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Episode 1



Roxanne POV


“Good morning uncle” I greeted looking straight into his wicked eyes.


“Good morning RoxanneOkay is the company business going?” He asked with a smile.


“Fine as you can see and if you would excuse me I will like to take my leave now” I said and took my bag before walking out.


“Hey Roxanne” Bethel said and waved at me, Uncle’s daughter, takes after her father in wickedness.



I ignored her and walked away, they are all betrayers. I got into my car and the driver drove off.


I am Roxanne Earhart, orpan, 18 years, final year in high school, CEO of Earhart corp. You might consider me cold hearted but I am not, I just don’t like associating myself with a group of betrayers called human.


The car parked and I got down from the car, I looked around to see the gossiping students. None of my business.


Ain’t got time to gossip, I have much more better things to do. I walked to class with my heads up high.


Are you wondering why I didn’t greet anyone or talk to anyone? Well that’s myself, no friends. All I live for is for my company.



Jake POV


“Hey Ashley” I called and she walked up to me.


“How are you doing Jake? You are looking more handsome today” Ashley said and kissed me lightly on he cheeks.


Wow, didn’t even have to spend a dime before getting this bitch.


“What do you say about us meeting this night?” I asked and she sat on my laps.


“I think it will be cool” she said.


“I will text you the address” I said and she walked off swaying her ass, I smiled.


“Hey Jake don’t tell me you got Ashley too” Dave said and sat beside me, I chuckled.


“I won’t tell you then” I replied and he hit my shoulder lightly.


“You were made for this” Dave said and suddenly the class went silent.



Only one person had that silencing effect,Roxanne,beautiful hot bitch. No guy dares go close to her.


Who will even approach her? She’s bossy, strict,a CEO. No matter how hot and pretty she is, none of us can approach her, not even me.


She took her seat which was right at my back. You should know how hard it is for me to have a cutie right at my back and I can’t touch her.


Wicked soul, she keeps all that body to herself.




Dave POV


I walked over to Jake who was giving a girl some signs, stupid playboy. He just hit on Ashley and now he is looking at another girl.


“Jake, I am sure if you don’t see a girl in a day,you are going to be sick” I said and he just laughed.


“I guess so” he replied.


“Jake should we play a game?” I asked.


“Of course, what sort of game?” He asked.


“Game of love” I replied and he nodded.


“Cool, I will go get others” I said and walked off to get others who were interested in the game.


“We are okay now” I muttered and got a pen.


“I will be writing the names” I said and wrote several names of classmates that were not involved in the game.Story from Topster Stories


“I will pick first” Dave said and picked up one.



He unfolded the paper slowly.


“I know it’s definitely my name”


“He will pick me”


“I pray he chooses me” i heard the various gossiping from different angles.


Girls can be so stupid, so they want to be used and dumped.



Jake POV


“What? Roxanne?” I exclaimed as I saw what I picked.


There’s no way I can get that cold girl who doesn’t associate with anyone.


“Ohh you picked Roxanne, you have no choice. You have to make her fall for you in two weeks” Dave said.


“I am not interested in this hand, how could you have added that cold hearted bitch to the names. You know she is not human” I said.


“Well we don’t care” Edward said.


“You know what? I am going to win this, I will make sure she falls for me” I said determinedly and the others clapped.


Roxanne, please just make this easy for me. I never failed in the game and I hope you aren’t going to make me fail.


The game continued but I had lost interest in it. How am I supposed to get this girl? She’s not approachable.


She acts like a scary guy, I hope she doesn’t beat me up or orders her guards to beat me up.



And that’s just the first problem, I have to leave her after two weeks of dating. I just don’t want to imagine how badly she’s going to ruin me when I try breaking up with her.


First thing first, I have to approach her. I stood up and walked up to her.




How was it? Should I continue?


And Jake, I wonder what he will say.




Game of love



By Authoress Juliana


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