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Episode 14


Jake POV


“Hey man, how did you do it?” Jack asked.


“Do what?” I asked.


“Get Roxanne, she’s talking to you, that’s incredible” he said and I smiled.


“Don’t talk loud, she has sharp ears” I replied with a wide smile.


“I am just imagining how she’s going to cry when you break up with her” he said and I frowned.



“She’s not going to cry” I replied, somehow I didn’t want to talk about breaking up with her especially now that I am happy with my performance.


Breaking up with her will be quire painful, losing someone I did so much to get, someone so beautiful and awesome but that’s the fun in the game.


“Hey, what are you thinking about?” Jack asked.


“Sorry, I zoned off” I said and he stared at me weirdly.


After school


“Roxanne, I have somewhere I want to take you to” I said and she looked at me with a confused look.


“Where to?” She asked.


“It’s a surprise” I said excitedly.


“Ugh? But I am busy now” she replied.


“Please, I already prepared everything. Don’t let it be a waste” I pleaded and she started at me for a while before sighing.


“Is that a yes?” I asked hopefully.


“Okay, let’s go” she said and the happiness in me at that moment made me want to hug her but knowing that we are in school, I held back.


I will be able to do that very soon anyways.


We hopped into my car and my mind was fighting. I have two gardens, one I take my bitches to and one that is special to me.


Which one should I take her too? The special one or the one for my bitches, I found myself driving on the lane of the special garden.


Okay, that’s it. I am taking her there. We got to the garden and I alighted.



I rushed over to the other side to open up but she was out already, okay, she is preventing me from being romantic.


I led her into the garden, it had been a while, I visited the garden last but it was still beautiful and as always special.


“Wow, this place is wonderful” Roxanne said.


“Yes, it is special to me” I replied.


“really?” She asked.


“Yes, I have always loved this place and you are the first girl I brought here” I said and she looked at me.


“I bet you have told that to hundred girls” she replied.


“Never! I swear by my life you are the first girl here. Roxanne, I want you to accept me into your life, I love you” I said and a part of me kinda meant those words.


She stared at me blinking her eyes gently.


“Please” I pleaded moving closer to her.


“Jake, I don’t want to do this, I have a feeling you are going to betray me” she replied softly.


It hurt me to know that it was the truth,I was going to betray her in two weeks and she is going to be right.


All humans are betrayers.


“I am not going to betray you” I said and held her hands.



I drew her close and pecked her forehead, she didn’t resist. My eyes flickered on her full pink lips.


I swallowed gently and stared at her eyes for a while before taking my gaze back to her lips.


She closed her eyes gently and I crashed my lips on hers, they were so soft and tasted like milk.


She opened up slowly and I slipped in.






Game of love



☺☺By Authoress Juliana



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