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7 seven years later.


Finally graduated from university. And also I think I’m a celebrity now. Everyone want to talk about Princess Mia.


My contract with Mr Green was still going on in the states. He mostly come there so I get my photos and also we usually hang out.


My friend Carl, Duke of Edinburgh. We graduated together and he was my room mate.


He is actually coming to Adaylasia. He said he wanted to build some facilities before leaving to Edinburgh.


But during my time in the states, a day never ends without looking the newsfeed of my best friends.


Now i read that king Charles is married.



And the next person I read about Chase and Austin. They were both single and truly it’s pisses me off.


So I made a planned with Duke of Edinburgh. I want him to pretend to be my fiance.


I don’t want a situation where by they will be fighting over me. I want all of them to be happy.


We reached the airport of Andaylasia. Carl held my suitcase and smiled at me.


“Wow… your country is so beautiful”,he removed his glasses looking around.


The guards immediately helped us while we drove to my castle.


My parents wouldn’t be there be cause on the day of my coronation they left to the United kingdom all in name they wanted to live as a happy couple again.


I will be alone.


Besides it was my wish. Being a queen without a husband.


As long as I habe my friend Carl here. Everything is gonna be fine.


We entered the SUV whike reporters followed us. Carl eyes were stuck through the window.


I don’t blame him. My country is beautiful.


I closed my eyes wishing that Andalysia become a a better place to be.







Seven years later.


I stood in my office staring at her picture. Her picture was on my desk.


The reason is, when I look at this picture, I know there is someone I’m leaving for.


She may have said she didn’t need feel a spark when she was with us and I understand her.


Everyone in Hilton high loves her. I have not date anyone since she left. I rather spends time on my throne and look after my people.


I’m just waiting for the day she would arrive.


To tell how much I love her.


How much I need her to love me.


I check my laptop… and saw the news across the web.


She brought her fiance.


She is engaged. But I thought sg e saud she will a queen without a husband.


Why is she engaged all of a sudden.


Today we have a ball her palace.


I’m going to go there and I have to see this finance of hers, myself.







I miss her so much. I want her from the first time I layed eyes on her.


She was gone and I was a mess.


A real mess who needs to be taken care of.


My fingers moved through my messy hair in frustration.


I looked at the other side if the bed seeing the whore beside me.



She was naked and I could remember how perfectly yesterday started. I was drunk and I wanted her.


I imagined her as Mia.


But now, I realised I made a mistake.


I stood up wearing my clothes while i left the room.


I entered my car and drove home. I took a quick shower and checked what’s going on for the day.


Queen Mia is back, that was the headlines.


A smiled formed on my lips. I’m sure there is gonna be a ball I’m the palace.


I can’t wait to see her and claim her lips.


I saw her recent pictures and she had really changed. She looked so beautiful and more attractive.


But she was engaged.




She can’t be engaged.


I don’t agree to this engagement thing.




In the evening, I arrived at the ball… I was late.


I entered the grand hall and saw her Majesty dancing with her fiance as she gave him the most beautiful smile.


Everyone gathered around watching them.



I moved through the crowd to get a better view.


I watched the couple and I won’t deny it. I was so jealous of them.


“I don’t like that guy”,I blurt out.


“I don’t like him either”,I heard the voice and realised it was Austin.


We both stared at eachother smiling. After Mia left, at least we became friends.


“I don’t believe she is really engaged to him”, I continued.


“Me too but the only way to find out is ask him” “Nope, I think we should scare him a little”,I replied. “With what?”,He asked .


“With ropes”,I replied and tapped my shoulders.


“Good choice bro. Let’s see if he is brave enough to take care of our Mia”,Austin laughed and I joined him while we continued staring at Mia and his fiance. .

















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