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Episode 16


Jake POV�POV☺☺


“Why does she want to keep it a secret?” Jack asked.


“She said she has many enemies and she would expose me to danger by telling everyone” I replied.


“Here she comes” Jack said and I looked back to see Roxy.


“Hey Roxy” I said with a smile.


“We have to talk” she said not smiling and I followed her.


What’s wrong? Did something happen to her business? Is that why the paparazzi are here?


“Jake, I told you clearly I don’t want betrayers! Why the hell did you betray me too?” She asked yelling and I stared at her confused.


“What do you mean?” I asked.


“No pretense! Cause I am not falling for it” she said.


“Roxanne, firstly, I don’t understand what’s going on here and I don’t know why you think I can do anything bad to you or betray you” I replied and she gave me her phone.


“I…I…know nothing about this” I replied in a stutter.


“Stop lying! I hate liars!!” She yelled with tears and it broke my heart to see her crying but sincerely I didn’t do anything, I didn’t take this pictures.


“I am sorry” I mumbled if that will make her tears stop.


“So you admit that you did it?” She asked


“No, not at all. I didn’t do this but I don’t want you crying” I said and tried hugging her but she pushed me away.


“Do you know how hard it was for a fourteen year old to take over a company? Do you know the intimidation I had to go through at first? Do you know how I always felt being in the midst of people older and experienced than me. Till you f**king came!”


Preached to me about trust, all those years without trust, I made no mistake, I managed to hang on but when I trusted you, just one person! You betrayed me and now my position is shaking. Why did you do this to me?!” She yelled and I had tears in my eyes too.


She really went through a lot but she still has to trust some people. I held her and drew her closer to myself, I allowed her to cry it all out hitting me.


“Roxanne, I didn’t do it” I whispered into her ears after a while.


“Then who did?” She asked.


“You said it yourself, You said you have a lot of enemies” I replied.


“Which one could it be? Uncle?” She asked.


“Is he capable of doing that?” I asked.


“He’s capable of killing me” she replied and I nodded.


“Then he’s our prime suspect for now” I replied.


“I am sorry for not trusting you” she said and hugged me.


“I understand” I mumbled and pecked her forehead.


I didn’t want her to live, I was getting attached to this lady. I think I am falling for this lady or maybe I already fell for her since a long time now.



Roxanne POV☺☺


At night


“Roxanne, you don’t know how excited I am when dad told me that you said I could come, I missed you so much, I missed our relationship” Bethel said.


“Yeah, you sure did” I said staring into space.


“Roxanne, I want you to take away every thinking that my dad is after your position” she said.


“You are saying that so I can look away from his side then when I trust him, he becomes the CEO right?” I asked.


“No Roxanne, I thought you trusted me when we were friends but you never did. You have this thinking that everyone out there is out to hurt you and pick at you, bully you” she said and I knew it was true but what about my parents death.


“Who is this?” Bethel asked pointing at Jake that was emerging from my room.Story from Topster Stories


I guess I failed to mention the fact that he wanted to sleep over here.



“My boyfriend” I replied.


“You? You got a boyfriend?? Impossible” she said and my lips curled up in a smile.


“Of course I got one” I replied.


“Man, how did you do it? How did you get this cold hearted bitch?” Bethel asked Jake and I frowned.


“No one calls me a bitch yunno” I said.


“Truthfully, I called you that a thousand times” Jake said and my eyes widened while Bethel burst into laughter.


“What’s funny?” I asked.


“Nothing” Bethel replied muffling her laughter.


“Jake! You jerk! How could you call me a cold hearted bitch!” I asked.


“But you were cold to me” Jake replied.


“I was the nicest to you” I said.


“Beating me up, telling me to disappear, calling me childish and immature, if that’s been nice then you were really nice to me” he replied.


“Your is better, I was sent away with hot water thrice” Bethel said.


“Acting like I am wicked” I muttered.






Game of love



By Authoress Juliana


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