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Episode 2



Roxanne POV


“Hello, Mr Norman is there already. I am on my way right now” I said and stood up from the chair.


I have to meet this man real quick,his deal is worth over a billion. This is not the first day I am leaving school in a hurry anyways.


I was almost at the door when someone tapped me. I felt cold shoulders. Who is this stupid person that touched me.


I turned back to see a guy. He was staring at me with a foolish smile on his face.


“Hello Roxanne” he called and I have never felt so disgusted to hear someone mention my name.


“How may I help you?” I asked making a face. I was only standing before him in case,he had a business deal.


“I was thinking….”


“When you are done thinking, you can come meet me” I said and walked away.


Just as I guessed, guys like him are idiots,jobless ones.. All they do is flirt and waste precious time.


I hurried into my car and the driver drove off.



Jake POV


I swallowed, really embarrassed. This girl really embarrassed me. I turned back to the class who were staring at me definitely surprised that I got shunned that way.


I smiled nervously and went back to my seat.



Roxanne POV


I signed the documents and handed it over to Mr Norman. He extended his hands for a shake which i took.


“Thanks, do partner with us again” I said.


“Of course and I am impressed by your great work in this company” he said and walked out.


I sat back on the chair. This is great, Roxanne you did really well, I praised myself.


“Why don’t we celebrate?” Clara,my personal assistant asked and I glared at her shutting her up.


Just because we won a contract doesn’t mean we should waste money meaninglessly. I stood up and walked to my car.


“Take me home” I said and the driver drove me home.


I walked into my mansion, my first mansion. I moved in here recently to avoid remembering my parents, I shouldn’t have a weakness.



I dropped my bag on the couch and went to the kitchen. I poured some cereals into a bowl and ate.


So much money and I don’t have a cook? I don’t trust them, they may poison me. I am going to learn how to drive very soon, I can’t let the driver kill me so soon.


Jake POV


I dressed up and looked into the mirror, cute. I smiled and grabbed my wallet. I rushed downstairs and was pretty shocked to see mum there.


I thought they weren’t coming home this night. She looked at me raising a brow.


“Where are you off to by 7pm?” She asked.


“I have to get to Dave’s house, we have a project to work on but we didn’t start early, so mum I may not come home today” I said and pecked her cheeks.


“Okay, greet Dave’s parents too” mum said and I ran out.


I got into the car and zoomed off. Immediately I got to the var, I called Dave. Who knows mum might call him.


“Hello Dave” I said immediately he picked up the call.


“Hi, are you with Ashley already?” He asked.


“Almost, but mum calls, tell her I am at your house” I said and heard him chuckle.


“No problem, I got you covered” he replied and ended the call.


I walked into the bar that was bubbling with life and loud music. I looked around and saw Ashley putting on a bum shot and crop top.


I walked over to her and back hugged her. “Hey Ashley, you look hit tonight” I whispered into her ears.



She turned to me and smiled.”you look as handsome as always” she said and Despacito started playing.


“Let’s hit the dance floor” Ashley said and pulled me to the dance floor.


After dancing and drinking for a while, we got a room πŸ˜‰




I woke up the next morning and looked at Ashley who was naked under the sheets.


I smiled at myself. One bitch down.


I stood up from the bed and took a bath, I left the room and went back home.


As expected mum wasn’t home any longer. I took a proper bath and dressed up for school. I dressed up as best as I could.


I need to get Roxanne, a day is gone. I have a week and six days left and I got shunned but it’s still cool.


I rode my bike to school, using a bike is more hotter than a car.



Roxanne POV


I alighted from the car and saw the guy from yesterday alighting from his bike, cheap bike :|. He winked at me but I just walked away.


I would have gotten someone to beat him up, but that will be kinda childish when I have better things to do.


Jake POV


Is this girl even human?! I know how many girls melt when I wink at them but she…she…she’s not in any way human!!


“Hey man, you are still be snubbed” Dave said and I frowned.


“Of course not, I snubbed her instead” I replied and forced a smile.


“You know I am not blind. How was your night with Ashley?” He asked.



“Not cool. That girl is a bitch, a huge one” I said and he laughed.


“I have always noticed” he commented.


“Talk about the devil” I mumbled as I saw Ashley walking towards me with a smile.


“Hi” she said and made to peck me but I pushed her away.


“What’s wrong Jake?” She asked.


“You are wrong, you don’t expect me to be with a huge bitch as you. I mean you didn’t have any price, you are so cheap” I spat.


you are kidding right?” She asked with tears in her eyes. “Only kids do kid” I replied.


“No, you can’t do that” she muttered.


“Of course I can and if you ever disturb me again, I will release your slutty nudes to the net” I said and she ran away.


“One more girl down” Dave said and patted my shoulder then winked at me.


“You are really doing good” he added and we walked to class.










Game of love


By Authoress Juliana

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