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Episode 9



Roxanne POV


Where are this guys taking Jake to? Should I help him or leave? I drove off but eventually turned back.


This doesn’t happen before but I guess I should help him out since he helped me when I was sick.


I followed after the car carefully making sure I wasn’t noticed. The car stopped when it got to a mansion.



I waited in my car and saw Jake walking into the mansion, he was not even being forced. is he even in danger or is going on his will.


I noticed him smiling and I drive away.



Jake POV


“Ashley? What the hell are you doing? Why do you want me here!” I asked pissed off.


“Calm down, you know the one who loves you is here” Ashley replied and I stood up.


“I am outta here” I said and made for the door but was stopped by the hefty men.


“Let me go” I stated but was bundled back to the chair.


God!! Why does the devil have to spoil my pleasant evening? But what’s Roxanne’s guard doing here?


“Make please just tell everyone we are dating please” Ashley pleaded.


“No, there’s no way I am doing that you know I don’t like you not to talk of loving you and going to the extent of publicly announcing that we are dating” I replied.


“If you don’t like me, then why did you have sΒ£x with me?” She asked.


“Just a night stand” I replied and she slapped me hard.


If not for this guys here,would I have been slapped? Well we will meet in school later when I get out of here.


The door opened and someone walked in. Wait a minute, who is this?


Roxanne? Unbelievable


She’s the boss here? That’s why her guards are here?



Roxanne POV


Isn’t that my guard? Why is he leading Jake in there? Didn’t I always tell this fools that when working with me, they shouldn’t work with others?


I turned back the car and clicked the button on my wrist watch, I parked before the mansion.


I came down from my car and opened the door, I heard a loud slap and I looked at Jake who was rubbing his cheeks.


He looked at me in surprise. He stood up.


“What are you doing here? Did you ask them to kidnap me?” He asked.


“I don’t kidnap and you” I said pointing to my guard.


“I am sorry ma’am, really sorry, I just needed more money” he said.


“Why do you need more money?” I asked.


“My mum is sick” he replied and I stared at him for a while.


Clara ran in with some guards trailing after her.


“You have been getting into trouble recently” she said to me.


“Give him the money he needs for his mum” I ordered.


“Okay, should I get him sacked?” She asked.


“No” I replied and walked out.


“Hey” Jake said and stood in front of me.


“Thanks for saving me from that girl” he said but I just continued walking.


“Please, I just want us to be friends” he said.


“And I don’t want to be friends” I said still walking.


“You know I like the way you behave, it’s so professional” He said and I groaned inwardly.


“I guess I did a mistake helping you out” I replied.


“How about we just talk a bit, let me know some things about you” he persisted but I got into car.


Jake POV


Her phone rang and she picked it up.




“Oh yeah, we will be coming for the company break and we will be using your company” she said and I smiled.


“Roxanne, expect me there too, let us begin this game again, in a hurry this time around” I muttered.








Game of love


By Authoress Juliana


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