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“Fuck”he groaned as he fist on my br**st again.. distracting me from the pain.. “Move please”I moaned and he slowly thrust keeping a slow pace his mouth devouring my br**st…


The pain slowly turning into pleasure as tears flow from my eyes…


He’s not f**king me, he’s expressing his feelings as he takes me slowly.. He’s making love to me..


I moaned louder, not giving a damn if anyone will hear me..


No one will know I’m the one since they all know he’s a s£x god


“Stanley”I moaned out as I finally cum and he increased his pace as he tightened his grib on me releasing my br**st from his torturous mouth..


“Lisy!!!”he moaned as his hot liquid spilled inside me.. “Stanley!!!”a familiar voice called out as he stiffened inside me “Finn!”we breathed out…




What is he doing here..???


“Hey!! Finn”Daniel calls out and i relaxed..


“I didn’t know you were back”Daniel stated..


“I just came in, I wanted to surprise Eliska”Finn answered..


Like hell, he truly surprised me.


“I did not see her in her office so I decided to check up on Stan.. He’s car was also parked outside”Finn said


“Ooohhh.. Stanley forgot a file at home so he rushed back home and an emergency board meeting came up so she went with Sarah to the office”Danny lied and I let out a deep breath.. While Stanley’s d**k charged inside me.. “Ooohhh!!! I’ll head home then, see ya later”Finn said


Daniel must know I’m here for him to come to my aid at the right time.. “My lips are sealed”I heard him say as his walking step fade away “How can you be hard when we almost got caught”I spoke up..


“My d**k can’t hold back especially when he’s stuck inside.. he needs to thrust again”he kissed me


I should be worried but I’m turned on



“Then thrust Stan”I urged him and he pulled out and slammed inside again and I moaned out louder…


“Stan”I groaned as his thrust became faster and sloppier… He was literally f**king me… I couldn’t contain the pleasure as I began to moan louder.. He began to thrust faster and deeper as if my moans triggered the beast inside me.. Our sweating bodies slamming together in harmony as he drove in and out of me and we both came together…


I laid flat on his desk like a limp and he sat down beside his desk as our heavy breathing slowly calmed down…


“This is the second time I came inside you, aren’t worried???”he asked and I smiled as I climbed off the desk and sat beside him… “No”I responded


“You must be on pills then???”


“Nope!!!”I answered and he stared at me in awe.. His eyes questioning my sincerity..


“I’ve never gone without a condom before”he stated surprisingly…


Is he scared of being with me???


“I’m not worried if you’re clean because I Know you’re not reckless”I stated


And he let out a deep breath…


“What do we do now???”he asked


“Are you asking me what we are going to do if I ended being pregnant???”I questioned him back…


“I’ll be the most happiest man if you carry my seed”he answered and I smiled within me…


“I’m only asking about our relationship, I can’t go back to being a player after taking your virginity and I can’t suddenly stop being a player it will raise alot of questions”he explained himself


“What do we do now???”I asked him back his own question which he initially asked me..


“I don’t know… It’s complicated now.. You’re with Finn and my brother will hate me if he finds out and I can’t turn by back and pretend nothing happened between us.. I can’t… The only thing I’ll promise you is that I will stay committed to you if you stay committed to me”he stated wrapping his hand around me as I sit on his lap.


“Can you bear to watch me making out with Finn???”I asked curiously


“I can’t say for sure but I’m an expert at hiding my feelings.. if you make out with Finn then I’ll make out with one of my flings for the day”



“This is complicated… I want you all to myself but let’s try this out for now.. How long can we withhold this secret??”I asked


“As long as we can without getting caught or raising suspicion”he answered “Speaking of suspicion, I wonder how Danny got to know that I was in your office”


“He probably saw your car and maybe overheard us.. He knows I’ve always loved you, I confined in him a week ago”


“But I overheard you saying you don’t love me and your feelings for me had expired”I pointed out


“I saw you there, that’s why I said all those hurtful things and I was also trying to convince myself”


“These past few days have been hell for me especially hearing you talk about your recent bitch for the day..”I added


“Ever since you walked out of that hospital door in tears, my hell started”


“I never knew you saw me in tears”


“I followed you and Danny.. it broke my heart seeing you cry so hard that day.. the memory of that day haunted me for weeks”


“You were never meant to witness that moment am not happy you did” “I’m sorry”he said holding me tightly like I was gonna disappear


“I have to get dressed and leave here before the workers resume work”I spoke up as I stood up hastenly… Ooohhh gosh…


My gown is stained with blood I can’t wear it out..


“You need a new dress”Stanley stated after observing my dress…


I quickly dailed Ted’s number


“Why are you calling him of all people”Stanley grumbled and I place my finger on his lips to silence him


“Hey Lily flower.. missing me already??”Ted asked teasingly


“Of course I always do.. I need your help, I thought my period was over since I did not bleed much last but it started again and my dress is stained”I lied


“Ooohhh dear… I’ll send someone to bring a dress to you… Hold on”he paused “Sarah thank goodness you came.. I need you deliver something off to her”Ted said to her


“Ooohhh that’s why I came here… She had to rush out of the office before I got a chance to see her.. I thought she was sick”Sarah spoke up and I let out a deep breath ..


“Lily love, hang on Sarah will be there in a short while”Ted said and hung up..



“Daniel had already informed Sarah… I wonder what he must think of me now… I hope he’s not too disgusted to look at me in the eye”I whispered…


“No dear… He loves and adore you” Stanley reassure me but I’m not solely convinced at all..


“I will manage this dress like this to my office, we will talk later”I said as I kissed him briefly…


I dressed up and sneaked out to my office using my private elevator.. A slight knock on my door was heard “Come in”


“Sister”Daniel muttered…


“I’m sorry”I blurted out.. but I don’t even know the reason why I am apologizing “I’m glad you finally reconciled with him.. I’ve grown to love him.. I know for a fact that he’ll keep you happy”he surprisingly spoke up and I gasped staring at him dumbfoundedly


“How did you know I was there???”I asked


“I usually come early, so I was surprised to see your car, I rushed in to greet you when I overheard you guys arguing so instead of earsdropping I went upstairs.. I waited for a while but I curiously came back and I heard you moaning, too embarrassed to intrude such sacred moment I rushed upstairs that’s when I spotted Finn’s car but I got lucky I was able to stop him”Danny explained “And Sarah, is she aware???”I asked


“No.. I only called that we came to visit her but something happened we had to rushed back to the mine..”Danny replied “Thanks alot.. I’m not proud of my carelessness”


“You followed your heart.. that’s all that matters most.. But”he paused


“But what???”I asked curiously


“No it’s nothing”


“Tell me Danny”I requested


“I’m just shocked that you were still a virgin.. I overheard it also”


“I was but not anymore”I confirmed


“He must be really special to you”he stated


“He is very special but our relationship has become complicated”


“I know.. We talk alot about it recently but I gat your back on any decision you take, I’ll stand by you”he pledge


“Thank you Danny”I said and he nodded his head before turning around to walk away but halted



“I envy you alot.. You value all relationship and go contrary to your feelings.. You have a big heart but I hope someday you’ll fight for yourself and for your happiness”he spoke up and walked away…


“I hope I have the courage.. If I do that I’m creating War between two brothers and between two best friends… How can I predict the outcome of the war?? I wished to save them all but I fell in love with the forbidden one”I murmured to myself as tears flows down my eyes…










I swinged my bottle drowning my tequila happily.. laughing at Daniel’s sluggish attitude and his facial expression after tasting alcohol… His face was priceless…


Finn and Eliska walked in hand in hand and my laughter seized…


She’s damn too s£xy and hot in that handless black short gown she wore..


“Lisy, will be the death of me man”I whispered to Daniel and he chuckled hitting me jokingly..


“Hey Stan”Finn hugged me and I flashed him a false smile “Good to see you bro”I responded trying to avoid looking at lisy


“You look great boss”I finally recognize her presence as they sat next to us “You don’t have to be too uptight and professional with me here…”she said as I noticed her gaze on me but I refused to look up at her…


“Ooohhh!!! Little Danny is taking alcohol.. How many shot have you taken” Lisy asked Danny teasingly


“Just one sis.. it takes awful”Daniel said showing how disgusted his drink taste and lisy laughed at him as she order for drinks


“You have been too busy these days”I recognized that voice but her name I can’t recall..


“Ooohhh little doll, glad to see you”I said tugging her to sit down on my lap and she smiled


“No introductions???”Lisy questioned


I don’t remember her name how will I introduce her


“This is Finn Thomas my best friend, Daniel my partner and our beautiful lady here is my boss.. Miss Eliska El Toro… And this is my pretty doll”



“Nice to meet you all.. I’m Claudia”pretty doll shook hands with them one after the other…


My gaze finally meet with Eliska and her expression is not good…


Our drinks arrived as we served ourselves….




“How did you meet each other??”Eliska surprisingly asked


“I was actually lacking in my s£x life, so I went to a club off the shore to have fun, when I heard of Stanley the king of pleasure… Eager to meet him, I made sure he noticed me and that’s how we met each other”Claudia explained and Daniel hit me under the table with his leg…


“I never knew you were into Dom and subs..” Finn questioned


“I’m a ladies man, they wanted a volunteer to try something new and you no I can’t deny my d**k the pleasure of s£xy cunt”I replied him earning a grunt from Danny “Ooohhh, the best part was when he had s£x with me and my friend at the same time… He wrecked us.. My friend was limping after he was through with her, I’m lucky I have good stamina”Claudia exposed me and I closed my eyes trying to remember that day but my memory is faint… “One man wrecked two girls???”Finn questioned


“I have great stamina, it was fun”I defended but it wasn’t fun at all… I was venting all my fustration into the s£x that day..


“Ooohhh!!! Claudia how is being a sub like for you” Eliska asked her gaze fixed on Claudia authoritatively


“It was much fun with Stanley, he’s not a sadist and certainly not into most kint most Dom used this day”Claudia replied her


“My stomach is upset hearing all about these things”Daniel spoke saving me from Eliska’s further questions


She emptied her bottle, she looked furious, she whispered something to Finn and he cupped her face and kissed her…


I bent my head as anger consumed me… She’s angry at me, that’s the reason she’s making out in front of me like that…


“No PDA allowed here sis”Daniel spoke up rescuing me from Eliska’s torture… “I’ll head out now, nice to meet you all”Claudia spoke up and pecked me before she excused herself…


“I’ll head out now”I spoke up as I signaled Danny to help me distract Finn so that I can have a private conversation with Lisy..


I waited for a while close to the female restroom…


I texted Daniel again to tell Eliska to meet me here…


I paced around and finally gave up..


I turned around to walk out but halted as I see Lisy…


She looked furious…


The restroom suddenly became too crowded, I dragged her out of the club as we walked in haste… I released my grib on her as we came to a secluded dark place… “Let me explain”I requested


“Explain??? You’ve lost that right.. So do you handcuff your subs or wipe them . What exactly are you like in Dom mood??”she shouted


“I don’t do kint.. I don’t even use handcuff but I do tie them up to restrain them, all I did as a Dom was to vent my anger into pleasure.. It was basically pure s£x devoid of any emotions”I shouted back at her


“How do you expect me to believe you.. You had two girls at a time and I can only imagine how you wrecked them that made her limp.. What kind of a Dom are you???”she asked again


“I was a Dom with no emotions.. i turned my anger to my strength… I did what I felt was right at that time.. I lost you to Finn.. it was slowly eating me up, s£x was my break through… It was the only way I was able to vent my anger and fustration”I explained raising my voice at her


“Stanley the king of s£x… You have a great legacy you know.. Once a player always a player”she said and turned around to walk out on me… But I grabbed her roughly from behind as she struggles with me, damn she’s strong…


If I continue struggling with her I’ll loose.. I cupped her br**st and her stiffened.. I repeated the action again until she finally relaxed “I only love you”I whispered to her


“Are you going to make me one of your sub???”she asked


“Nah!!! You’re a hard nut to crack.. I only become a Dom to those I don’t love.. it was just casual s£x.. With you I’m no Dom, I’m your Stanley, only yours Lisy”I explained and she rested her head on my chest relaxing onto me…


Still holding her I unzipped her gown only to be graced with her complete nakedness…


“Shit!!!”I muttered in shock


“I was planning to come over your place to surprise you..”she whispered


“I love this surprise alot.. I won’t be able to wait till we get to my place.. I need you now”I stated


“And you’re too dressed for the occasion”she teased touching my d**k through my jeans…


I closed my eyes as the warmth of her hand drives me nuts..


“Take what you want”I ordered her and she unzipped my jeans.. Freeing my d**k


from my brief boxer wrapping her hands tightly on my d**k.


“Lisy!!!”I moaned as she swallowed my d**k in her hungry and wet mouth…


“Lisy please”I moaned but I don’t know the reason why I’m begging..


She increased her pace and I slowly thrust into her mouth with a slow and steady




“I’m gonna cum”I blurted out as I pulled away from her…


“I won’t last long.. I need to be inside you”I requested


“But I want you to come in my mouth”she complained


“I’ll do that but I need to be inside right now”I said and she rest her back on the


wall hidden away from the moon light opening her legs wide for me and I stepped


in between her while she wrapped her legs tightly on my hip…


I slammed into her, in one quick thrust earning a loud moan from her…


I thrust deeper into her slamming her into the wall as I take her deeper with each


thrust increasing my pace…


“I’m cuming” she shouted as she came on me…


I lifted one of her leg up changing the angle as I thrust deeper than I’ve ever done


before hitting every nook and crannies inside her and she yell louder…


“Bend down”I shouted immediately I pull out of her and she obeyed..


I placed my d**k in her mouth as I cum inside her mouth and she licked me clean..


using the opportunity to give me another blow job…




“You do have great recovery spirit”Eliska spoke up fully dressed as she stared at my already hard d**k..


“That I do… You’re the complete package Lisy, but little Stan needs another ride”I said and she laughed kissing me on my lips..


“Little Stan??? There’s nothing little about him.. We should call him incredible Stan”she suggested


“My car is not far from here.. I’m taking you in my bed and I’m gonna give you unimaginable pleasure tonight. You’ll be limping tommorow”I threatened her and she kissed me slowly caressing my d**k…


“It’s a challenge”she spoke up breaking the kiss


“I never loose in this kind of challenge lisy”I cautioned her as I led her towards my car..




I staggered to the bathroom.. my cunt is sore.. Memories of last night flood into my mind..


Stanley took the challenge seriously, he devoured me like a hungry lion devouring


his helpless prey. But it was worth it…


I came home around 3am this morning..


I turned on the shower as I washed myself clean..


Fully dressed, I heard a knock on my door…


I rushed to the door as I opened the door surprised to see Finn standing angrily before me.


Did he caught us yesterday???


“Sweetie”I pretended as I pecked him but he doesn’t respond “How the hell did you hide it from me???”he shouted and I gasped


“Why did you not tell me??? You know I hate being kept in the dark… How could you hide such important thing from me???”he shouted and I stood in shock staring at him like a statue…


Nemesis has caught up with me…


© Winner Godwin and


Grace Aghedo


August 2019


All rights reserved





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