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Roxanne POV


What do I eat today? I asked myself as I looked into the fridge. I want to eat something really delicious.


A knock came on the door, who might that be? I walked to the door and opened it gently, it was Jake.


“What are you doing here again?” I asked and he pushed past me.


“Came to see you love” he replied and winked at me to which I rolled my eyes.


“I have told you…..”


“That you don’t like me not to talk of loving me” he completed and I sat on the couch.


“Since you know why are you here?” I asked.


“Because you don’t need to like me yet, I will make you do so” he replied.


“Here I brought you pizza” he said and I gulped.


“I don’t want” I replied.



“Okay then” he said and brought out the pizza.


I am so hungry but I am not going to eat this,never!!


Jake took a bite and I swallowed. The food did nothing wrong so why do I have to punish it by not eating it?


I took the pizza away from him and glared at him.


“Didn’t you say you bought it for me, then why are you eating it?” I asked.


“I thought you were not interested in pizza” he replied.


“And who said that?” I asked.


“You, you said you didn’t want” he replied.


“Well I want it now cause it’s mine” I replied.


Jake POV


“Okay, have it to yourself then” I replied and sat back down.


I thought she didn’t want to eat, I watched her eat the pizza slowly. Somehow I wish I was the pizza being held by her.


I looked away from her thinking about what I would do to her when we start dating tomorrow, I am so confident that she would be mine today.


“That was very delicious” she said and I flashed her a smile.


“So why are you here?” She asked.


“Go get ready, we are going to school” I replied.


“No, there’s no way I am going to school with you” she replied.


“Why? What’s wrong in that?” I asked.


“I prefer being alone than being with a bunch of betrayers” she said muttering the last part.


“Roxanne, you need to stop believing that everyone is a betrayer. Some of us are sincere, just give me a chance” I said.


“Not talking with you, you can go” she replied.


I stood up and held her arms, then made her look into my eyes.


“You may have been betrayed but we humans are still the ones that are going to help. Let me be your friend please” I pleaded.


“I will think about it” she replied and removed my arms gently.


“Thanks” I murmured and sat on the couch.


“I will go get ready for school then” she said and walked into her room.


Yes!! Finally, she’s becoming soft around me! Today will definitely blow her mind and she will be mine.


After a while, she came back dressed up for school. We left for school together while I drove.


I smiled at her but she just looked away, I returned my gaze to the road happily.


I parked my car and alighted from the car, Roxanne was out of the car too.


Everyone’s eyes was on us. Why wouldn’t they be? Roxanne was with me, she drove to school in my car.


“Let’s go” I said and tried holding her hands but she moved away.



Gosh, what an embarrassment. I followed her to class. She sat on her seat while I rested on the desk.


“Go to your seat” she said.


“No, not going” I said.


“Why?” She asked.


“Cause I want to look at your face” I replied.


“Now this guy is pissing me off” she,said her voice now turning cold.


“Okay, I will be on my seat if you need me” I said and walked away.


I won’t want her to be angry or annoyed, not now that I am getting her. Game of love


Game of love


By Authoress Juliana

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