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Episode 10


Roxanne POV


I kicked the sand and looked at my staff who were playing round. This company break is something that mum and Dad had always did.



I remember how I play with them then but that’s not the Roxanne now, the Roxanne now is one that doesn’t play.


Someone sat beside me, I turned to see Jake, not again.


“What are you doing here?” I asked.


“Wow, you talked to me first, that’s incredible and i came here to have fun” he replied and I looked back at the sea.


“Isn’t the sea so cool just like you?” He asked but I kept mute.


if you try too much, it will turn out to be dangerous. Should I say you are just like that too?” He asked.


“But for people who can swim, the sea is a really beautiful place and wonderful place” he added.


“And the sane things goes to you, for people who can get to you, people that can try enough to see the real you, you are beautiful and wonderful” he said.


I swear I felt happy at his words, since mum and dad died no one has ever said such comforting words to me.


“Thanks” I muttered.



Jake POV


“Really? You thanked me? Thanks for thanking me” i replied.


She stood up to leave and I stood up and followed her.


“Why are you following me?” She asked.


“I am not following you” I replied and she continued walking till she got to the hotel.


Well, I lodged here too. She went to her room which was just right beside mine.



“Hey, our rooms are just beside each other, that’s cool. If you need anything just let me know” I said.


“Fuck” she cursed and pinned me to the wall.


I blinked nervously, my palms were getting sweaty. Is she going to kiss me or what? Did she finally fall for me?


“Why are you always after me?” She asked staring directly into my eyes.


“I…I told you that I am here to have fun” I replied.


“Then when you became my driving instructor you were having fun? When you disguised as a representative, you were having fun?” She asked.


“I…I…don’t know” I said and broke free from her grip.


I ran into my room and slammed the door hard. That girl is a witch, she was trying to kill me, that’s why my heart was beating faster when she was looking into my eyes.


I won’t allow her to kill me with her supernatural powers, witch, bitchy witch. I sat on my bed.



Roxanne POV.


I looked at his door for a while before going into my room, he is weird, he should be happy I talked to him.


I laid on my bed and looked at mum’s pic on my phone.


“Mum, I am doing really good. I am going to make sure Uncle doesn’t get the company” I said and kissed the pic.


Jake POV


I came out of my room in the evening only to see Roxanne getting out of her room too.



“Hello” I said with a smile but she just stared at me for a while, nodded and walked away.


I ran after her. “Hey Roxanne, how about you give me your digits?” I asked.


“No” she replied and I bit my lip.


We got to the beach and both sat on the sand.


“So cool” she muttered to herself.


“What’s cool?” I asked.


“The weather, the beach is the best. It reminds me of mum dad and the younger me” she replied and I was quite shocked that she was talking to me.


“Why don’t you like talking to me and everyone else?” I asked.


“Cause you are all betrayers” she replied, her eyes on the sea.


“How? What do you mean?” I asked.


“It’s nothing, I don’t want to talk about it” she said.


“Okay” I mumbled and she laid on the sandy beach.


After few mins


“Roxanne” I called but there was no response.


“Roxanne” I called again, there was no response.


I looked at her and she was asleep already, so soon. I peered into her pretty face, so pretty. I found myself smiling.


I carried her in my arms gently but she woke up anyways.


“Drop me” she said.


“No” I replied.


“Drop me now” she said.


“No, I am taking you to your room” I replied and she began wriggling in my arm while I held her tightly to me, she wanted to come down but I kept holding her.


We ended up tumbling down on the sand. My eyes widened when I realized where I was.


Roxanne was on me with our lios pressed together.








Game of lov


By Authoress Juliana

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