Sat. May 11th, 2024

Game of love



Authoress Juliana



Genre: high school love☺☺





Jake, the school flirt, the guy that goes after anything in skirts gets involved in a game called game of love


You have to make someone fall in love with you within two weeks, then break up with that person after two weeks of dating.



Jake has to make the school hottest and coldest girl within two weeks.

, Roxanne fall in love



Meet Roxanne, cold hearted since the death of her mum and Dad. She is strict and pretty with a face that hardly laughs, lips that hardly smile, mouth that hardly talks.


She’s in charge of her parent’s company as young as she is, still 18 years old.



Now she is about to be played by Jake, the school flirt.


Can the flirt ever move a cold hearted girl?



Is Jake gonna win the game or lose?



What about the conditions that surround the game?



Find out in this new story by Authoress Juliana




Game of love



By Authoress Juliana




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