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Claudia: Get ready Julia, we are going to the hospital straight away.



Julia: No, auntie. I don’t want to go to the hospital



Claudia: you have no choice! I don’t want you to die on me!



Julia: I will be fine


Claudia: Are you pregnant?



Julia: How can I be pregnant when I haven’t had sΒ£x with anyone



Claudia: Oh shut up! What happened the night you spent with that fraudulent abuser. I guess you were up all night playing Ludo games.


Julia: we didn’t have sΒ£x!


Claudia: then explain the horrible bruises on your laps the morning after!! What I’m yet to grasp is how you could still be defending this man after he raised your hope and dashed it!


Julia: auntie, he never slept with me. Please believe me!


Claudia: give me something to believe. Come on! Tell me!


Julia: He actually didn’t want a girl at all that night. He had requested something light in the understanding that it would be some soft drink but Mr Ben thought he meant a petite woman. When he saw us, he was very angry and asked us to leave. But I was crying. I actually started crying mid way when Mr Ben told me what was expected of me.


When Solomon noticed my tears, he called me in and asked to know more about me. I narrated my life experiences to him and he promised to ensure I don’t go into prostitution.


He got me a separate room, gave me some money and asked me to come back the next day so we plan on how he can assist me further .


For the bruises, I got them on my way leaving the hotel. The floor was wet and there was no sign up, so I tripped on the stairs. He offered to take me to the hospital but I refused…



Claudia: hmmmm! I thank God you told me now. That man has no other intentions than to use you for money rituals. No man is good! This is the song I sing to my girls every day!


Sapphire: Auntie, I don’t think Julia is ill. I think she is just heartbroken because Solomon stopped calling her and blocked her number so she can’t reach him.


Claudia: listen to yourself, Sapphire! Just hear yourself! Were you not the one I told to teach Julia everything she needs to know about men! Were you not!


I’m totally disappointed in you. Julia can be forgiven, She is naive! She believes there are still good men out there.


Now the bitter truth! There is no damn good man anywhere!!!!!! Men are all evil, they are liars, they are cheats, they will use you, dump you and jump on your friend! They will give you HIV and leave you to die! They will make you pregnant and leave you to raise the child as a single mother.


They will ruin your life and blame it on you. They will rape you and blame it on your mode of dressing.


Now, let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter, fear men and keep your heart away from them


God who created man has this to say about him…the heart of MAN is desperately wicked!


I’m out of here.








Damn it!!!!



Jesus!!!!! (Walks away angrily)


Sapphire: I’m sorry, auntie. I told her but She didn’t listen. Julia I told you!!! Now look I’m being blamed!


Julia: I still believe that Solomon wants to help me. I wish I can at least get the time to explain things to him. Please do me one more favour, can I call his number with your phone?


Sapphire: hian!!! You are still trying? I’m going to hands off your matter soon. Here is my phone!


(Julia started dialling Solomon’s number with sapphire’s phone and luckily, he picked up)






Solomon: Hello?


Julia: Good morning, sir.


Solomon: speaking?


Julia: can you please let me explain myself even if you don’t want to talk to me again. I beg of you, please


Solomon: You have some nasty confidence, don’t you? Why do you think a man like me would want to have anything to do with a bowl for the village spittle?


Julia: I am not. Honestly.


Solomon: you know what? If you had stolen from me the night you came to my hotel room, I would have forgiven you knowing that you may have been very hungry. If you had thrown a metal at me, I would put it down to the fact that you’ve been through a lot and may be suffering from depression.



But you made me a promise, I gave you my words, I wanted to help you become everything you’ve always wanted to be in life. What did you do? Sleep with my so called friend!


Julia: I swear, I didn’t sleep with Mr Ben. Let me explain please


Solomon: you have 3 minutes to do so. Your time starts now.


Julia: Mr Ben came and requested to have me. It was the day I was very sore from the fall I had. I pleaded with my auntie but she insisted it wasn’t going to last more than two hours. Mr Ben wouldn’t take no for an answer either….


Solomon: Why didn’t you call me?


Julia: I had no phone then.


Solomon: I see. So you gave in?


Julia: No I did not. I thought of something that could put a man off. A strange idea came to me and I quickly took off my panties and urinated on it and put it back on.


By the time I went Into the room with Mr Ben, the stench emanating from my lady parts could kill! Mr Ben couldn’t even kiss me.


He left the room angrily and threatened never to patronise my auntie again.


My auntie was mad at me but I lied and told her I couldn’t help it because I was nervous.


My aunt still believes I am urine incontinent and wants me treated for it. Truth is that this idea just came to me out of nowhere and it worked.


Solomon: Jesus Christ!. Julia, I’ll see you in two hours. bye!


To be continued


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