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Fully dressed, I heard a knock on my door…


I rushed to the door as I opened the door surprised to see Finn standing angrily before me.


Did he saw us yesterday???


“Sweetie”I pretended as I pecked him but he doesn’t respond “How the hell did you hide it from me???”he shouted and I gasped



“Why did you not tell me??? How could you hide such important thing from me???”he shouted and I stood in shock staring at him like a statue… Nemesis has caught up with me…




“Ooohhh Finn, it’s nothing actually, I won’t intentionally hide something from you, I had no choice”I defended masking my surprise look with concern..


“Stanley told me you had an accident yesterday night after I left the party”Finn spoke up and I gasped in surprise


“Ooohhh… It was just a mere scratch nothing too serious”I played along and his expression soften as he hugged me tightly..


“Are you in pain??? Where does it hurt???” He asked me in concern


“I fell down but my right foot hurts alot… But I’m fine, Stanley took care of me last night”I lied and he smiled


“I’m indepted to him”Finn said as he pecked me…


“Lily”Ted called out walking in on us


“Teddy bear”I whispered


“I heard what happened hope you’re feeling better”he asked and I nodded my head..


It’s uncomfortable lieing to him like that but he leaves me no choice…


I want to be happy…


I want to be with Stanley, I have to fight for us…


“There’s something I need to tell you”I spoke up


“No.. not now, lie down and rest”Ted ordered and I relunctanly obeyed him… After tugging me in nicely he and Ted left the room pecking me one after the other I stretched my hand to grab my phone from the dressing table. I switched on my data as I logged into WhatsApp..


Stanley’s messages pops on…


‘Hey!! Sexy’


I quickly texted him back saying


‘Hope you slept well handsome’i asked as my lips curved with a bright smile seeing his reply


‘i couldn’t sleep well after you left.. Your naked body pops into my mind whenever I try to close my eyes.. In anticipation of seeing you lie next to me is making me hard’


‘I’m laying on my bed thanks to your smart lie.. Why don’t we take advantage of this opportunity???”I texted him back



‘You must be thinking what I’m thinking right now’he texted ‘i’m dripping wet’i replied him..


I quickly stood up from the bed to lock my door..


I jumped on my bed, immediately my phone began to ring…


A video call!!!


“Lisy!!!”he breathed out happily


“You look terrible”I pointed out


“I’m missing you badly”he replied touching his chest.


“I like it alot.. I crave your touch”


“This distance between us is a big torment to us..


I crave more..


I’m hard sweetie”he groaned


I grin happily deciding to take advantage of this privilege “Let me see it”I requested with a sly smile…


He smirked at me before bringing his phone down giving me a good view of his hard on..


I swallowed back a moan… I’m turned on and at the same time excited knowing I have great effect on him.


“Come over”I requested jokingly


“On my way”he replied and hanged up taking my jokes seriously…


I heard a slight knock on my door…


I climbed off my bed as I walk majestically to unlock my door


“Eliska”my mom hugged me..


“Good morning Rocky”I greeted her


“I just heard from Finn that you had an accident last night”she spoke up looking very worried


“Thanks to Stanley.. I’m okay mom”I tried to convince her


“I would have love to stay home with you today but I can’t cancel my trip.. The house will be too lonely for you to stay in”Mom complained


“I called Stanley to come over… You know I can’t stay idle doing nothing… It’s not my style”


“That’s good.. Take good care of yourself.. I’ll send Vicente to bring your food to your room”


“That’s a great idea mom.. is Finn still around??”I asked curiously


“He got an urgent call from his step mother.. I totally forgot to relay his message to


you… But he looked kinda pissed off”


“I’ll call him later to check up on him”


“I love you child”mom Pecked my cheeks


“Love you too Rocky”I waved at her as she walked away closing the door behind her…




“Mom, I’m here”I said to my stepmom drawing her attention to me as I walked into the garden…


“I told you that I’m fine dear.. I wasn’t harmed at all.. Nor did I incure any injury” my step mom said pulling me down to sit next to her.. “Venessa!!! Venessa!!!”my mom shouted as she barged in on us..


“So you called my son.. You want to turn his against me ehhh” my mom shouted “Karolina I did no such thing”my step mom spoke up


“Ooohhh shut up!!!”my mom shunned her “Karolina enough!!!”I commanded


“You now address me your mother by my first name..”My mom stated “Mom I have no intention to disrespect you but I don’t like the way you treat Venessa in this house… She’s not dad’s side chick”


“She’s no different from a side chick.. She brought this storm upon herself by opening her legs to seduce my husband”mom lied


“That’s rubbish, you of all people know very well that dad played you both.. Though he married you before her.. He also married her but she had no idea that he had another family.. Stop punishing her for father’s mistake”I shouted “Why are you shouting at mom??” My sister Selena asked


“She have started her usual drama..”I replied her sounding extremely pissed off.. Story from Topster Stories.


“Mom aren’t you too old for this.. I’m getting married a few weeks from now, instead of helping me with the wedding preparations.. Your quarrelling with Mom venessa…”Selena spoke up also sounding pissed off


“Mom!! You the first wife but you rant and rare alot which is very bad for your health”Selena added and walked away


“Selena!!!” Mom called out as she chased after her…


“You shouldn’t shout at your mom like that ever again… She was deeply hurt”my step mom cautioned me


“I’ll keep that in mind but I make no promises… Mom is unpredictable and my attitude towards her will also be dynamic depending on the situation”I replied her “How is your Eliska doing???”she asked as I rest my head on her shoulder


“She’s not too hurt..


I shouted on her earlier today”


‘she won’t open up to me.


I’m hurt…’ I said to myself


“Why??”she inquired


“I was hurt because she did not inform me about the accident, I had to hear it from my best friend Stanley”I explained


“I guess she did not wanted to disturb you by that time of the day… Let’s leave that aside, speaking of Stanley, it’s been a while since I saw him last..”


“He’s very busy these days.. I rarely get to see him thrice in a week”I also complained


“Drag him home for our family dinner… I really missed him alot”


“He’s a Charming young man”I added


And we laughed out loud together..


“I would also like you to settle down.. Eliska is a great choice”my step mom said and I chuckled


“When we get to that stage we will cross it together but for now I don’t really wanna talk about marriage.. I’m too young know for that”


‘i’m ready but… I’m not sure she’s ready to commit to me.. maybe someday when I finally win over her heart’ i said to myself…


“You’re not too young.. You’re 22 and you’re wealthy.. What else are you waiting for??”she asked


“For motivation”I replied laughing


“I hope your sister’s wedding will be enough to motivate you”


“I hope so mom”I replied as we chuckled softly together.


“I’m happy you found love, I thought you were just pretending to be dating”my step mom said


“Your thoughts were absolute correct, But everything slowly changed.. at first I asked her out just to get back at her for humiliating me but here I am today crazier in love every waking day”I explained


“Mother and son”my step brother Ryan spoke up as he walked towards us with a smirk on his face


“Ryan dear”she embraced him pecking his forehead


“Mom.. Ooohhh Gosh I missed you” Rayan said breaking the embrace


“Good to see you bro”I stretched my hand out for an handshake but he hugged me “Looking good little bro”he answered



“Really little bro.. Last I remembered you’re a month older than me” “Hmmmm.. The last I checked, we were supposed to be twins”he chuckled. And I laughed out loud..


“How was France”my step mom asked him


“It was exciting.. I loved every moment of the day especially their club… Hot s£xy girls, swaying their hips around”Ryan said earning a playful slap from Mom…


She shooked her head laughing as we walked away “You haven’t changed Ryan”I pointed out


“What’s there to change about.. I’m still the old Ryan.. Making every minutes of my day worth remembering”he stated


“It’s good.. Apart from the slutty bitch you saw, was there anything amazing???”I asked


“After working hard during the day, I got laid at night.. isn’t that amazing??”he asked and I laughed at him.


“How is your lover girl doing??”he asked “She’s fine, had a minor accident yesterday”


“Ooohhh!!! You must really care for her.. She’s a special lady.. Different from every girl you’ve been with.. Most especially different from Lydia” “Why bringing up Lydia???”


“I was just elaborating..”


“Lydia fooled both us.. She used us.. I was just unlucky to think I loved her”I explained trying not to compare both of them in my mind


“She’s a bitch.. I like Eliska more… I saw the way she kissed you during our family dinner”


“I was surprised myself, but I loved it alot” though her intentions for doing it, I still


don’t understand…


“And s£xy”Ryan added


“When last did you got laid??”I asked raising my eyebrows at him suspiciously.. “Why do you want to know???”he asked


“Because your eye was blinking unusually when you said s£xy”I replied


“Ooohhh!!! Two days ago”he said


“Lucky man..”I hailed him


“I know you get laid everyday..”Ryan said


“On the contrary, I haven’t gotten laid.. I can’t remember the last time I got laid”I answered honestly


“You’ve got it pretty bad for this Eliska” Ryan teased “I love her” and it hurts


“Hmmmm!!!”he hummed


“What???”I asked.


“Nothing, just my curious thought.. I’m happy to be back home”


“Glad you’re home”I told him


“Finn.. Eliska will be home for dinner tonight” my baby sister Joanna shouted “Great!!!” I exclaimed


I brought out my phone from my pocket as I dailed Stanley’s number “Stan!!”I said


“Hey man!!!”he breathed heavily


“Wrong timing..


I thought you were at work..”


“Ooohhh.. I’m off today, Aunt Rocky wanted me to babysit your girlfriend”he explained


“But you’re having s£x right down instead of babysitting her”I pointed out “Nah!!! I was babysitting her but she’s a pain in the ass.. I needed to clear my head”he defended himself


“My girlfriend is not a pain in the ass.. Get your ass back to her house.. She’s under your care”


“I know lover boy, is that the reason you called me”he asked as he moaned louder “Gosh!!! No, come home for dinner today.. Eliska will also be here”


“That’s the more reason I shouldn’t come tonight.. She’ll make my day miserable and my night unbearable”Stanley complained as he moaned a little louder “Come home.. Ryan is back.. Enjoy yourself”


“I’ll.. bye”he growled as he hanged up “Stanley will be here tonight”I said to Ryan “I heard him growl”Ryan told me “He was having s£x”


“I love to roll with him.. He’s the real man..”Ryan chuckled softly…




“Teddy bear”I called out barging into his room…


“In the bathroom”he shouted behind closed doors…


I opened his bathroom door, holding the door knob as I remained outside the bathroom


“Really Lily???”he raised his eyebrow at me..


“I’ve seen you naked countless times than I can even recall.. What’s the difference??”I asked handing him his towel..



“What’s so important that you couldn’t patiently for me to step out of the shower??”he asked wrapping his towel tightly around his waist “I’m heading over to Finn’s family house”


“Tonight was our night”he stated firmly


“I know that’s the reason I’m here.. Please Ted let’s prospone it to tomorrow”I requested


“Lily.. That’s not how it’s done..”


“I’m sorry but I can’t refuse Finn’s family dinner”I tried to reason with him


“I never knew a day like this will come.. You used to consider my feelings first before others.. I used to be the only important person in your life until Finn came into the picture”


“How can you say that.. You will always be the most important person in my life..


That hasn’t changed one bit.. Just a little compromise today.. I’ll make it up to you”


“You can go”he said staring at his bed..


“Teddy!!??”I questioned


“I’m okay.. I’ll just go clubbing tonight, don’t worry yourself because of me”he smiled at me


I drew closer to him as I hugged him tightly


“I love you Teddy bear”I pecked his wet cheek


“I love you more Lily flower.. you know what to do if you’re bored”


“Of course.. I’ll dail my Teddy’s number”


“Have a great time”




I stepped out of my car as Ryan waved his hands at me drawing my attention to him..


“Good to see you Ryan”I hugged him briefly


“Looking s£xier than ever.. Let’s heard over to the garden”He said as he wrapped his hands around my waist guiding me to the garden “Thanks”I whispered


“You’re welcome..”he replied staring awkwardly at me.


“Venessa”I called out happily


“Glad you came..”she pecked me softly as I exchanged pleasantries with Selena and Joanna..


“Where’s Finn???”I asked curiously


“I thought you would never ask”Ryan spoke up



“He’s inside his room with Stanley and Daniel”Joanna responded “Ooohhh!!!”


“Come Eliska, let me lead you to your beloved”Ryan offered and I trialed behind him quietly


“I want to ask you something personal”Ryan spoke up breaking the silence “Feel free to ask”


“I believe Finn told you about Lydia his first love”


“Yes he did.. And I also know how she used you both”I replied


“I’ve never seen him care alot about anyone like he does for you . I mean I can see all the love he has for you glowing in his face . I want it to remain like that” “Okay but I thought you wanted to ask me question but that sounded more like a request”


“I do want to ask a vital question.. Eliska do you love my brother Finn??”he asked “Why would you ask such ridiculous question. If I don’t love him I wouldn’t be with him” I gave him a diplomatic answer


“You may be with him for another reason best known to you.. How can you claim you love him but deprive him of s£xual pleasure.. He’s a man and blood runs through his vein”


“Ryan I don’t wanna discuss my s£xual life with you.. If your brother has an issue with me, he should speak for himself not send his sloppy second to do all the talking for him”I fired angrily at him..


“Sloppy second.. I’ll let this slide but keep one thing in mind.. If you don’t love my brother stay away from him, Don’t take advantage of his feelings..”Ryan warned me and I walked ahead of him ignoring him…


“Babe”Finn rushed towards me happily locking his lips with mine possessively.. “Finn”I whispered breaking the kiss


“I missed you.. Hope you’re feeling better”he asked


“Yes..”I replied as my eyes finally landed on the pairs of eyes which has been staring at me immediately I opened the door..


His expression was weird, as if, he was pissed off…


“Ooohhh brother you couldn’t even thank me for leading your beloved to you”Ryan grumbled


“Thanks Ryan”Finn thanked him as he guided me to sit on his lap…


“I’m surprised to find both of you here”I said pointing at Stanley and Danny “Joanna invited me”Daniel spoke up


“And you Stanley???”I asked eager to hear his voice.. He looked at me before looking away…


He’s mad at me


“Finn called him here”Danny chipped in


“Ooohhh!!! Overlook his behavior.. He’s still mad at me for interrupting him when he was having s£x earlier today”Finn spoke up…


I hide my smile as I remembered how I tried to make him loose control despite


knowing he was on the phone with Finn.. I took his d**k deep inside my mouth


“Is that true..?? You got laid on a daily basis .. I’m sure you cum at Least five times


per day”I stated and they laughed at my comment but Stanley still looked pissed, I


could easily tell his smile was fake..


“Finn”Joanna called knocking at the door


“Karolina request your attention and she asked you to bring Ryan along”Joanna said closing the door


“I wonder the kind of conspiracy mom has in mind this time”Finn grumbled and I


spat him lightly


“Oucch”he grumbled


“She’s your mom”I reminded him.


“Let’s go Finn”Ryan said as I stood up from Finn’s lap and he kissed me briefly before he left..


“I’ve gat to go”Daniel excused himself closing the door behind him..


I moved closer to Stanley as he stare angrily at me..


I kissed his neck but it had no effect on him.. I continued to pepper kiss his face until he pushed me to down to the couch


“This is so wrong.. I’m mad at you for kissing him, I want you all to myself.. is that too much to ask for??”he breathed heavily


“No.. I’ll talk with him tommorow.. I’ll set things right I promise”


“That means we also have to face Ted’s wrath”Stanley stated


“I don’t care.. I will fight tooth and nail for our happiness..


I want to make our relationship official”


“I’m madly in love with you Lisy”Stanley whispered before devouring my mouth with his hungry lips..


I got carried away as my grib tightened on him holding his neck firmly


Moaning into his mouth as he angled my face deeping the kiss, seizing my breath away..


Everything faded away as I submit myself to his amazing mouth and the pleasure that erupt from him


“What the f**k!!!”A familiar voice yelled and we pulled away from each other swiftly breathing heavily.. Staring at the furious gaze on us…



© Winner Godwin and


Grace Aghedo


August 2019


All rights reserved








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