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Episode 15


Roxanne POV


Is this feeling right? What I am doing right now is it in any way right? I couldn’t push him away so I allowed him to kiss me.


After a while, he pulled away breathing heavily, he rested his forehead on mine and stared into my eyes.


I pushed him away gently and stared at the flowers. It feels good to know that some on in this world loves you.


I looked back at him and hugged him tightly.


“Thank you” I said.


“Ugh? For what?” He asked.



“For loving me, you are the first one to say that to me sincerely in years now” I said.



Jake POV


I bit my lip when she said those words. Too bad that I am not being sincere or am I? I am not.


I wish she would push me off, slap me and tell me that she hates me so that I won’t have to hurt her.


Why the hell did I even get involved in this game? Being with her is fun, and I am sure that dating her will be fun too but breaking up with her.


I will enjoy this two weeks first then think about how I will deal with the breaking up aspect.


I took a flower and have it to her.


“Isn’t this pretty?” I asked.


“It’s really pretty” she replied.


“But not as pretty as you” I added and she smiled.


“How about I treat you to dinner?” I asked.


“Hmm, I will be busy by that time”she replied and I frowned.


“Please babe, please” I pleaded.


“Just an hour” she said and I hugged her happily.


“Thanks” I said and watched her moving to the flowers.


I hope it’s not it, I hope I am not in love with Roxy because of this silly game. I can’t fall in love with anyone.


I smiled and gave her a back hug as we both stared and admired the flowers.




Unknown POV


“this is the pictures” he said and handed it over to me.


“That’s good” I replied and took the pictures.


I took a gun and gunned him down. Fool, he expected me to pay fifty thousand dollars to him just for this pictures.


“Let’s see how Roxanne is going to feel when she sees this” I thought out loud and smiled.


I stood up and took pictures of the photos with my phone, that’s great now. I posted it with an anonymous user name.


Let’s throw our new couple into confusion.



Roxanne POV


The next day


I woke up early and happily. I went to my mirror and looked at my face, I should smile at my Jake.


Give him the first smile in 4 years now. I almost smiled at the thought but I quickly frowned.


I walked into the bathroom, brushed my teeth and dressed up. I learnt that Jake is a huge flirt, I just hope he stops such acts now.


I waited in my sitting room, he told me that he would be here with food this morning and now he’s getting late.


I finally heard the car pulling over and I ran out but was disappointed to find uncle.


“Good morning” I greeted.



“Good morning Roxanne, you look good. I just came here to check on you, it’s been a while” he said and I nodded.


“Yes it is” I replier as he stepped into my house.


“Roxanne, hope you are not joking around? I learnt that you don’t come to the company frequently” he said.


“And I just learnt that you have a spy amongst the workers that tells you how frequently I come” I replied.


“I am just trying to be caring”


“Yes sir and I am trying to be understanding” I replied.


“Hmm, Roxanne, Bethel wants to see you so she asked if she could come” he said and I looked away for a few secs.


Bethel was once my best friend but not until my parents died and her dad started looking for ways to kill me.


“Let her come but at night, I am only free at nights” I replied and he nodded.


“I will be going now” he said and I nodded.


He walked to the door and I met Jake at the door.


“Good morning sir” Jake greeted.


“Who are you? Roxanne doesn’t have visitors”


This devil can’t know Jake is to me.


“I am her….


“Partner in school, we got on a school project” I replied quickly and Uncle raised a brow.



“Okay” he said and walked out.


jake came in. “Why did you lie?” He asked.


“I don’t want anyone to know about us yet, you know I have many enemies” I replied and he frowned.


“But I want to let the world know about us” he said and I held his cheeks.


“I know but that will be later when I take care of my enemies and I have a gift for you” I said.


“Really? What’s it?” He asked excitedly.


“A smile” I replied and smiled at him.


“Oh shit!” He said looking at my face.


“What happened?” I asked.


“Smile again please” he pleaded and I smiled.


“You look like an angel when smiling, you should smile more. For this gift, I will buy you something” he added.


“Like what?” I asked.


“You will know later” he replied and gave me the food which I took.




We alighted from the car and the students were staring at us strangely. I shrugged it off but then I saw the paparazzi.


What the hell is going on? Why are they here? My PA got to me first and pulled me into my car.


“This pictures got on net” she said and handed me her phone.


It was pictures from yesterday, I and Jake kissing, hugging. There was only one person who could do this Jake!


This is the reason I don’t trust those set of betrayers!!












Game of love



☺☺By Authoress Juliana



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