll help you out, since you’ve lost your voice”he said letting go of my hair..


“You should be asking.. How do I die??”he said grabbing my neck as fear grib my heart.. I let my tears freely flow down from my eyes.. “Please don’t hurt me”I pleaded crying out loud..


“You used to be so confident in your self, Why are you fidgeting???”he asked mockingly as I helplessly cry out for my unknown fate ahead.. “Don’t kill me!!!”I sob out..


And he let go of my neck as he began to laugh at me while I cried out helplessly.. “You won’t die now, it’s gonna be slow and painful.. save your strength left for the journey ahead Sarah!!”


‘sarah!!’ a familiar intonation of my name rings loudly on my mind..


“Take her away, starve and locked her up in the cold room for three days, if she makes it out alive, then take her to the dungeon and wait for my next instructions”he ordered his men as I pleaded with him but to no avail.. I was dragged like some street dirty dog and thrown into a freaking cold room..


The only good thing was that the blind fold was removed and I wasn’t confiscated to anything…


I sat down shivering waiting to freeze to death…


I hope sister finds me soon..


Even if it’s my corpse….






Finn’s body was moved to the mortuary.. His father vowed to only bury Finn after eliminating those responsible for his death.. Finn’s death has greatly affected Lisy’s health..


Though she’s still searching for Sarah’s whereabout..


We’ve made several contact to many talented hackers to search for Sarah’s whereabout…


Ted and Daniel have practically gone crazy looking for Sarah..


The whole of California has been in great choas after this tragedy befall on us.. I’ve been feeling very sad since morning.. I feel like crying but I don’t know why I wanna cry…


I feel sick and weak..


“Stanley”Ted spoke up sitting next to me..


“Yeah Ted”I cleared my croaked voice..


“I’m sincerely grateful for your support these past few days.. You’ve proved your love towards me in a way that left me baffled and guilty..”he paused


“You’re my baby brother Ted.. it was the least I could do for you.. I swear I want to find Sarah so eagerly to put an end to this torture…”I spoke up


“I know!! I want to find her too.. I miss her alot.. I don’t know if she’s still alive and her safety has render me helpless and weak brother”his voice fails him as he sobs…


“Shhhh!!! You shouldn’t give up.. We’re gonna find her very soon Ted”I consoled him…


“I hope so.. Lisy fears have slowly began to happen, I’m also feeling very scared” I confessed as my heart throbbing increased… “What are you talking about???”Ted asked ..


“Lisy.. Felt this strange auro that same day Sarah was kidnapped, the same day that Finn died.. I’m also feeling very sad brother which is very unusual for me..”I confessed


“Maybe something bad is about to happen again”Ted said


“I don’t know but The urge to cry has increased…”I panicked as I drowned my tequila with my shivering hands..


“Stanley”Daniel shouted as the glass slipped from my hand and shattered into pieces..


“Are you okay??”Ted asked looking very concerned..


“I don’t know!!!!”I whispered…


As we heard loud scream from outside…


We ran outside…


We found a black bag used to cover dead body…


Ooohhh God…


I panicked as Ted stepped forward to unzip the bag pack “Sarah!!!!”Ted shouted as he wrapped his hands around her face.. She looked like ice..


“She’s breathing!!!!”he shouted..


“She’s alive!!!”Danny shouted as he shouted for someone to get the CRA keys..


I quickly called Aunt Sheila to inform her that we’ve found Sarah..


I tried to call Lisy but it went straight to voicemail, so I left a voice note for her


I sat quietly in the waiting area as I began to shiver again…


“How is she???”Rocky asked as she rushed in..


“No news”Aunt Sheila cried as Rocky hugged her tightly..


“Rocky, where is Lisy???”I voiced out


“She left an hour ago, she got a phonecall and told me she’s heading home… I was about to ask you about her whereabout”Rocky answered and fear gribbed my heart..


“She wasn’t home all day”Danny answered…


“Did she leave alone???”I asked


“She left with Jasper and one other guard”Rocky answered and I quickly dailed Jasper’s number…


It ranged but nobody answered it..


I tried it over and over again but yielded no result..


“Ooohhh my God Stan”my mom shouted as she embraced me crying “Mom Sarah is still alive”I said feeling irritated.. She should be embracing Ted and not me..




She’s hugging me!!!!


That means…..


“Lisy!!!”I voiced out…


I ran towards the receptionist table as I heard footsteps after me but I ignored them..


“I’m sorry sir”Nurse Tara tapped my shoulder but I looked at her confused..


As I lift up my head and stare at the Television myself….


I saw two dead bodies being carried away as the reporter said


“Miss Eliska El Toro’s body was not found at the crime scene but her phone and other valuable items were spotted at the scene but an alarming note was left behind which proved that this was a brutal abduction.. The Queen of Gold city’s disappearance is still a mistery to us all. .. I’m Anna Campbell reaching from NCTV.. We’ll bring further detailed information after thorough investigation by the DIS..


© Winner Godwin and


Grace Aghedo


August 2019


All rights reserved

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