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Stanley Koppel stole my heart away…


Perhaps I was right..


The opposite of loving was indeed leaving…


But he left without a proper goodbye…


The thought of it broke my heart further…


Life is truly unfair…


My phone vibrated inside my purse..


I opened my purse and removed the phone..


Without looking at the name I answered the call…


“Hello”I spoke up


“Is this Miss El Toro???”the unfamiliar female voice asked and I hummed too


distracted to glance at the caller ID..


What she said next made me to stumble on my feet and lost my balance…


My phone slipped away from my hand and crashed loudly on the floor…


But i felt like my broken heart was crushed over and over and over again…




I was heading back to my parlour to meet Eliska after excusing myself to receive an important business call, when I heard the loud sound of something crashing harshly to the floor..


I hasten my step and rushed inside only to see Eliska on her feet.. Rubbing her chest…


She was about to grab her purse when I reached for her first…


I pulled her towards me and she murmured incorrect sentence to me..


“What’s the matter???”I asked worriedly shaking her slightly…


“It’s Stanley!!!!”she breathed out..


Fear of the unknown hit me. Perhaps because I’m anticipating for the worst right now…


“Take me to St. Mary’s hospital”she halfyelled as she tightened her grib on me and pulled me downstairs..


I’m still trying to process whatever the f**k is happening but my brain seems to be malfunctioning..


Eliska released her grib on me as she stepped outside..


She followed her body guard after instructing them on where to go..


I wanted to rush after her but I didn’t…


I snapped my fingers at my driver..


He rushed inside the car at once..


“Where to boss???”he asked..


“St Mary’s hospital”I replied and he zoomed off..


When I arrived at the hospital I found Ted, Eliska, Selena my sister and Eliska’s mom parabulating around the operating theatre…


I walked up to Ted and rest my hand on his shoulder..


He shoved it away and moved closer to Eliska, she engulfed him in a tight embrace and I felt suddenly jealous..


Think straight, Finn…


You don’t have any right to be jealous and moreover your best friend is in there


fighting for his life…


A slim nurse rushed inside while another nurse rushed outside..


She came back shortly with two blood bag..


Ted tried to question her but Eliska stopped him..


He muttered some insulting words as he walked back to his seat…


My sister stood next to me holding me tightly…


I can tell my the stiffness of her body that she is also affected by his accident..


I guess first love die hard…


Minutes later which felt like hours the operating room’s light turned off..


I sighed in relieve as the doctors walked out.. seconds later two nurses used streatcher to move Stanley’s body away.. He looked lifeless and pale…


Bruises were clearly visible on his face and few parts of his body..


His head was bandaged and so was his left foot…


Quite different from the Stanley I know…


“What’s his condition doc??”Ted asked nervously..


I never imagined that he’ll have any affection towards his brother due to their differences…


“The operation was successful, he didn’t suffer any internal injuries but we still have some tests and x-ray to be done before we confirm anything…”the smartass doctor replied…


“Can we see him???”Eliska asked


“Am afraid not.. He needs rest”


“Please!!!”Ted whispered


“Oh come on doctor let us see him!!”Eliska’s mother beckoned but the doctor looked confused..


“If you don’t let us see him.. I’ll ensure, he’s the last patient you attend to.. Don’t f**k with me!!!”Eliska threatened but by the look on her face.. She’s deadly serious..


“I’ll make exceptions but only one person at a time… He’s been moved to a private room here.. You can ask the nurse at the receptionist”the doctor said in fear and walked away…


“Thanks Lily”Ted hugged Eliska..


“Anything for you my Teddy bear”she replied…


My sister received a phone call and hastenly bid us farewell…


On our way to Stanley’s room, his parents and his other siblings rushed towards us..


We all followed the nurse to the room…


When we got there, Ted wanted to enter the room first but his older brother blocked his path..


His mother immediately rushed inside…


Ted looked like he was about to fight with Tyler his older brother but Eliska shoved herself in between them and wrapped her hands around his already tight fist…


She quietly led Ted away and Raissa followed behind them..


Eliska’s mom murmured something to Ted’s dad before leaving..


I’m really shock to know that Ted cared for Stanley despite his shady attitude


towards him.. What a bound..


Stanley please wake up!!!


See how much your family loves you, especially your baby brother…


know you’re a fighter…


Fight hard this time…




I watched silently as Ted and Tyler exchanged eyelock with each other both wanting to attack each other.. Story from Topster Stories .


I helplessly watch them because both of them are my elder brothers..


But Eliska shove herself in between them…


She wrapped her hand on Ted’s strong fist and led him away from Tyler and I trailed quietly behind them..


I hid myself in a corner opposite them watching quietly as Eliska patted Ted’s back gently..


She had several emotions written all over her face..


Several conflicting emotions..


But I could clearly see that she’s more affected than any one of us..


Yet, she’s being supportive to her best friend..


She needs strength but the little she had she’s giving to Ted to console him.. What kind of a relationship do they share…???


There’s so much love and affection between the two of them..


So much possessiveness and protectiveness..


I’ve never seen such weird friendship before..


But the look on her face when she glanced at Stanley was pure saddness and exotic love…


Ted cried on her shoulder freely but Eliska had blood shed eyes like she’s restraining herself from crying..


I watched them as I silently cried..


I slowly closed my eyes and cried till my heart content…


I almost collapse when I heard the news but the image of my brother laying lifelessly in the hospital frightened me alot…


I may not be the closest of friend with Stanley, neither is Ted nor is Eliska but it seems we are the ones suffering the most…


I felt a hand holding me strongly preventing me from falling on my knees..


Too exhausted to look, I leaned closer to the strong pairs of hands and cried..


I sniff in the familiar scent..


I slowly calmed down..


“Ted!!!”I whispered without raising my head up…


“I’m here for you Raissa!!!”he whispered his voice sounding normal..


I would have believed him if I haven’t watched him cry like a baby on Eliska’s shoulder..


“You also cried like a baby”I spat in between my sobbing and he scoffed… “Yeah I did but now I feel better”


“I need to use the restroom now”I said


“Okay!!!”he replied and I walked away…


I was directed to the restroom and I washed my face before coming out..


I lost my way around.. I ended up in a hallway..


I heard silent sobbing as I followed the sound and found Eliska…


She was sobbing heavily.. She cried like she had a broken heart..


She was busy consoling mom on my way to the restroom but here she is crying alone..


With no body to console her..


She’s crying heavily alone hitting her chest with her clenched fists…


She sat down on the floor as she continued to cry..


She’s the most affected person amongst us but yet, no body is aware but me.. Not even her..


I may be eighteen but I’m not dumb..


I wanted to reach out for her but I stopped on my track and hurried back to find the route to Stanley’s room..


I left her alone because I respected her privacy..


If she wanted someone to see her she wouldn’t need to cry in the corner of the hallway..


After wandering for a while, I met another nurse who directed me back to find my brother’s ward..


When I got back I met Eliska she looks lively and bright..


I couldn’t help but to roll my eyes and walked to mom..


The tension had cooled down..


I wonder the change that took place while I was wandering away like a lost puppy.. “Your brother woke up!!!”mom said immediately she saw me coming towards her and I smiled..


“Wow!!! That’s great news”I said happily..


“I’m happy.. Everyone was shocked when the nurse who checked on him told us” “So I can go and see him???”I asked


“No child.. he’s asleep”dad replied handing mom a cup of brown coffee…


I smiled as I walked back to meet my brothers..


Elena wasn’t able to come here with us because she had an important exam.. “You have to go”Ted spoke to Eliska but she looked like she wasn’t ready to leave to wherever Ted wanted her to go…


“I’m not leaving Ted.. I’m staying here with you like any true friend would do”she replied him


“But I’m the one telling you to go.. For f**ksake Eliska get your ass out of here!!” Ted yelled…


Mom and dad rushed here while Tyler walked away..


“Don’t yell at her like that”Finn shouted at Ted..


“Like hell I will.. She’s my best friend which gives me the right to do whatever I choose to do”Ted fired at Finn


“That does not justify your crazy attitude towards her”Finn defended “Finn!!! Stay out of this”Eliska shunned Finn and he backed off.. “What is going on???”Dad ask…


“She has a case by 2 and she’s planning on tossing it away to f**king babysit


me”Ted spat grinding his teeth..


Babysit him..???


I don’t think that’s her reason..


“If she’s staying it means the case isn’t important”mom spoke up…


“Mom the case is very important.. It’s like her life depends on it….”Ted replied


“Child you have to go”mom said to Eliska



“I’m sorry to disobey you ma but I can’t go”Eliska reply mom.. Ted was about to speak up when A nurse interrupted him “The patient is asking for Lisy!!!” She said “Lisy???”Dad questioned and she nodded her head..


“Who is Lisy???”mom asked..


Ted looked at Eliska..


“I’m the one”Eliska replied and followed the nurse avoiding Ted’s hard stare.. “You shouldn’t speak to Eliska like that again”Dad said to Ted and he rolled his eyes..


“So you’re seeing my daughter??”mom asked Finn and he smiled “Yes ma”Finn replied..


So she’s the lady he indirectly talked about during our family dinner.. Oohhh!!!!


That should be the reason why he couldn’t stop stealing glances at her…


Ted walked away looking pissed off before Mom and Dad walked away..


I was sitting down with Finn beside me..


“Congrats”I spoke up..


“Yeah”he replied


“She’s a great lady.. Very precious to our family especially to Ted”I said


“And Stanley”he added


And I stare at him in awe..


“Don’t look surprise.. I’m helping you fix the puzzle in your head”he said and I smiled


“I don’t understand you???”I said


“What don’t you understand Raissa??”he questioned..


“We’ve been friends for long but your cocky attitude I can’t comprehend”I replied him..


“You know Stanley has a thing for her and yet you pursue her???”I asked him “He had a thing for her Raissa.. She’s just his brother best friend and she also have feelings for another man.. A man that left her because he believed the opposite of loving her was leaving”Finn replied


I registered his last sentence in mind..


I find it quite familiar…


But I can’t place my mind on it..


“So you’re not playing games with her nor trying to seek revenge for beating your ass at your own games??”I asked him and he smiled.. That cocky smile..


“I wanted to..”


“Are you kidding me??”I asked in disbelief


“Sorry to burst your bubbles sweetie but I’m turning a new leaf for her sake.. I really wanna try”


“She has wrapped you in her hands.. her charms really worked on you Finn”i said happily..


“I know it’s too early but I like her already”Finn said and I burst into laughter.. “Don’t you think she might have a thing for Stanley??”I asked


“I don’t think so because she still have strong feelings for the dude who left”Finn replied…


The dude who left!!! Maybe it wasn’t Stanley that made her cry so hard..


Maybe she cried because she saw us in pain..


Or perhaps because she related Stanley’s near death experience to the dude that left..


And doesn’t wanna break down in front of us.. I was just overthinking things.. “She has made up her mind to willingly loose her case today just to babysit Ted” Finn said


“Ted has always been one of her top priority”I defended “But I’m jealous..”Finn confessed


“It’s obvious.. But Ted isn’t your rival.. Your true rival is that dude that walked away even though he isn’t here with her she longed for him..”I replied him honestly and walked away..


I was hoping to watch another series of her case on attorney hangout Livestream but today own will suck..


Because for the first time in history Attorney Eliska El Toro will not appear in court and may loose her case…




I’ve been waiting for my daughter to appear for the hearing but she’s no where to be seen..


I still don’t understand her at all.. I wonder why she chose to babysit a full grown man rather than to face her responsibility like she ought to do…


“You’re running out of time.. This is your last chance you can’t keep the court waiting”Livia said walking up to me with a sly smile..


“You seems to know too much about my the law for someone as dumb as you”I fired at her disgusted at her attitude..



“Hmmnn.. thick tock… Thick tock..”she said gesturing at the time and walked back to her seat..


Immediately the judge arrived..


My brother In-law and his wife and his children were smiling deviously at me..


I stood transfigured as the judge walked majestically to his seat..


This was my final chance and my daughter didn’t show up..


The judge will surely dismiss the case..


I sat down depressed..


As he called on my daughter but silence answered him…


The silence that I’ll bring defeat to me and my family..


I hate this silence..


Then he called for the last time and I heard my heart throbbing in response…


I closed my eyes…


Hoping this was all a dream…




© Winner Godwin and


Grace Aghedo


August 2019


All rights reserved




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