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Episode 11


Roxanne POV


I quickly got off him and wiped my lips severally. God!! This is so irritating.


“Roxanne, I swear it wasn’t intentional” he said and I ran away.


God!! No, I hate this!! This is bad! How could he have kissed me? Whose fault is it? Is it my fault or his?


I laid on the bed and touched my lips, this shouldn’t have happened. I feel so guilty about this.


Jake POV


I smiled happily, our lips met. Even though it was a second, it made me happy.



I loved the feeling, I smiled and walked into my room, I sat on a couch and recollected the kiss.


I love it, her personality may not be great but her lips is great. Let’s see how tomorrow is going to be.


The next morning


Two days more. I have to do all that I can, to start dating her today.


I took a nice bath then dressed up as best as I could. She has to fall for me today. I walked out of my room.


I was about knocking on her door when the door was opened.


“Hello good morning” I said and waved happily at her with a wide smile.


“What are you doing at my door?” She asked.


“Let me go in” I said.


“For what?” She asked.


“I just want to talk” I replied.


“About what?” She asked.


“About yesterday” I replied.


“Yesterday never happened, forget about it” she replied.


“Forget about what exactly? You talking to me? You sleeping or you and I……”


“You and I what?” Shehappened.


“Why don’t you answer that yourself?” I said with a smile.


“Nothing ever happened” she said and pushed past me but I drew her back.


“But it really happened yesterday” I replied.


“Where is the evidence? Do you have any proof?” She asked and I kept mute, she walked away.


Well, that’s okay, at least I know that we really kissed, even if it was more of a peck, it still happened.


I ran after her and walked beside her.


“Where are you going to now?” I asked.


“I don’t have any obligations to tell you, so please stop following me” she said.


“Okay, I will be in my room if you need me” I said and watched her walked off.


I shrugged and walked back to my room.



Roxanne POV


I looked back and didn’t see him, whatever so he couldn’t follow me. Well this is an opportunity to rest and meditate alone.


I laid on the sand recollecting those time I spent with my parents, how fun it was. After a while, I heard foot steps, that’s definitely Jake, he just won’t let me be alone


I felt someone grab me by my hips, Jake would never try this. I turned to see a strange guy.


Before I could react, I was thrown into the sea by the guy and another guy.


I can’t swim, Oh no. Uncle, your plan finally worked, I am going to die just as you have always wanted.





Jake POV


Oh no,I can’t fight this guys and Roxanne is dying in there. The guys looked at the sea for some mins before leaving.


I came out of hiding and ran towards the sea, I jumped into the sea and swam through looking for Roxanne.


I finally saw her in a distance, I swam towards her and brought her out of the sea.


I laid her on the beach and pressed her chest but she wasn’t waking up. Should I try the mouth to mouth.


No, she might wake up and misunderstand me but Jake, when did you start care about what a girl will think.


I bent over to kiss her but she coughed, I quickly stood up.


“Where am I?” She asked.


“Earth” I replied.


“I am still alive, that’s nice. I guess Mum doesn’t want me with her so soon” she muttered.




Game of love


By Authoress Juliana


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