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Mr Ben: Solomon, something light is waiting outside.


Solomon: Oh! That was fast! Could I have it in here please. If you don’t mind.


Mr Ben: Sure! (Opens the ) come in, young lady. Solomon, I hope this defines something light for you!


Solomon: Excuse me!! Can someone explain what in the actual fish is going on here!


Mr Ben: I’m sorry but this was what they sent us and I actually don’t think she is that bad looking


Solomon: what the hell are you even on about! What’s the meaning of this!



Mr Ben: if I heard you right, You requested for something light. Correct me if I’m wrong.


Solomon: Yes! By something light I meant a soft drink or even water! Has that changed? When was it changed because I appear not to be catching up with this generation!


Mr Ben: Oh dear! You are young so I assumed you would know these street languages.


Solomon: well, Not all of us spend our precious time figuring out ways to paint black white. Some of us actually still live in the 80s when things meant what they mean!


Mr Ben, kindly take this thing out of my room. Don’t forget to take yourself along!


Mr Ben: The night is long and lonely. I believe you will be needing a company.


Solomon: Get lost! By the way, why is she crying?


Mr Ben: I think she’s embarrassed by how you spoke to us.


Solomon: I don’t think so. She was teary when she walked in. Young lady, why are you crying on duty? You are supposed to be and act professional in your chosen career


Julia: (breaks down in tears )


Solomon: This is interesting. Mr Ben, leave us. Young lady, take a seat.


Mr Ben: (smiles mischievously) I told you, you will be needing this softie. Enjoy your night, bro.


Solomon: leave please…





Claudia: I’ve been watching you cry since you came back from work last night. I know exactly how you feel because I felt same way too…


Julia: Good morning, auntie



Claudia: Not such a good morning is it. It hurts to see you cry, dear baby sister, it does.


I wish I could take all your pains away and make the world a better place for you.





Claudia: How was it?



Julia: Sorry, auntie but I don’t want to talk about it.



Claudia: That’s absolutely fine! I haven’t yet spoken to anyone about my first experience either. I just hope yours wasn’t as bad as mine..


I had two morbidly obese men on me…


Anyways! Let’s not go into that right now.


You need to go have a shower, Sapphire will make you breakfast and I’ll take you to the hospital


Julia: I don’t want to go to the hospital.


Claudia: I’m sorry but you have no say in that. Apart from ensuring you are safe to work as your employer, I am also tasked with ensuring my customers are safe…


We are leaving for the hospital at half past eleven.



If you need anything, I am upstairs


Sapphire: Auntie!


Claudia: Yes?


Sapphire: Mr Ben just called to ask for Julia to be sent to him today from 8pm till dawn.


Claudia: Call him back and tell him that Julia can’t make it tonight. You will be going instead.


Sapphire: Alright.


Claudia: Please make Julia breakfast and assist her in any way you can. I’m sure you understand what she is going through…talk her through it, please. Thanks.


Sapphire: I will, auntie..Oh! Auntie! Mr Ben is ringing again.



Claudia: pass me the phone….


Hello, Mr Ben.


Mr Ben: Hi Claudia, you’re alright?


Claudia: Yes, I’m fine thank you.


Mr Ben: Good! Could I please have the lady you sent me last night for a week. How much would that cost?


Claudia: ermmm, she is indisposed at the moment. Can I send you someone else instead.


Mr Ben: Nah! It’s either her or no one else.


Claudia: I’m sure she can’t be better than my other experienced girls.. so??


Mr Ben: my dear! I have this weird guy that came in from the UK. He seems to love the services of this girl so much. So he said it’s either her or no deal.



Claudia: Oh wow! You know what? I’ll speak to her about it and see what she says


then I’ll call you back. But bear in mind that we are looking at nothing less than


eight hundred thousand.




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Claudia: Alrigjt. I’ll come back to you soon..


To be continued


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