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Episode 5


Roxanne POV


“Get out!!” I yelled stomping my feet on the ground.


“No, I am not leaving. You don’t repay one this way” he yelled back and ran into one of the rooms.


“Fuck” I cursed and ran after him clutching the mop stick tightly.


I got into the room but didn’t find anyone. I am sure he’s hiding somewhere. Gold digger, he should just leave here.


All of a sudden, someone popped up before me and I quickly hit the future with the mop stick.


It was the guy, the smile on his face vanished and he fell to the floor. Did he die? Oh no.


I bent down and placed my ear on his chest. Thank goodness, he was still breathing. What should I do with this fool disturbing my life?


I dragged him to the living room and sat on a chair, exhausted. Just recovering and I had to do all this already.


I got some soapy water and emptied it on him. He woke up like he had been shot in his dream.


“Thank Goodness” I breathed out.


He stood up gently and looked into my face.


“Were you worried about me?” He asked.


“Worried about you? I was worried about my reputation. Lock the door when you leave” I said and headed for my room.


Jake POV


I smiled and jumped up happily. Today is the best, I got to run around with her, I got to feed her.


“Should I come tomorrow?” I yelled as she walked up the stairs.


“I don’t need your help anymore, I will get another driving instructor. In other words, you are fired” she said not even bothering to look at me.


I frowned, why wouldn’t I come tomorrow? Oh no, this is my only opportunity, I can’t miss it.


I ran after her and held her arm but she pushed me away almost immediately.


“What did I do wrong? Why am I fired? I don’t deserve to be fired” I asked.


“In life, you don’t get what you want, you don’t get what you deserve, you only get what you earn and what fate brings to you” she said, walked into her room.


“Use the door” she said and I bit my lower lip to stop myself from telling her I wanted to kiss her.


“Okay, so can we talk?” I asked.


“No, I only talk about business” she said and slammed the door.


I went back home in wet clothes.


“Oh, Jake,why are you wet?” Mum asked.


“Nothing mum, I am just so happy” I said and skipped to my room.



“Young man, aren’t you going to greet me?” Dad asked when I got to the door of my room.


“Oh Dad, never knew you were home” I said and hugged him.


“Eew, you are wet” Dad said and pulled back.


“I have to wash up” I said and ran into my room.


I took a quick shower and dressed up in black joggers. I have to see Dave and tell him about everything.


“Mum, I will be right back”


“Where are you off to?” Dad asked.


“To Dave” I replied.


“Okay then, don’t stay late” Dad said and I nodded then walked out waving at mum.


At Dave’s house


“So you actually played around with Roxanne?” He asked as he handed me a glass of wine.


“Of course, we played so much, we played video games, we cooked together” I lied.


“Hmm who thought that even the coldest girl will be wrapped around your fingers in just five days” he amused.


“It’s nothing, I am just too skilled” I said proudly and showed him the picture.


“Take a look at this picture, this is when she slept after we finished playing” I said.


“Wow, you even got to her bed. Buddy, you are an expert” Dave said.


“I know” I replied.


“But you know what you can’t deceive me, your head is quite bruised and this picture, take a look at the window, it’s still morning” he said and I frowned.


“Okay you are right, she was really sick so I fed her then when she woke up, she ordered me out of her house but I refused, that’s how I got the bruise and the pictures, I took it while she was still sleeping” I said.


“But why can’t I lie to you?” I asked.


“Because I am you and you can’t lie to yourself” he smirked.


“Better look for a way to get her” he added and i groaned.


“She sacked me” I said and he laughed.


“What’s funny? How do I approach her?” I asked no one in particular.


“Is there no way to approach her?” He asked and my brain clicked.


“There is a way, business” I said excitedly.


“Do you have a business?” Dave asked.


“No but my Dad has” I replied.



Roxanne POV


I got into the car trying to drive myself to school. I drove slowly and carefully.


Immediately I got into the school compound, my phone rang. I stepped on the brake and looked at the caller, it was Mr Martinez ( Jake’s father)


I picked up the call. “Hello Mr Martinez” I said over the phone.


“Hello Miss Roxanne, I am sending my representative over the business proposal we talked about” he said.



“Which business proposal did not we talk about?” I asked scratching my head slightly.


“The new product and the model we are using for the advertisement of the product” he said.


“I don’t think we have talked about this before but send your representative anyways by 4:00” I said and he ended the call.


Jake POV


I listened to Dad talking over the phone to Roxanne, he mentioned her name.


That’s great, I have a job as the representative.



Roxanne POV



I alighted from the car and saw the guy, my driving instructor. What’s his name anyways? I don’t even know and it doesn’t matter.


After school


“Clara, is the representative here?” I asked.


“Yeah, he is waiting outside” Clara replied.


“Tell him to come in” I ordered and Clara walked out.


After a while, she came back with the representative. I was quite shocked to see my classmate, my driving instructor grinning at me.






Game of love



By Authoress Juliana

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