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EMILY: Episode 4


SETTING( 10am at Mrs Kunle, the managing director’s office. Emily is a bit nervous not knowing why she had been summoned. Obed on the other hand is comfortably seated with his legs crossed and his three piece suit unbuttoned revealing his sky blue shirt and the full length of his black tie


MRS KUNLE: Please have a seat, Emily.


EMILY: Thanks


MRS KUNLE: Yeah, i suppose you are wondering why i summoned the both of you. So it has come to my notice that you are a pair, whilst i do not expect an answer from either of you on that, i wish to remind you that it is against the company’s policy to have two people who are thus related in the same branch.


I am going to ask both of you to go home and think about it and get back to me next week. There are a few options. number one, end the relationship. number two, either of you should apply to be transferred to a different branch, and the other option would be to look for a job somewhere else. but i think you are lovely pair so don’t end it.


i think you will make a great couple. So think about it and get back to me


OBED: Think about our relationship or the company’s policy?


MRS KUNLE: Phew! i’m not sure how to explain this but one of you may want to consider applying to be transferred to a different branch. I hate to say this, but one of you would have to leave if it is established that you are in a romantic



relationship. But like i said, i am happy to assist you get a transfer to any other branch of your choice, if you want me to


OBED: Nah, that won’t be necessary. I’ll hand in my resignation letter by the end of today


EMILY: Wha..t what did you just say!


OBED: We will talk about it later. Mrs Kunle, thank you very much; can we get back to work now?


MRS KUNLE: Obed, do you think this is the right decision?


OBED: I don’t think so, i know so, Mrs Kunle


MRS KUNLE: But the company needs you! I need your expertise here! Why don’t you let me arrange for Emily to be transferred to our much bigger office in Abuja?


OBED: Nah nah! don’t worry about it. We will sort something out. I could recommend a good friend of mine to assist, if the need be. You need me, i need love…


I beg to leave now..


SETTING( Emily is back to her desk. Jane notices her sad countenance and comes into her office..)


JANE: Are you okay?


EMILY: No, i’m not! Obed is leaving the company!


JANE: Joke?




JANE: Oh! Obed is coming. i’m gonna leave now and come back when he leaves okay! see ya! (goes back to her office)


OBED: Why are you looking all sad and gloomy? let’s go for lunch


EMILY: I’m not hungry


OBED: I am. so why don’t you come with me?




OBED: Please?


EMILY: Please stop pushing it. I am not hungry!


OBED: You come with me or we create a drama right here. And you know what? you’ll be the one to deal with all the gossips because you know why? I’m leaving this place in less than 5 days. So do yourself some good and come with me


EMILY: Gosh! you are a pain in my back side!



OBED: Oh my world! exactly where i would always want to be


EMILY: (Laughs out loud) Oh my world! you are such a flirt!


OBED: I still don’t feel guilty…


SETTING( In an English restaurant. There’s a bowl of mashed potato, beef casserole and a glass of red wine on the table)


OBED: Are you sure you don’t want anything at all?


EMILY: Very sure. Enjoy it


OBED: So, young lady, can you tell me exactly why you are sad?


EMILY: Because you have just lost your job because of me! Why did you have to do that?


OBED: So what is wrong with losing my job?



EMILY: Did you just ask that?


OBED: Remind me. I can’t remember what is wrong with not being employed by a company


EMILY: How would you take care of your responsibilities?


OBED: I see! So can i eat now that i can still pay for my food?


EMILY: Obed, i think you should really think this through


OBED: No, thanks. So What’s your friend’s name again? she sounds really fun!


EMILY: Her name is Jane. She is really lovely and lively


OBED: Exactly how every human being should be..


EMILY: Are you throwing shades or what?


OBED: Nah, babe, It’s not that deep. Do you mind if i ask for her number?


EMILY: Can i ask why?


OBED: Nothing serious really. Just to say hi every now and again. Friend of


friend, you know what i mean….


EMILY: I will forward it to you via whatsapp


OBED: very kind of you. Cheers. So what time are you leaving the office today?


EMILY: Same time.


OBED: Okay, I’m leaving a bit earlier today.





OBED: I’m going somewhere to check out a puppy i am interested in buying. Do you like dogs?


EMILY: Oh! yeah! who doesn’t like those beautiful and intelligent creatures of God!


OBED: Only weird people like my dad don’t like dogs….


SETTING (Jane was driving home from work, her phones rings and she picks it up…)


OBED: Hello,am i speaking to Jane?


JANE: Speaking?


OBED: My name is Obed, i am thirty five years, seven ft tall, handsome and




JANE: Hahahahaha! Are you such a clown. You don’t look anything like it!


OBED: I know. How are you, Jane?


JANE: Not too bad, thanks. Yourself?


OBED: I could be better, but i am not bad. Can i ask if you are alone where you are?


JANE: Sure, i am driving myself home


OBED: I was just wondering if we could hang out some time this week, is that too much to ask for?


JANE: Just you and i?


OBED: You can bring the rest of the world if you like, but i would prefer just the both of us. Three is a crowd.


JANE: Hmmmmm. Can i get back to you on that?


OBED: How long does it normally take for a guy to get a response from you?


JANE: ermmm, anything between 24 and 72 hours


OBED: Life is unfair! i’ll wait. save my number but please don’t save it as Obed office. I am Obed Kelechi Sampson. Thanks. Have a nice evening


JANE: (To herself) hahahaha! what a funny guy! Emily better marry this guy or i kill her!


to be continued


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