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Episode 18


Roxanne POV


“Oh no, that can’t be possible. He was still okay yesterday, he spoke to me yesterday” I said still refusing to believe what I just heard.


Bethel was crying bitterly while Jake looked on pitifully. What do I do now? It’s hard to be an orphan and now both I and Bethel are orphans.


“Bethel, you have to pull yourself together” I said and helped her stand up.


“I am sorry your uncle had to die, we can be together. I will always be here for you now, you will always be my friend” I said.


“Really?” She asked and I nodded but she continued crying anyways.



Unknown POV.


“Are you sure you saw them together?” I asked and he nodded.


I guess that confusion is not enough, I don’t want anyone beside my Roxanne. I just want her for myself.


“You can go” I said and he left.


I guess I have no other option than to abduct her now, Roxanne, your beauty pushed me to this.


“Carl” I called and he ran in.


“Yes sir” he said.


“Abduct Roxanne” I said.


“Okay sir” he said and walked away


Roxanne POV


“I don’t think it’s appropriate to go to school today” Jake said.



“You should go, I am not going” I said and sat by Bethel who was sleeping after crying for an hour.


“Then I will stay here and watch over you two” he said.


“What do you mean? Go to school, you are dressed up already so just go” I said pushing him towards the door.


“No matter how, I don’t feel like leaving you here today. I don’t want to leave your side” he said and I laughed slightly.


“Get out!”


Jake POV


I really didn’t feel like leaving her. I was having a bad feeling about leaving her.


“I am having a bad feeling about leaving, what if something happens?” I asked.


“I have my watch with me” she said waving her wrist at me and I nodded.


“I love you” I said and pecked her forehead.


“And I really mean it, I love you Roxanne” I said with all of my heart.


I guess I just didn’t notice, I was a fool for not noticing that my heart had fell for her already.


“Aren’t you gonna reply?” I asked.


“No” she replied.


“Why? Don’t you love me?” I asked.


“I guess not” she said.


“What?? You guess not? You are joking, I know you are” I said.



“Whatever, just leave now” she said and pushed me out of the door.


I smiled and got into my car then drove to school straight since I was in uniform already.


My phone rang, it was Ashley. Why would she be calling me?


I picked it up anyways.


“Hey Jake” she said.


“Say whatever you want to say, I have not got much time” I said.


“I just wanted to apologize for the other day that I abducted you, I never knew you and Roxanne were dating but now that I know, how about I tell her about us?” She asked and before I could reply we ended the call.


She really thinks things like this scare me? No. We had something together before I started talking to Roxanne and it’s just a night.


Roxanne POV.


“Take his body to the mortuary, we will be there to take the body this afternoon” I said and ended the call.


I heard a knock and walked up to the door, I am sure it’s Jake playing pranks on me and when I get him, I will beat him up.


I opened to the door but I didn’t even see the face clearly when I was knocked down.


Unknown POV


She might recognize me so I can’t let her see my face now, I still need to dress up and buy her some gifts.


“Hey! Make sure to remove her wristwatch when you get back to her okay?” I asked.



“Okay” he replied and left.


Roxanne POV


I woke up tied to a chair,who the hell is doing this? Now that uncle is dead, someone is after me.


I made to click my wrist watch but it was no longer there, for it to have been removed. The person behind this knows me.


Could it be that Jake is playing some pranks? Oh no, he won’t do that, not when uncle just died.




I groaned. Jake said it, he said he was having a bad feeling about leaving me alone in here.


The door opened and I was shocked to see the person coming in.


What did I say about trust?




Guess for the last time, who is the unknown POV




Game of love



☺☺By Authoress Juliana



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