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Episode 3



Jake POV


The sun rays woke me up from my sleep and the first thing that crossed my mind was Roxanne. Two days gone and I have not been able to talk to her.


What am I supposed to do next? I just have to try harder, we will eventually fall. I have to get her to somewhere where it would be just the two of us, then I will display my skills.


No matter what, I have to get her. I took a quick bath and took a lot of time to dress up using different lotions. I wore my necklace and headed downstairs.


I grabbed a hamburger and ate it in a rush, I have to get to school early.


Roxanne POV


I was finally through with checking out the finance, there was a small fraud. Those silly betrayers, I have to get to the company this morning.


I wanted to go back to sleep but it was morning already. I took my bath and dressed up in a corporate dress.


I hopped into my car and the driver drove off. My stomach grumbled, f**k I didn’t eat anything last night too and this morning.


I got to the company and alighted. Immediately I walked in, all staff bowed in respect.


“Where is Rosalinda?” I asked.


“She’s not here yet” one of them replied.


“So late.Get her sack letter ready. Once she’s here, give it to her” I ordered Clara.


“Where is Xara?” I asked and she came out still bowing slightly.


“How do you explain that fraud?” I asked and threw her the documents.


“I…I…… Deeply..sorry..I needed money for my….boyfriend” she said and I


found it kinda funny.


“Get her sued for fraud” I ordered and walked away with Clara to my office.


“Get me my coffee” I ordered and she hurried out.


After a while, she came back with a cup of coffee which I took from her. I sipped it slowly and got to work, not going to school today.


Jake POV


I stared at the door keenly, everyone walked in but Roxanne didn’t. God!! Don’t tell me she’s not going to be coming to school today.


After I perfectly mapped out my plan. The door opened again but it wasn’t Roxanne, it was our class teacher.


Maybe she will come soon, I thought and looked away. School throughout that day was quite boring.


I was thinking of how to get Roxanne. Three days gone, no success,not even able to talk to her.


Roxanne POV


I yawned sleepily. I still had to attend d a board meeting by 5:30pm but I am so sleepy. I didn’t sleep throughout the night.


I continued going through several documents till I was tired. I went to the washroom and my phone beeped with a message.


It was Mr Norman. I opened the message. It read:


Hello Roxanne, let’s meet up somewhere. I can’t get your face off my mind


I hissed and dropped the phone, stupid guys. I got ready for the board meeting.



I took my seat as the CEO of the company and they all took their seats too.


“We have all decided that you need to focus on your studies so we think that you should forget about business and your uncle can stand in for you. Immediately you are done with school your position will be transferred to you” one of the directors said.


“Firstly, this is not in any way business. When we are here let’s talk about business only” I said and he kept quiet.


“Good but I will answer your question anyways. You can check my results,you will notice that the business didn’t affect my studies. Thanks for your concern but I can manage both” I said and he nodded.


“Back to business” I said.




I was in the car heading back home when the car started to go unexpectedly fast. What the he’ll is going on?


“Stop the car right now” I yelled at my driver and he pulled the car to a halt.


“Are you out of your mind?” I asked and snatched the car keys from him.


“You are fired” I stated and took a cab home.


Uncle is really serious about killing me. I have to be really careful now. I picked my phone and dialed Clara’s contact.


“Get me a driving instructor” I said.


“Taken” she replied and I ended the call.


I have to learn how to drive myself.


Jake POV



“I need you to find out things about her, get me every single information on Roxanne Earhart” I said over the phone.


“I will do that, trust me” my private investigator said and I hummed then ended the call.


I laid on my bed, three days gone,no success. Does she have to be this difficult? I am getting tired of this.


I cuddled my pillow to sleep.




I woke up to the beeping of my phone, it was a message from the private investigator. None of his finding interested me except the fact that she was in need of a driving instructor.


Finally,I got a chance. I just have to be her driving instructor. I hope it will be after school.


Roxanne POV


“Did you get the driving instructor?” I asked Clara as I stepped into the company.


“Yes, he’s,waiting in your office” Clara replied and I hissed.


“How could you allow someone in my office? Do you know the worth of those documents there?!” I yelled and ran into my office.


I was surprised to see the guy that stopped me the other day in school.


“Good day ma’am, I am your driving instructor” he said with a sly smile.






Game of love


By Authoress Juliana

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