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Episode 6


Jake POV


“I am the representative from Martinez corp” I introduced with a smile and she scoffed.


“Clara, you may leave” she ordered and the lady left.


“Hey Roxanne”


“Let’s get straight to business” she said and I nodded and sat down.


“So what product is your company talking about?” She asked and I sat on her table.


“Me, I am the product” I said and leaned closer but she didn’t budge.


“Are you here to joke or what?” She asked her voice not wavering.


“No, I am being serious here” I said and she picked up her phone and called someone, then ended the call right back.


Soon three hefty men came in.


“I am tired of your child is acts, it’s time to deal with you. Beat him up and pay his hospital bills” she said.


“What??” I gasped.


“No, no please. I promise not to ever appear in front of you” I pleaded as they bundled me away.


I was beaten up so much that u couldn’t stand then given 5,000 dollars to treat myself.


Wicked bitch, I can hardly walk. I was so weak that I fell down on the road and it was a quite deserted road,I crawled to the other side and rested against a pole.



Roxanne POV


“Hello Miss Roxanne, I am the representative from Martinez corp” a guy said.


I thought that guy was the representative he was an impostor.


“You are welcome” I said and offered him a seat.


After a while the deal was finalized. It was time to go home, to my lonely bed and lonely mind.


I got into my car and drove carefully and slowly to avoid any accident. I was quite shocked to see my driving instructor under a shop that was closed, he was badly injured.


That’s what you get for disrupting my business and personal life but I shouldn’t be that cruel.


Let’s help him. I picked my phone and called Clara.


“Come pick up a guy in my street,take him to the hospital” I ordered and ended the call.


I took a last look at him before driving off.



Jake POV


After Roxanne had drove off leaving him on this lonely street, I stood up feebly, picked up my phone and called Dave.


“Hey, come pick me up” I said.


“Alright. Where are you?” He asked.


“Don’t know exactly, near a little restaurant called vicol” I replied.


“Ohh, I will be there right away” he said and ended the call.


After a while, he came and picked me up.



“Roxanne ordered for you to be beat up this much” he asked.


“Yeah, that girl is a heartless girl” I groaned.


“Maybe you should give up, you know that if you start dating her you must break up with her and all your efforts will be wasted” he said.


“I won’t give up, I never give up and that’s not going to happen this time” I said determinedly.


“Just be careful” he advised and took me home.


“Jake, what happened to you?” Mum panicked.


“I was beaten up by some thugs” i lied.


“Where did you go? How did you get into trouble with them?” Mum asked and hit me.


“Mum, that hurts” I groaned.


“You have to go to the hospital right now” mum said and pushed me out.


I got into the car and she drove to the hospital.


I was admitted into the hospital and it was just a huge waste of time.


Three days gone and I got beaten up, no improvement.


Three days later


Roxanne POV


Three days and I was finally free from that guy, he was really a distraction, a pest.


Sometimes it’s good to get someone beaten up.


I walked into class with headphones, I just felt like listening to music today.



Jake POV



Three days wasted in the hospital, that’s eight days gone. I have just six days remaining.


I dressed up for school. Being a gentle guy doesn’t work, I guess I will have to do this like a tough guy then.


Roxanne Earhart, I am coming for you, you better be prepared cause I am going to use the emergency method on you.


Dangerous romance, code 21. I smiled and put on my jacket then walked out. Mum and Dad had left before me so I took my bike and zoomed off to school.


I alighted from the car and smoothened my hair. I saw her car and felt my body shiver slightly when I remembered how much I was beaten.


I shook it off and walked into the classroom. She was on her seat but today she was putting on a head phone too.


I swallowed and wanted to head to my seat but I had to do this, I walked over to her, held her hand and dragged her out of class making everyone gasp, I felt like a hero.


I took her to the rooftop and pressed her back to the wall.


“Hey, I know you like me” I said in the most seductive tone.


“Are you dreaming?” She asked but I ignored her and made to kiss her but a very hard slap interrupted me.


As expected, the slap hurt so much that I felt like crying, she had hands made of iron, no heart. What do we call that? You are right, a robot.


“Why did you slap me? I just want to be your friend” I groaned.


“I don’t need friends” she said and walked away, her ass swaying.



Aaaargh, I so much hate this girl’s attitude and the fact that I am getting attracted to her body.


I dipped my arms into my pockets and brought out my phone.


“Hello Lucas, you have a job” I said.


“Listening” he replied.


“Get me Roxanne Earhart” I said.


“I will call you when I get her” he said and I ended the call.


Roxanne, since you don’t want it the gentle way, let’s take it the hard way, I smiled.










Game of love


By Authoress Juliana


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