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PREVIOUSLY ON GOLD BLUSTERS “You did not give your opinion”I pointed out “Because I have no idea..”Stanley replied “Really????”Raissa asked…


“I just need to watch the video again to confirm something.. because i feel Seppe may be the real culprit”


“Seppe has been my sister’s bodyguard for long now… Seppe, Jasper, Oskar and Pedro..”


“He was always with her every time she goes out with Finn.. He also tortured that thug.. He was supposed to be on guard when the thug escaped.. unfortunately, it was easy for him to find Jon’s dead body”Stanley explained…


“Let’s just rewatch the video”Raissa suggested as we walked back quietly…


“Sir, Ted is missing”Oskar half yelled and we ran back inside…





As we ran back heading towards Ted’s ward anxiously and worriedly.. We found his empty bed and three worried nurses standing like a statue in shock..


Stanley pushed through and sat on his brother’s bed.. Surprisingly, he stood up swiftly and rushed outside.. ‘I hope this man is not is not insane’i asked myself as Raissa and I ran after him… We saw him standing outside Eliska’s ward with a smile on his face..


‘How can he be smiling at a time like this!!!???’i muttered within myself..


“Ted!!!!!”Raissa gasped happily as my eyes finally settled on Ted…


He was sitting down next to Eliska.. His head laid on her stomach.. While he used his left hand to caress her head..


Eliska’s doctor walked past us to probably heading to carryout his daily check up on her..


“Your sister is a fighter!!!”Joanna whispered startling me.. She kissed me lightly on my lips..


I smiled at her, resisting the urge to taste her deeper…


“Hmm!!!”I hummed.. Trying not to embarrass myself..


“How’s auntie Rocky???”I asked


“Her temperature is still high, but she was soundly asleep when I left her”Joanna replied


“I’m grateful!!!”


“You don’t have to be.. She’s family”Joanna replied..


“Brother!!!”she gasped


“I’m alright.. Anna.. Don’t freak out on me”Finn warned her He looks awful…


“You look bad!! You need to shave”Joanna spoke up, staring at him awkwardly.. “I’m not that bad.. I’m way better than Stanley”Finn defended “Nah!!! I disagree”I spoke up


“I second the motion my love!!! Stanley looks awfully s£xy.. But you on the other hand, you look terrifying”She said


“I still take that as a compliment, Anna..”Finn replied her…


“Speaking of Stanley, where is he???”I blurted out peeping into Eliska’s ward..


I can only see Ted..


“Ohh!!! My Gosh!! He left”Raissa gasped closing her mouth with her hand.. This is bad!!!


“What’s going on???”Finn and Joanna asked at the same time..


“I can’t go into much details but I believe he’s out to find that bastard behind Eliska’s condition..”I said


“That’s great!!!”Joanna exclaimed


“Nope!!! It’s bad”I freaked out..


“I feel he may be in danger, if his hunch were incorrect”


“Stanley is an expert at guessing.. He’s crazily smart”Finn chipped in..


“But… I’m afraid he’ll kill that son of bitch in rage”Finn stated..


“This is not good at all.. Stanley can never break a commitment, nor go back on his word.. If he’s not prepared to die”Raissa spoke up.. “Shit!!!”I spat..


“He’s on a sucide mission”Joanna freaked out.. Gasping loudly..


“No one should alter a word to my parent..”Raissa warned..


“That’s impossible”Ted shouted..


And we rushed inside Eliska’s ward..


Finn dragged Ted off the doctor as he tried to strangle him..


“He’s giving up on her”Ted shouted as he struggles with Finn..


“We can’t keep her forever on a life supporting machine.. She’s not responding.. Miss El Toro is not fighting.. She’s giving up every seconds of the day.. She’s not responding at all”the doctor yelled as he pushed through and walked out angrily.. “You can’t die on me”Ted shouted..


“She’s a fighter!!”I muttered trying to convince myself as tears roll down from my eyes..


Finn was already kneeling beside her bed.. He stared at the monitor for a while before looking back at Eliska..


He opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out..


He tried again but broke down in tears.. As we all sob heavily…




I successfully sneaked out of the hospital after stealing or rather after borrowing Daniel’s car keys..


I drove like a mainac following the directions from the chip I planted on Seppe..


Even if I’m wrong today, there’s no harm in following my heart..


The Chip’s direction led me to a big mansion.. I Parked my car a few blocks away from the house.. I hid my guns and knife on my body..


I survyed the house closely.. I counted like ten security cameras..


I need help, there’s no way I’ll be able to by pass this security alive….


I need help..


I can’t involve Ted into this shit.. He just regained consciousness…


Neither can I involve Daniel.. Eliska will curse my corpse if anything happens to


her baby brother..


But, then…




That son of a bitch, whose bullet she took.. This should be a way of redeeming himself..


I hastenly dailed his number and he picked up.. “Hello!!!”his voice sounded terrible and sad.. “Answer yes or no.. Are you alone???”I asked “No..”he answered


“I need your help.. I’m tracking down the bastard responsible for Lisy’s condition. And I need an army.. Are you available???”I asked


“Yes..”he replied


“You’ve gat at least 5mintues to get here.. I’ll send you the location”I hanged up immediately and quickly sent him my location…


I lower myself into my seat as a guy and Seppe walked out of the mansion..


I quickly and discreetly take photographs of them as they shake hands and embrace each other..


Then suddenly, a lady walked out and handed a piece of paper to Seppe and he frowned as he accepted it and read it…


Suddenly they started arguing, but Seppe angrily walked away..


Murmuring something within himself as he passed my car..


I cursed within myself as the gate widely opened, the young lady entered into the car and the car zoomed off..


Few minutes later


Finn had arrived with his bunch of men and we have successfully invaded the mansion.. We held the guy who was shaking hands with Seppe captive.. I used my handkerchief to tie my injured arm…


As Finn guards dragged him towards the car, his phone began to ring.


Finn removed the phone from his pocket and I snatched it away from his hand.. “Boss man, I can’t kill her”I recognized Seppe voice


“I’m sorry but I’m out.. I can’t harm Queen El Toro.. She’s given me a new family”Seppe said and hanged up..


I angrily punch him as Finn blocked me from punching him the second time


“We need information from him”Finn reminded me and I backed off.. Before I do something crazy..


How can they hurt my woman??.. I mean.. my new s£xy boss..


Damn it!!! I need a drink.. But I need to squeeze out information from him before I think of getting drunk…


“Take him!!!”Finn commanded his guards…


Finn rode along with me in my car as we rode in an awkward silence..


I know we have alot to say to each other.. I know I overreacted.. Though to everyone one my actions were justified but he’s my best friend.. My boss’s boyfriend..


My Lisa’s lover.. It’s been a long time since we kinda broke up but I still can’t bring myself to admit that I lost my first love to my best friend all because of my brother Ted..


Sometimes, I felt like I punched him due to jealousy and not due to the rage of


almost loosing her..




I really need to drink myself to stupor..


“You can’t stay mad at me for ever”Finn spoke up…


Like hell, I can…


“I know!!! But I’ll stay as long as I want to resent you”I replied


“It wasn’t my intention for her to shield me from that attack.. I had no idea”he explained..


I know it wasn’t his fault.. but I’m still furious at him..


Or jealous!!!


“That doesn’t change the fact that she’s in that condition because of you”I replied..


Because she loves you more than she values her own life..


“Guilty as charged.. We’re still best friends.. Stanley”he stated…


“Is that a question or a warning or a reminder”I asked raising my eyebrow…


“It’s a reminder”he answered firmly..


And we chuckled together…


“Ahhhhh!!!! It feels nice”I muttered as I parked my car…


“Feels like good old days”he responded as we stepped out of the car and marched inside


“Take him to the dungeon”Finn ordered his guards and they dragged that son of a bitch..


“I can’t trust you to interrogate him now.. I’ll send matiz to beat him up before you question him”Finn told me and I scoffed


“Are you scared I might kill him in the process of interrogating him???”I asked slightly amused and slightly furious…



“Of course I am.. You’re dangerous in rage zone.. I can’t risk losing our culprit”Finn replied and I pushed him aside as I walked to his wine bar.. and poured myself a glass of grape wine.. I can’t drink alcohol now, because I don’t trust how my body will react to alcohol.. “Hmm!!!!”I hummed in appreciation to it’s taste..


“This is the first thing I’ve thirsted since the attack”I said to Finn and he smiled weakly at me..


“Sometimes, I’m envious of your sacrifices.. It makes me feel incapable of loving her the way I claim I do”


Like hell, I love her more but she’s worth all those sacrifices “She’s family… You know how much I cherish my family’s bound” “I know!!! I think it’s more than that”he said…


I quietly sipped my wine… As I said to myself ‘she’s more than a family bound to me because I love her Finn’


“You must love her alot to ignore your own brother”he stated raising his eyebrow suspiciously at me..


Eagerly waiting for my reply..


“No I don’t, I was busy fulfilling my promise even though I desperately wanted to watch over my baby brother”I defended myself…. But he doesn’t seem convinced.. “She’s your first love…”I raised my eyebrows angrily at him


“Ohhhh!!!! Sorry, I meant, your first and only crush so far that I’m aware of”he explained


“That was a long time ago… And I’m over it… How many times will I lecture you on this topic, Finn…”I paused as I sighed…. “Don’t provoke me to anger!!!!”I warned him


“You of all people should understand me and not question my intention.. You also value your promise.. And you know that a true man should only honour his promise but rather die than breaking it”I defended using his believe against him.. “That’s true.. An oath is an oath meant to be fulfilled and not broken… Thank you very much Stanley, for going against all odds in fulfilling your promise and protecting her while I failed..”


“I didn’t do it for you.. I did it for my brother and for my family’s happiness.. I’ve always considered her as family even when I’m mad at her or at my brother.. it doesn’t change anything.. I owe her alot.. She saved my brother from self destruction and anger disorder”I said…


“But he’s still an angry man.. so that shouldn’t be included”Finn teased..



“I disagree to agree.. but we shouldn’t deliberate on that issue now.. Ted is a good kid even when he’s mad..”


“He inherited that anger from you… It’s in the Koppel’s blood.. hmmmm!!!!! I missed you pal.. everyone did..”he’s expression suddenly changed..


“I needed you very much for these past few days.. I need a friend to talk to, a buddy to drink with until I forget all my pain”he whispered, his voice shaken with pain and bitterness..


“Our pains makes us stronger.. That’s why I believe in using my pain and weakness as my biggest motivation to gain strength than allowing myself consumed and destroyed in pain”


“That’s one of the reasons why I missed you badly, no body to motivate me.. Don’t ever leave me alone in pain.. even if you’re mad at me, hit me until you have exhausted all your anger..”


“Then I’ll end up behind bars for murder ehhh!!! How lame of you to plot my downfall so easily.. Don’t worry I’ll just stick around when you’re angry but when I’m angry make sure you run for your life or rather leave behind a sucide note”I stated and he burst out laughing…


I never imagined that I’ll rekindle our friendship ever again but here we are together against all odds.. we’re still friends.. a few days ago we were enemies.. Life is a circle…


“How’s Lisy???”I finally asked


“No improvement.. The doctors are giving up on her”


“They won’t dere..!!! I’ll send them to hell myself”I half yelled


“You can’t fathom….”he was interrupted by explosion and gunshot and we rushed


upstairs towards the control room…


“Boss we’re under attack”one of his men yelled…


“Finn take the culprit away through your secret gateway”I shouted at him as I loaded my pistol..


“I’m not leaving you behind..”he shouted back at me…


“You don’t have a choice.. Get out!!!!”I yelled


“This is my f**king house.. I will not let them raid me and slaughter my men like this”he yelled back at me…


“What if something goes wrong.. Lisy’s sacrifices will be for nothing.. at least consider her feeling..”


“This is an emotional blackmail… Stanley… Don’t use my emotions against me”he shouted. He loves her…



I also love her but she loves him alot and I want her happiness… I’ll die for her happiness and safety, she’s all that matters most.. Maybe perhaps Ted will forgive me if I die for his Eliska.


“If you die here in this ambush.. Lisy will never forgive Us including Ted.. Ted will hate me more.. I love my brother more than he hates me..”I whispered as I feel a sharp piercing pain in my heart..


Irritated my his sluggish attitude, I drag him towards the dungeon as I released the hostage and dragged both of them inside the underground elevator that will take him towards a tunnel outside the mansion


“You have to come back Stan..”he pleaded as tears falls from his eyes… And the elevator’s door slowly close itself


“I don’t have to!!!!”I whispered to myself..


I rushed back upstairs as more screams and gunshot we’re heard.. With my guns pointed at two directions as I fire the Invaders.. Making my way through to the parlour…


As the explosive sound became stronger… lo and behold, people were being roasted alive… Someone hit me from behind and I lost my balance and my guns slipped away from my hand…


“Stanley Koppel”he called my name mockingly


“You must be the sick bastard after my friends…”I stated


“And you must be the heartbroken guy… It’s my pleasure to finally meet you smart


guy” he points his gun at me…


Shit!!!! I need to distract him


I know who brought me into this world, I deserve the right to know who send me out of this world”


“Pardon my manners, Colins Harrison pleasure to kill you”


“I don’t think so”I stated as I jumped downstairs… While he fires his bullet at my direction…


I grabbed the curtains as I jumped down to support my landing..


I landed safely on my foot.. I saw a gun on the floor and I picked it and fire back at him.. hiding from him, I hid inside the burning parlour struggling to find my way out and at the same time staying out of his sight….


“You can’t hide from me for ever Stanley”his voice drew closer…


“I’ll give you an easy death.. I did not actually come here for you.. I came for Finn and my younger brother in your custody”he paused


“I’m a fan of hide and seek..”he stated as he came into my view…



“It’s my favorite game and I never loose…”he added turning around sweating heavily due to the heat the fire generated..


“Stop being a coward and face me like a man”he dared me and I slowly make my way outside, standing behind him..


“Then you should be man enough and toss your gun away…”I dared him back… “Touché”he said mockingly and threw his gun and I rushed towards him.. lifting him off the floor and slammed him on the dinning room table… Which was half burnt…


He kicked me and I punched his face repeatedly in rage…


He maneuver me and pushed me off him and I hit my head on the wall…


He attacked me immediately using my stomach as his punching bag.. I twisted his legs with my legs and he lost his balance… As we slumped to the ground together.. I maneuver him and I smashed his head thrice to the ground..


He grabbed my neck tightly as I struggled to release his grib but he only tightened his grib on me and I gasped for air loosening my grib on him totally, and he flinged me away… I stay still gasping for air.. coughing loudly..


“You’re a though guy.. I’m impressed”I heard his voice, the next thing I felt was a rod smashed on my head.. as blood blurs my vision….


“You will die a worthless death.. You’re nothing but an unrecognized lover…”he cursed at me hitting me again..


How the hell, did he know of my relationship with Eliska..


“I admire you… Eliska is really a s£xy bitch.. She’s smart and I can’t wait to f**k her before I kill her… I’ve had several hard on thinking about her..”he stated and It only infuriated me…


“She will be your worst nightmare”I spoke up standing up.


He looked shocked as I stood before him..


He rushed towards me at the same time I rushed towards him and we both fell down hitting our heads on the floor… Despite feeling weak, I crawled to my feet as I dragged him my his head and slammed his head to the wall… And I fell down sitting on my buttocks, feeling exhausted… My eyes slowly becoming heavy as blood rushes down from my head..


Staggering back to my feet, i checked for his pulse but found none..


I heard noises as fire fighters rushed in to put out the fire.. I tried to move closer to them but dizziness hits me hard as everything slowly become blank.. I heard Lisy’s soft s£xy voice as her face appears to me..


At least, we meet again in heaven….


My brother must have indeed forgiven me…..



© Winner Godwin and


Grace Aghedo


August 2019


All rights reserved










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