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Episode 8



Roxanne POV


“Are you kidding me?” I asked.


“Only kids do kid” he replied.


“How much do you want?” I asked.


“I don’t need money from you. Just date me for two weeks and we break up” he replied.


“Since you didn’t accept money from me, I think you should get down from my car” I said.


“Ugh? I am going to release the picture into the net” he said.


“You can try but I can promise you that you will be the one embarrassed” I said.


“Why? How?”he asked.


“From the picture, I was sleeping. Firstly I tell the cops that you broke into my home and hit my head with a stick, then you took pictures and threatened me not to tell anyone, so do you still want to release it?” I asked.


“Shit! So you are going to frame me as the culprit? You are a robot, you are not human at all” he said and got down from the car.


Jake POV


I am just going to give up on this stupid game. I walked away angrily into class.


That was my last option, and it’s gone now. There’s no way that girl is going to fall for me, she’s a chunk of metal without heart.


“Jake, you look pissed off. What’s wrong?” Dave asked.



“It’s that bitch! That heartless bitch!! That chunk of metal!” I yelled attracting everyone’s attention.


I breathed out and looked at Dave.


“Sorry, I was just kind of frustrated” I muttered.


“Why are you so worked up over this girl? I mean you can get any other girl you want” Dave said.


“That’s the point Dave! If I can get any other girl why can’t I get her too?” I asked raising my voice.


“I will leave you to calm down” Dave said and walked away.


Two days later.



Roxanne POV


No trouble since the last two days but I feel somehow, every morning, he stares at me for a while mumbles something and looks away.


No fun, not like I had fun all this while but at least I was able to talk to someone, had someone to trouble me, had someone to deal with but I guess it’s better this way.Story from Topster Stories


I stepped into class and he looked at me again, I tried my best to hear what he was saying and I did.


“Heartless bitch, chunk of metal” he muttered but I ignored it and walked off to my seat.



Jake POV


“Hi Jake” Ashley said and I hissed.


“Hello” she added and sat on my desk.


“What the hell are you looking for?” I asked..



“Why do you want to yell? Ohh, Darling there’s no need to yell. You will be with me soon” she said and walked away.


I looked at her and hissed. I walked out of class to the cafeteria and bought a hamburger.


On my way back, I saw Roxanne studying some papers, always business and deals.


I am sure she’s never going to date or get married, her body is going to die with her. I stared at her, the first girl that didn’t fall for me.


“Why are you staring at me?” She asked and that was when I realized that I was standing before her all this while.


“Nothing” I muttered and walked away.


Time to forget about that heartless bitch and get a new bitch. I got back into class and sat.


“Hey, Jake how about the game you played. We have not seen you with Roxanne yet” a guy said and I hissed.


“Don’t ever mention that name in front of me” I said and he laughed.


“Did she get you beaten up? I pray you encounter more ladies like her for stealing my babe” he said and walked away laughing.


Roxanne, Roxanne, you made me this embarrassed and I still can’t do anything.




I drove singing happily, after about a week. I was going to see a girl, something you might call a date.


All of a sudden, a car swerved in front of me and I supressed a laughter remembering that this was the same way I kidnapped Roxanne.



I came down from my car and some hefty guys came down, one of them was definitely Roxanne’s guard. Swears I am not passing a lonely route in my life ever again.


I guess they were sent by Roxanne but why does she want to see me? Does she miss me or she is starting to fall for me?


“Hey calm down guys, I will walk on my own. I also want to see your boss” I said and walked into their car happily.


I guess today is full of pleasant surprises for me. I was taken to a mansion and I sat on the chair.


“Hello Jake” a female familiar voice whispered into my ears.


I turned back to see…..what the hell?








Game of lov



By Authoress Juliana



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