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Episode 17


☺☺Bethel POV


It had been long I had this sort of fun with Roxanne. Jake really did a great job in turning her back to human.


“Roxanne, I am still talking you about dad” I said and the air became tensed again.


“Bethel, you know you can’t convince me to trust your dad” I said.


“Roxanne, should I tell you the truth? Dad is sick, he’s terribly sick and he will die soon no matter what we do and I have known that for a long time but dad still wants you to trust him before he dies” I said and she stared at me.


“Uncle is about to die? Where is he right now?” I asked.


“In the hospital. After he left you this morning, he got admitted to the hospital again” I replied and she grabbed her car keys.


“We have to see him” she said and ran out.


Jakr wanted to leave but I held him.


“She needs to talk to my Dad alone” I said and he nodded gently.



Roxanne pov


“Uncle, tell me why you killed mum and dad” I requested.


Uncle looked pathetic on his death bed, he wasn’t the same uncle I saw this morning, his health has deteriorated badly.


“I didn’t kill them” he replied.


“You are lying again” I said.



“I will leave since you still want to continue lying to me” I said and turned to leave but he held my hands.


“I will tell you about it all” he said weakly and I sat beside him.


“I was sick since little, I always had kidney problems and I couldn’t always play as I wanted, then I got really sick, I needed a donor” he stopped and breathed heavily before continuing.


“Your dad agreed to donate his for me, everyone was against it but he did anyways and I was okay but one day. I saw your dad terribly ill, when we got to the hospital they said he had problem with his only kidney”


“Your dad did a lot of kidney surgeries but he was always sick so he decided to live with it. He married your mum, gave birth to you then that was when he fell sick again, his last sickness. Your mother volunteered to donate for him but the surgery was unsuccessful, they both died” he completed and I wipoed the tears in my eyes.


“But I thought I heard you in your room that year saying you killed your brother” I said.


“That was because if he didn’t give me his kidney, he will still be alive right now but I am dying too. I will be gone to meet him” he said and I hugged him.


“Uncle, forgive your little Roxanne that took things too seriously and jumped to conclusions” I said.


“I do, everyone is bound to make mistakes” he said and I smiled amidst my tears.


Jake POV


I and Bethel kept on talking about our experience with Roxy troubles till I heard her car pulling over.


My sweetie is back! I stood up and ran to her, her eyes were teary. She hugged me tightly.



“I was so selfish, so selfish. I didn’t want to get hurt but I was hurting everyone around me” she said.


“Don’t say that. You aren’t selfish” I replied and carried her into my arms. I carried her into her room with Bethel following me.


“What’s wrong with her?” She asked when we got to the door.


“Heartbroken, I guess” I replied and she nodded and turned back.


I laid Roxanne on the bed. “Good night” I said and pecked her forehead then turned to leave but she held my hands.


“Don’t leave me” she said.


“I won’t leave, I will be in my room” I replied.


“No, stay in my room” she replied and sat up straight.


She pulled me so I was sitting next to her and rested her head on my shoulders. I raised her head up and stared into her eyes mesmerized.


I kissed her gently and she kissed me back, I pushed her to the bed gently but this time wasn’t like other times, I wasn’t doing this to get her body, I just wanted to feel her body against mine.




The next day


I woke up with Roxy’s head on my chest, I smiled and pecked her forehead making her flutter her eyes open.


“Good morning princess” I said.


“Good morning” she said and snuggled up more against me, her legs rubbing my legs.


“I still want to sleep more” she said.


“Why? stand up! You lazy girl” I said.


“But I am tired” she groaned.


She’s making it seem like we did anything together yesterday night, the thing is she gave me the permission to have s£x with her but no I am not going to do that.


I am not going to do that when I am going to leave her after two weeks.


“What are you thinking about?” She asked.


“Nothing, now get out of bed” I said getting out of bed.


“Only if you would carry me” she said..


“Okay then” I replied and went out,I went to the room opposite mine and dressed up for school.


“Bye, I am going to school now” I said and she stood up in a hurry.


“What? Without me?” She asked.


“Yeah since you are not ready” I replied and the door opened to reveal a crying Bethel.


“Dad just died” she announced and continued crying.






Game of love



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