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“I’ve had enough of you involving my father in such trivial issue that doesn’t relates to him”Arthur shouted back at me.. Standing to his feet…


I wonder why am always finding myself involving his father in everything I say to them. This is so unlike me… But I won’t back down..


“Arthur you of all people should be ashamed of yourself.. You’re the oldest child of your father his only heir.. You have nothing as inheritance and no have nothing to show as evidence of your work. You’re literally, an educated illiterate.. The worst kind of illiteracy we have in this world.. Your brain is only active in deriving such devious scheme like Killing Eliska in her death bed.. instead of praying for her to recover so that you can stand before her and fight like a real man”I yelled at him and he stared at me dumbfounded


“A real man would not even fight a woman..”My sister Lorreta brilliantly added “Thank dear… A real man should be able to uproot your family from Grass to Grace and let your money speak for you”I added…



“This is how God set confusion in the camp of the enemy”My brother Santiago said walking into our midst with a smile on his face. I hate him too…






“My jewel” a very familiar voice rings in my head…


I walked slowly towards the voice


“Have you finally come to pass judgement to me???”I asked stepping closer to the bright light…


“No child, I’ve come to guide you out of this place”he replied and I gasped in awe


standing before me is my father…


“Dad!!!”I whispered


“Eli, come to me”he urged me and I ran to embrace him happily.. I’ve been wandering alone like a lost puppy in this strange place but I’ve finally been found… “You’ve wander for long Eli, you’re not meant to be here now”he stated


“I know Dad.. I’m happy you found me.. Take me home with you that where I belong”I requested


“No child.. You don’t belong here with me.. Your family is waiting patiently for you.. Go home to them”he requested


“No dad… No one is waiting for me.. I’m at peace here.. I don’t belong there”I stated firmly…


“My stubborn tigresss.. There’s a lot of unfinished battle, you have to carry your cross and succeed not hide here like a coward”


“Dad.. You know I’m no coward.. I’m an El Toro, we fight till the end.. My end has unfortunately come”


“You end is far from you child, your mom has been calling out for you.. Why do you ignore her???”he asked


“Because, I can’t bear to see her sad face.. it breaks my heart”I replied “But she’s sad and ill, she needs you…”


“I know but I like it here, is it not possible for me to stay here with you.. I missed you alot”I said as I laid my head on his lap and he gently Patt my back…


“I’m tired dad.. My eyes are very heavy.. my arm hurts alot”I murmured as I groaned in pain


“I know, you need to rest”he suggested


“Something strange happened to me today… I felt like someone was choking me”I tried to explain my experience earlier today



“It happens at time.. Perhaps someone dear to you almost died. The person must have wanted to die to be with you”he replied and I raised my head.. “Really!!!!”I gasped


“Hmmmm… Did you hear the person’s name or voice in your mind??”he asked


I heard his voice, I’m sure he called out for me.. But I also heard another person’s voice saying Stanley was dying.. That means Stanley did not call out for me like I thought.. Maybe I just imagined all this things… “You looked confused” my dad pointed out


“I am but it’s nothing.. I do need rest”I responded flatly dismissing the topic “He loves you child.. He wanted to die to be here with you”my dad said surprisingly and I stare at him in awe..


“You know him… Did you see him here???”I asked curiously


“I’ve always known him ever since he was a little boy, he had a thing for you.. Stanley is a nice young man…”


“He is.. But dad did you see him here???”I asked again


“Yes!!! I sent him back but I’m not sure he recognized me.. I convinced him that you went back to earth and he ran back happily”


“Hmmmm… He hated me alot. I’m sure Ted asked him to find me”I stated and I rested my head on my father’s lap again


“Rest child.. Follow your heart, it will guide you to the right path and remember listen to the voice in your mind.. It’s the voice of your heart.. I love you Eliska”his voice began to vanish bit by bit as darkness over came me…


“Lily!!!” Ted whispered


“Teddy bear”I choked. As I tried to lift myself up


“She’s awake…”Ted shouted, as an alarming sound goes on and off..


Opening my eyes lazily, people on white filled stood before me and I closed my eyes back due to the brightness of the light


“This must be heaven..”I stated to myself closing back my eyes… But what was Ted doing here in heaven??? When did he die???? Where’s my dad??? “I’m here”my dad replied and I searched through darkness for him..


And I saw a small glimpse of light..


“I thought you left me alone”I stated


“You’re not alone.. Your family is with you.. I just came to bid you farewell.” “Dad!!!”I exclaimed as I began to sob..


“Bye for now Eli.. Till we meet again, but not so soon, I hope”he waved me and vanished…


I fell on my knees as I sob heavily…


The light suddenly faded off, leaving me in total darkness “Can you hear me???”a strange voice asked…


And I slowly open my eyes again… He’s dressed in white but he doesn’t look like an angel…


“I’m your doctor… Can you see me???”he asked and I nodded my head..


“How many fingers do you see???”he asked raising one finger…


“How did you become a doctor when you’re English vocabulary and knowledge is so poor???”I voiced out croakily and I heard someone chuckled


“It’s a finger not fingers”I answered as I groaned in pain and everyone burst into laughter


“Good… You have a speed recovering system.. I’m quite amazed.. I’ll give you something to subsidize your pain..”he stated and whispered something to the nurses and walked out


“Did I hurt his ego???”I murmured to myself


“You did and he deserves it”the nurse standing next to me answered


“I did not ask for your opinion..”I fired back at her in a low and harsh tune…


Why am I being so mean and impudent???


“Dad!!!”I whispered… As His words rang in my head loudly.. ’till we meet again’..


He left me..


“She’s okay… Her vitals are superb.. if I wasn’t an eyewitness I would never had agreed that she will make it out alive…”I heard the doctor explaining to someone outside


“What’s wrong doctor??”Ted asked


“It’s just a hunch but I’ll get back to you after I cross examine her”he replied What’s wrong with me????


“What’s wrong doctor???”Ted urged him to explain further


“I fear she may be having a disorder.. like anger or anxiety disorder”he replied


‘Is that the reason why I’m being rude unnecessary..??? But why am I so angry???’i asked myself…


I couldn’t hear what the doctor and Ted were discussing anymore.. All I could think of was my father.. And how much I missed that peaceful place… Could I be angry because he brought me back???




Maybe I’m angry because I feel guilty of Stanley’s death..


‘i’m no coward.. A true El Toro fight till the end’my response to my father suddenly ranged loudly in my head…


I can’t be angry because I’m back…


I shouldn’t be angry Stanley died, rather, I should be sad..


Why am I not crying?? I cry when I’m very sad but why can’t I weep for his


death…?? Why is my heart so filled with anger?? What is wrong with me???? This is not how I used to be. This is not my Normal self… What have I turned into???


What is striving my anger so much that my blood is boiling in rage???


Who am I????


What have I become??


“Lily!!!”Ted sad voice whispered in my mind and I slowly opened my eyes…


“Teddy bear”I whispered back even though we were the only ones inside…


“Thank you for fighting…”he kissed my forehead so gently but I felt a jolt of current in my heart so lightly…


The door swinged open as my mom, Daniel, Sarah, Nanny Sheila, Ema, Raissa, Santiago and Finn walked in…


My mom was already in tears before she walked in..


She plastered kisses on my face while her tears washed them off..


“Mom, if you continue you crying like this those sweet kisses will all wash away..”I muttered.


And she burst out in more tears..


By blood began to boil in anger..


I should be sad my mom is crying pitifully before but I’m furious…


“Nanny Sheila, please make her stop crying.. it’s infuriating me”I spoke up and aunt led my mom out of the room…


Finn stood next to the door as everyone embraced and greeted me one after the other…


They all left few minutes later, giving Finn and I a little privacy…


“Come closer”I urged him… Stretching my arms out for him..


“I’m scared”he whispered…


But he looks awfully s£xy… And annoying..


“Why???”I asked


“I feel guilty.. I’m scared I may hurt you knowingly or unknowingly again if I’m too close to you…” He stated


“You’re hurting me now.. This space between us is hurting me.. it’s infuriating me.. I want you skin-deep with me.. being close will not be enough to console me now” In a flash, he closed the space within us and hugged me. Before smashing his lips on mine.. Demandingly yet arousing.


I craved more…


I needed more but I can’t have more in my condition….




“Mom”I murmured opening my eyes slowly


“I’m right here dear… Your mama is here”She whispered as tears fall from her


lovely eyes staining her cheeks


“Mom.. I’m okay”


“I know you’ll be…”she answered


“Then, why are you still crying???”I asked in concern


“These are not tears of sorrow but tears of joy… You fought really hard.. You endured alot of pain for her”


“I did it for Ted.. She’s family”I stated


“That’s a minor reason Stan.. the major reason is that you love her”her statement shocked me… But I remained calmed..


“Mom, you’re misunderstanding everything, lisy is just like my little sister”I tried to convince her but she interrupted me saying


“But you love her.. You have always loved her.. You can’t hide your feelings for long son”


“Ooohhh dear Mom.. how can I convince you that your theory is wrong.. I’m a player mom, you know that”


“I know”she breathed out looking confused…


“A cunning player like me won’t give up this exciting game to be tied down just to win a tigresss like Lisy… She will make live miserable for me.. I can’t live as her shadow”i tried convince her but it feels like I’m convincing myself too “I know son but someday a lucky girl will capture your heart”


“I pray it happens soon.. But I like being a player it’s fun”


“I was wrong.. Maybe because I hoped it was Eliska”


“It can’t be her.. Ted will hate me and moreover she’s with Finn now”I stated


“You should rest now.. in the meantime I’ll go check up on Eliska she woke up half an hour ago… I’ll head home and prepare something nice for you to eat” “Thanks Mom” and she pecked my forhead and left..


I’m sorry for lieing mom, I love her alot but I’ve gat to move on.. There’s no hope for us at all…


There will never be us.


She loves Finn…



I promise myself not to love her again and I won’t.. I’ll go back to my mischievous character… I’ll live my old life.. once my wounds have fully heal.. I’ll trow a big party, have casual s£x.. live my life as a player.. it was much fun, it will be much greater fun…


Having random s£x maybe I’ll try being a Dom and give pleasure to those willing subs..


Someday, my heart will beat for another..


Nothing last forever..


Everything on this Earth has expiring date.. some people who have lucky patners,


some don’t have.. some fall in love with their patner before marriage while some


after marriage..




Some marriages fail, then you hear of divorce or Maybe the man will have several mistress and children out of wedlock, some men will turn into beast and start abusing and beating their wives, while some women will look for s£x outside her home because she feels too lonely and can’t endure the torture from her husband, some will love each other until one pass away.. All these idealogy is the expiration date..


Everything on this Earth has expiring date, from what we eat to what we wear and even our lives has expiring date…


My love for Lisy may also expire soon it may not be until we die it may be very very soon…


But a little part of me wished it’ll at least last until we die of old age together but fate is not on my side..










Grumbling to myself as I enter the elevator heading to the 1st floor for breakfast..


I couldn’t sleep early because of Stanley..


He has been acting strangely, he’s naughty and carefree around me, he talks about his latest bitch for the week.. I can’t believe he doesn’t love me again.. It hurts alot knowing his feelings for me had faded off..


I even asked Daniel whom seems to be closer to him now due to the fact that they work together, he confirmed that Stanley has truly stopped loving me..



I did not believe him until I heard him clearly last night when he blurted it out saying ‘how can you be surprised Danny, your sister’s feeling expired before mine, it’s natural for my feelings to fade off.. Moreover everything has expiring date…


Maybe my days off being a player will soon expire when the lucky girl walks into my life’


“Ahhhhhhh”I breathed out as the elevator halted and I walked out plastering a false smile on my face


“Morning Lily flower” Ted hugged me


“Aigo… My teddy bear, you’re looking great this morning”


“I got laid last night, she was f**king amazing”he answered happily


“Gosh!!! Don’t go into details please, your s£x life with my sister should be a secret between us”I said as I sat down on my dinning chair..


“Ooohhh come on, there shouldn’t be any secret between us remember.. I’ll go into details after we finish our meal” he stated and I rolled my eyes


“Morning Miss El Toro” veromeel my cook greated me as she brings our breakfast “Morning Vero.. hope you slept well??”I asked her


“Of course I did.. I hope you enjoy your meal”she said as the aroma of the spaghetti filled my nostril


“Of course Vero.. Your cooking skill is amazing, only mom can compete with you”I complemented her and she blushed… “Yummy!!!”Ted exclaimed as he devoured his food


“Eat slowly Ted”I cautioned him as I chewed my food slowly..


“Good Morning Miss El Toro” margarida and catarina greeted chorusly “Morning to you too”I replied


“Good morning Mr Koppel”they both greeted chorusly but I noticed that catarina was grumbling


“Morning princesses”he replied them waving at them before returning his focus to his food


“Good morning to you Miss El Toro and Mr Koppel” Kristine greeted “Morning dear” Ted and I answered chorusly “Is my mom awake??”I asked her


“I haven’t been to her room today” Kristine replied


“She hasn’t woken up miss El Toro”Vicente spoke up as she walked out of the




“Ooohhh thanks”


“Are you all through with your choirs???”I asked them “We are”they answered in Union



“Get something to get”I instructed them and they bowed and walked into the kitchen


“Veromeel”I called out for her


“Yes miss”she rushed to me


“Make sure you eat much, Ted is taking you for check up today”


“I’m grateful Miss”


“I don’t know why you refused to take few days off, I’m not gonna deduct it from your salary”


“I know Miss, but I have no family to go to, moreover I’m happy here”she replied “Someone should cook lunch today, I don’t like it when you over work yourself” “Thanks Miss but I can do it” she protested


“No arguments veromeel, just do as Lily instructed.. I’ll cook lunch today.. it’s been awhile since I last entered the kitchen”Ted spoke up


“I don’t want anyone do mishandle my kitchen”Veromeel grumbled and I laughed “Ted isn’t that terrible at cooking but ask Vicente to assist him”


“Okay Miss”she said and walked back to the kitchen “She cherish that kitchen Teddy bear”


“I know and you know I’m also good at cooking, you used to love my cooking until veromeel stole your heart”Ted complained


“I still love your cooking most especially the cookies you make”


“I’ll make some for you today since I’m home today”


“That’s good.. I’m off to the mine”I said as I stood up redressing my gown.. “You don’t go there so early in the morning” he pointed out


“It doesn’t make a difference, I have to review some documents.. I don’t wanna be stuck up with work”


“Ooohhh.. Have you spoken with Finn lately???”he asked curiously


“Yes I did.. He finally got his inheritance, now we can push through with our plans, he’s coming back tomorrow”


“Okay, have a great day”he said and I pecked him…




“Lisy!!!”Stanley calls my name slightly surprised “Good morning”I greeted


“Morning boss.. It’s very unusual for you to be here so early”he pointed out


“I know.. Please let’s talk in your office”I requested and he stood up and guided me to his office holding my waist


“Hope I’m safe??”he asked as he opened his office and I just hummed in response


“What do you want to talk about??”he asked as he urshed me a sit.


“Personal issues, hope you don’t mind”I asked


“You’re my boss, you shouldn’t be involved in my personal life”he stated but hearing those words from his mouth hurts alot and I don’t know why… ‘You should know’i told myself


“I’m not here as your boss.. I’m here as a friend”I stated


“I don’t remember we being friends, our relationship is strictly professional” “Spare me that rubbish Stan, you know exactly what I’m talking about” “Actually I don’t, why don’t you throw more light please??”he requested with an evil grin on his face


“I’m a little curious on your recent behavior, you’re slowly becoming a player it’s very unusual”


“I have always being a player, this is who I am what’s unusual about it??”he asked turning the tables around


“We had a thing before, I’m just surprised that you’ve become worst than you were before us”


“Are you jealous???”he asked raising his brow “Of course not”I replied


“Then you have no right to interfere with my personal life, how many girls I f**k a day and how I f**k around shouldn’t bother you.. Except you’re feeling very lonely since your beloved isn’t here… Ohhh!!! I get it now.. You’re horny and you can’t satisfy your needs, I’m here, I will f**k you harder than you’ve ever being f**ked” and I slapped him angrily..


He touched the spot where I slapped him and smirked at me evily.. Glaring at me intensively…


“Your anger justify alot Lisy, you do need to be f**ked especially after dressing so s£xually just to see me”he said and I lift my hand to slap him but he grabbed my hand turning me around as he drew me to his chest… His breathing fanning my ear “You know I’m right, I’m sure you couldn’t sleep last night just thinking about me that’s why you’re here to see me, in my office behind closed door.. Your pants should be really wet”he stated each words turning me on.. I dripping wet…


Thank goodness I wore no panties..


“All you need to do is ask.. I know you don’t love me but I’m a ladies man.. I’m good at satisfing your cravings”


I inhale a deep breath to hide my nervousness…



“I’m not here for casual s£x like some of your flings”I finally muster the courage to speak up..


“You are not a fling Lisy, I’m just here as your helper feel free to use me” “Everything has expiring date”I muttered his own words and his grib tightened around my waist


“You earsdropped on my conversation.. is that why you’re here??”he asked “Yes!!! I want to ask you in person face to face because a strong part of me is not fully convinced yet”


“All you need to do is ask.. Ask me what you’ve been deliberating on that’s making you restless”


“Have your feelings for me truly expired???”I asked and he stiffened “Yes”he replied letting out a deep breath and he released his grib on me…


I turned around facing him as I raised his chin up and our eyes interlocked


“Have your feelings for me truly expired???”I asked again holding gaze with him..


My heart throbbing faster than usual..


He just stared at him before he blurted out


“Fuck!!!” As he pulled me to him smashing his lips on mine…


I happily opened up for him as I wrapped my hands around his neck holding him tightly to myself..


He turned me around placing me on his desk as he hands roamed around my body.. tracing the zip of my dress, he unzipped my dress exposing my br**st as my gown curved around my hip..


“Fuck Lisy”he grunt as he grabbed my right br**st squeezing it hard and I moan


out flipping my head backward..


Holding him tightly for support..


Soon he unclasped my bra as he bit my right nipple before devouring it easing the pain, giving equal attention to each br**st as I moan out his name..


I felt his hand on my thigh and he groaned on my br**st when he felt that I wore no panties..


He groaned again before dipping his finger inside me and I cried out in pleasure.. “Ahhhhh!!! You’re so f**king wet for me”he stated as he grunt loudly


“Is it my words that made you wet or your desire to see me???”he asked removing


his finger and I groaned but he slammed back into me with force using two fingers


requesting answer from me which each brutal stroke, all I could do was to cry out


his name as I moaned continuously


“The both” I heard myself shouting



“Your cunt is really squeezing my fingers, how will it feel around my d**k??”he asked fisting his fingers deeper inside me hitting my G-spot as he increased his pace while I moaned loudly as the urge to cum clouded my senses


“I’m gonna cum”I cried out and his finger stilled within me and I growled in protest..


“Do you love me???”he Surprisingly asked at this crucial moment… “Yes!!”I blurted out eager to cum


“Good!!!”he breathed out and he sucked my br**st greedily like he was competing for it with someone and closed my eyes submitting to the pleasure that spread through my body


“I can’t hold back”I heard him say before I could register his words, his d**k break through my hymen and I cried out opening my eyes in pain…


“Fuck!!!”he shouted too as he stilled within me only the tip of his d**k was inside me…


He looked at me in panic but I won’t let him back down…


I will bear the pain..


I immediately wrapped my legs around his waist as I shivered taking all of him slowly..


“Fuck”he groaned as he fist on my br**st again.. distracting me from the pain.. “Move please”I moaned and he slowly thrust keeping a slow pace while his mouth was busy devouring my br**st…


The pain slowly turning into pleasure as tears flow from my eyes in joy…


He’s not f**king me, he’s expressing his unsaid feeling towards me with each slow thrust.. He’s making love to me..


I moaned louder, not giving a damn if anyone will hear me..


No one will know I’m the one since they all know he’s a s£x god


“Stanley”I moaned out as I finally cum and he increased his pace as he tightened his grib on me releasing my br**st from his torturous mouth..


“Lisy!!!”he moaned as his hot liquid spilled inside me.. “Stanley!!!”a familiar voice called out as he stiffened inside me “Finn!”we breathed out chorusly…


© Winner Godwin and


Grace Aghedo


August 2019


All rights reserved

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