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Episode 4


Jake POV


I love the look on her face when I introduced myself to her but the look disappeared almost immediately.


“Okay. We will be starting very soon” She said and took her seat.


“Clara, excuse us” Roxanne said and her Pa left.


“Hi Roxanne, it’s nice to meet you, you know meeting my classmate. I actually came here to talk to….”


“Enough of the nonsense, you know I am your boss so let’s start the driving lesson now” she said and walked out.


I quickly followed her. As we came out of the elevator, everywhere became silent as a graveyard.


We got to the car park and she picked a car.


“So we are going to be starting now, for me to teach you, we have to be friends. So let’s be friends” I requested and stretched my hands for a shake.


She hissed and got into the car, I sighed and got into the driver’s seat.


“Next time, don’t ever try to be my friend. This is strictly business” she said sternly.


I bit my lower lip and started the lessons, it’s not like I knew much on lecturing people on how to drive.


“Hey be careful” I said when she almost crashed into another car.


“You should try replying” I added but she ignored me and sped up a little.


Finally, she bumped into a car which made me sway to her side, I fell on her chest.


I could feel the warmth there, I wanted to grab her but she pushed me away immediately.


“An accident” I gasped.


She got down from the car as if nothing had happened, I also came down.


“How dare you bump into my car? Are you blind?” A fat man yelled at Roxanne who looked on.


“Meet me at my office, for the compensation” Roxanne said and handed a card over to the man.


“Let’s go, you drive” she ordered me and I drove the car off.


This girl is really cool, she sure knows how to deal with things.


I dropped her off at her house.


“Okay goodbye Roxanne” I said and waved at her.


“I am your boss, so if you don’t want to lose this job, Make sure you call me boss instead” she said and walked away.


How can I call someone I am older than boss? It’s not like I don’t have money or I am interested in her money.


If not because of that stupid game. Will I be here asking for her stupid friendship.


But at least today I made the first step.


Fourth day is gone and I have only been able to talk to her and get ignored.


Another improvement, I know her house.


Roxanne POV



I plopped to my bed, I was so tired. I am just going to continue managing that guy till I am good at riding a car.


I am so hungry but I am too tired to cook. I took a cold bath to calm myself down but I could feel myself shivering.


Hope I am not going to be sick? No, that’s not possible, I can’t get sick and I can’t go to the hospital, Uncle may kill me through the doctors there.


I will be fine after a good rest, I snuggled under the sheets and slept off.


Jake POV


“Hello Dave” I said over the phone.


“Hey, what’s up? Why are you calling?” He asked.


“I got to be Roxanne driving instructor” I said happily and proudly.


“Wow, that’s impressive. Who thought you will get close to her so soon” Dave said definitely amazed.


“Yeah, you know I have my charms anyways I will explain things to you in full tomorrow in school” I said and ended the call.


I threw the phone on the bed and thought about the moment she crashed into another car.


That girl really has the shape, I hope I can get a taste of her before the game gets over, I smiled and kicked the air happily.


The next morning


I woke up with a huge smile, I am resuming my job as her driving instructor today. She is not very good at driving yet so should I pick her up and take her to school?


That will be so school, everyone would think we are dating already. Jake you are so clever.



I quickly prepared for school and took a cab to her mansion. I don’t need to take my car since we are going to be going in her car.


I knocked on her door severally but there was no response. Doesn’t she have any maid? After knocking for some minutes, I pushed the door open.


It’s not even locked, I walked in, the house was so beautiful. She really has a great taste.


I checked all the rooms but it was empty till I got to a locked room. I knocked and knocked but all I could hear was silent groaning.


After so many kicks, pushing, the door was opened by Roxanne who fell down immediately.


I quickly caught her in my arms, her body was burning badly. I carried her into her bed and picked my phone to call an ambulance but she held my hand and mumbled something.


I moved closer to her to hear what she was saying.


“Don’t call” she said, her voice was weak.


“Why? You are really sick” I replied.


“Just don’t call” she said raising her voice slightly and I nodded.


“Okay, what should I do?” I asked.


“Food, just food” she muttered and I nodded.


I ran to the kitchen, I don’t know how to cook. Maybe cereals will be okay. I poured some cereals into a bowl and added milk.


I took it back to her room and gave it to her but she dropped it.


“I don’t want cereals, I am tired of cereals” she groaned and I nodded.


“I will be right back” I said and drove to a restaurant.


“Please pack up a plate of Pasta only” I said.


“Pack up chicken too” I said, paid for it and rode back to Roxanne’s mansion.


I opened the food and gave it to her but her hands was shaky.


“Come , let me feed you” I said and took the food from her.


“No, I can manage” she protested feebly.


“You are weak, just remain calm” I said and fed her slowly.


This is a huge temptation, watching her lips move as she eats makes me want to kiss her.


“Hey, more” she nudged me slightly and I gave her more.


After she was done eating, she slept. I looked at her sleeping so peacefully. I turned to leave.


Oh no, she will still need to take some drugs. I headed for a pharmacy and bought some drugs.


She was still sleeping when I got back, I dropped the drugs beside her.


Jake, be wise, use this opportunity. I laid beside her gently and took some shots.


I smiled, even if I lose. I have something to make them believe that I dated her.


I went to her living room and sat down comfortably. I will be here till evening.


Going to school now means going into detention.


I turned on the television and watched different movies.





Roxanne finally came into the living room clad in a bum shot and crop top.


Wooow, this girl is super hot. I swallowed as her eyes widened setting on me but she brushed away the look immediately.


“Get out” she ordered in that authoritative voice.


“Ugh? Is that how to treat someone who took care of you?” I asked.


“If you want money for your care, then come to my office tomorrow after school” she said and gulped down a glass of water.


“How can you be like this? Well I am not leaving yet” I said and readjusted on my seat.


“Get out now!” She yelled but I didn’t budge.


She took a mop stick and twisted it around. “Do you want to go home now or I force you home?” She asked.


“Not going home” I said adamantly.


She seetged her teeth and ran to me with the mop stick, she hit my head severally while I yelled telling her to stop.


She didn’t anyways so I had to run away from her as she ran after me.


“Get out!” She yelled.


“Not going out!” I yelled back.


“Then be ready to land in a hospital” she yelled and ran after me while I continued running around.







Game of love



By Authoress Juliana



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