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Roxanne POV


I stood up from the sand. “Thanks for saving me” I said and sat back on the sand.


“You shouldn’t be here, you should hurry to your room and away from this place” Jake said.



“You expect me to run? No, only weak people run but how do I expect you to understand? You are jobless” I replied.


“You made me jobless, you sacked me” he replied.


“Whatever” I replied and looked around, there was no one in sight..


“Did you see the person who pushed me?” I asked.


“No but Roxanne, this is wonderful. You are talking to me” He said and I kept quiet.


After a while, I went back to my room took a bath, dressed up and got ready to leave.


Time to go back home. I came out of my room with my bags and met Jake standing before my door with a wide smile.


“Hey, are you leaving already?” He asked.


“What does it look like?” I replied with a question, I hate obvious questions.


“Wait a min, just a min. I will be at your car” he said and rushed into his room.


I walked to my car and threw the bags into the car. I leaned on my car waiting for him, I shouldn’t be waiting for him but he saved me so I will just wait.


I will wait for just 3 mins. 3 mins passed and I got into my car, I placed my hands on the steering wheel but something was holding me from driving off.


I rested my head on the steering wheel and after a while, someone tapped the window. I looked up and saw Jake.


“Open up” he said and I opened the door, he hopped in.


“Thanks” he said and I replied with a nod, then drove off.




“Me and you talking, you acting like my friend all ends here” I said.


“What?? Why should it all stop?” He asked.


“Because I don’t want to be engaged with you, I just talked to you because you saved my life. Now please get down” I said and he looked at me.


Jake POV


No, this can’t be happening, not when I thought things are getting perfect. When things were falling into place.


“Roxanne, why can’t you accept my love for you?” He said.


“Love? I don’t know what that is” she said looking forward.


“Roxy, please don’t do this to me, you know how much I love you” I pleaded and somehow I felt like my eyes was teary and my heart was broken.


“I don’t like you, not to talk of loving you” she replied and I held her hands BT she jerked my hands off.


“Okay, Roxy. Let’s just be friends, close friends” I begged.


“Please get down” She stated firmly.


Two weeks expires tomorrow and I am still struggling to get to be her friend.


I looked at her lips and bit my lower lip. Gosh, what’s happening? I have kissed several girls but I have never felt the urge to kiss someone like Roxanne.


I held her hand and drew her closer.


“What are you doing?” She asked, her voice not wavering.


I closed my eyes and tried kissing her but a slap welcomed me instead, I held my cheeks in pain.



“What were you trying to do? Because I talked to you, does that give you the right? Are you even in your right senses, do you want to die?” She yelled.


“Don’t you understand Roxanne, I love you” I yelled back.


“When you are done ranting, get out of the car” she said and came down from the car.


I groaned and hit the door, opened it and came down with my car. Bitch! Heartless bitch!!


I boarded a cab back home angrily.


Roxanne POV


I plopped down to my bed and threw my bags somewhere. Liar, betrayer! They are all lying.


I always snubbed him, I always yell at him and he’s telling me that he loves me, with my attitude? Liar!


None of my business, I looked from the window and saw him getting into a cab.


I drank some wine,watched some movies and went to bed early, I am going to school today.


The next morning


Jake POV


Today is the last day, I am getting her today. I don’t care how many slaps I receive or how much I get yelled at.


I prepared for school early and called my event planner.


“Hey, prepare a romantic spot in my garden” I said.


“Okay, it will be ready soon” she replied and I ended the call.


Let’s see if Roxanne won’t be moved by my event planner.


I got downstairs and as always mum and Dad were gone,perfect. I got into my car and drove to a restaurant, I bought some pizza.






Game of love


By Authoress Juliana

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