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episode nine


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“whose phone is that???


Dylan clenched his fists tightly.


He closed his laptop and pick up one of the displayed phones.


I guess he doesn’t know what to do.



“guards,someone is here!


“there’s a loop hole,find out! he gave orders.


my phone started ringing again,


it was 6-stars calling. Richie might have been waiting for me.


“check the curtains!!!!


Dylan’s voice sounds cold.


My heart started beating.


Maybe I should just show my face before he finds out” I shrugged and show my face.


He can’t kill me,the least he would do is to fight with me.


His looks become more fierce as I showed my face.




he shouted, his looks directed to the pendant on my neck.


“cut it off” I smirks and walk to the door.


“guards,block him” he signalled.. his guards blocked my ways.


I turned back to him.


“Dylan, what’s all this???? I asked.


“you saw the secrets, did you not??? he asked back.


I felt shivers running down my spines.


“which secret??? I pretend.


“secret about the Jaiho,your foster dad” hr replied and light up a cigarette, then he kept an sunlight one at the back of his ear. Thick smokes filled his nostrils. he purposely puff the smokes on my face.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about” I pretend,his guards still block my ways.


“well,I have no other option than this” he replied and brought out a gun from his waist belt.


“Dylan, friends” I shivered at the gun pointed to my chest.


“Scott, enemy” he replied.



“you killed my dad and dupe my foster dad” I said.


“story for the gods” he replied and was about pulling the trigger when the door burst open suddenly.


He quickly hide his gun in his waist belt cuz my guards just burst in.


He made a disappointed look and eyed the pendant one last time.


“Scott,we were able to get you through the tracker installed in your earpub,else your dad would have skin us alive if we didn’t find you” Zayn said. I smiled and follow them out .


it was just sooo close.


They followed me strictly by dad’s orders to my car, I wasn’t even allowed to drive,the guards did every thing and took me home.


“did kd come????


I asked cuz I saw his white BMW packed in my supposed place in the garage.


“yes,he was here since.We thought you did something…you know….you


understand” zayn said,making a smirk to escape my mouth.


the door was opened by them,


I met kd and my dad waiting patiently in the living room.




I said cus kd was wearing the same type of outfit am putting on.The only difference is our foot wear.



Liam Jin Jaiho


“dad,you were almost duped”.


Scotty said and sat opposite Kelvin.


“again!!! I exclaimed.


kelvin smiled.


“Didn’t you remember any of your pasts??? Kelvin asked.


“pasts???? do I have one?? I asked back.



“do you have anything to do with throne or are you a king???? Scott asked but I still can’t recollect anything.


“have you heard about this names??


Elsa,Nare and Nara.I’m suspecting you have a connection with them vuz Scott said you have the same tattoos and bracelets! Kelvin said but those names sounds strange to me.


“dad,you need to remember!!


Scott said and showed me some pictures on his of two identical girl twins and a beautiful woman.




kelvin said.


“I can’t” I replied.


“pleaseeeee remember!!! Scot was almost crying..while Kelvin continue showing me many of the twins picture.


i felt little pains screaming in my memory.


“is the woman Elsa???


I asked,pointing my ringed finger to a woman picture.


“I think she’s my wife…. she gave birth to star and moon” I said…the pain still


continue screaming in my head.


“star and moon????


Kelvin said.


yes I nod my head and pointed to one of the twins with red lips.


she’s “star” this one is the “moon” I pointed to the one with pink lips.


“dad,do you have any business with throne???? Scott asked.


My head suddenly became hot like I would run mad….everything went blank.


All I remember was that I have a beautiful woman as a wife, Chris Amandor snatched my kingdom and banished me and my wife, we left the village,leaving behind star and moon who are just 2hours old in the care of an old granny,on our



way out of the village,someone in mask injected something into my system and took my wife as a slave……




next day………


Paula p.o.v




“wake up before I bite you”


“you know Richie isn’t around, I can do whatever I want with you”


I smiled and tap her big ass,wishing mine will someday be bigger like that.


“aunt Paula,is it not too early to go for the clearance??? i want to sleep a little bit” she replied and rolled on her bed.


“it’s better you get up now cuz we are gonna attend many places today immediately we leave six stars” I said,she stood up and sat upright, rubbing her sleepy face.


“wait a little bit, I want to watch my boyfriend” she replied and turn on the plasma with the remote control on her bed stand. She changed the channel to 4 just to watch how Richie’s fans interview that took place yesterday night.


I opened her laptop and watch a short rap video.We were both eating fresh fruits as we watch our separate video clip..


“han Han”


she gasped immediately Richie’s show ended and smiled at the advert of the new music he just released the day before yesterday.


There’s still something about her and her twin sister that I can’t place about, they are so ignorant….and innocent, not spoilt like me.


well,its my work not to make their beauty be in waste cuz they are naturally endowed. Especially Nare her own is just too much.I’m sure she will win if there’s no foul play.


“Go and use the jacuzzi am waiting here” I command..



“okay ma” she replied and drank water before going to the direction of the washroom door. She really tried practicing many songs yesterday but the one she knows best is “all of me” by Richie (my brother).


She came out few minutes later in a short towel.


“should I choose cloth myself??? she asked.


“no,I choose already” I replied and pointed my little finger to a newly packed cloth on her cloth stand.


“did you use cream???


I asked.


“yes” she nodded.


“which one??? I asked..


“this one” she replied and show me a pink colored tube with glassy edge.


“why are you using matienal glow, try something new.Use Tatiana Lopez secrets,it works better.That’s the original one.I’m sure Tatiana must have met with Richie that’s why she gave it out cus the Tatiana I know won’t give out her signed on cream” I said.


“will start using it tomorrow”. she replied.


“Go and bath again,then use what I said” I replied,.


“not today” she replied..


“do it” I said.she frowned and walk back to the washroom,she came out 20minutes later and dried her body in my presence and creamed using what I said. She opened the cloth I kept and frowned at the g-string pant.


“aunt Paula, can I change it to cotton pants???? she asked.


“no” I replied,she frowned and remove her towel.


“holy endowment!!!!!


I smiled at her sΒ£xy figure…..


Her br**sts were just so pointy with pink nipples.


She wear the pant.



“Aunt Paula,this thing is tighting me,it’s doing me somehow,I’m not comfortable, it’s showing my bumbum and it’s only covering my v***na.Can I change it????? she asked.


“No,that’s the brand of pants you will be wearing from now on. I will still introduce more” I replied. She,made a sober cute look and didn’t say anything cuz am her tutor and am a year older than her.She’s 20,am 21.


She wrap her towel back and wanted to open the huge wardrobe.


“Honey, don’t take bra,that cloth doesn’t need bra” I stopped her.


She turned back and wore a black bumber shot as an underwear before wearing the off shoulder gown.


It really shoot out her bumbum the way I wanted.


“Paula, am through”.


she said.I closed her laptop and fixed her hair and applied spray gell on her teady.I did not do make up neither did I paint her lips, she’s just cute like that.


Satisfied with how she looked, I help her in wearing a mini heels and held her hands,making sure that we walk out together hands in hands.


We got into the car while pat drive the car to 6-stars exactly where I will settle her clearance.


my Nanare



I kept dragging the gown down, it felt like am naked,I felt like people are seeing my br**sts and bumbum cuz the guards won’t stop looking at me till we enter the car.


Even Richie hasn’t look me in that way.


We got to the supposed place.


Now,I love Paula for this,


she will never leave me stranded.


always by my side.The only thing I don’t like about her is how she dresses me.There’s nothing I can do cuz she’s also a top model.


who am I to complain????


“don’t miss me,hold my hand baby*


she whispered and hold my hand as we get into the industry.


The glares are just unbearable.


“will you stay here,so I can get the clearance done.?? she asked.


I nodded yes cuz the place she said I should stay is an off building.


She was smart enough to put guards with me.


Those ones that won’t stop looking at me.


“can you close your eyes???


I smiled,politely.


“sure” the replied and did what I said.


now,I feel relaxed.


Just then,Mhesha and her crews passed by,each of them glaring.


“can I see you????


Mhesha waved.


I turn back, is she talking to me or another person???


She and her crews moved forward.


I noticed seesha is not among them cuz she’s the only one that likes me.


” I didn’t know that dogs are also contesting???


“dogs like you are contesting with Mhesha???? Alisha said.


I stood up and look in another direction cus they are doing what I hate,I hate insults.


“So you’re showing off queen mahline dress cuz your rich boyfriend got it for you” Tasha mocked…


Mhesha didn’t say anything,she was just looking at me.


“So you’re competing with me??


she asked.


“I’m not a beauty without brain,am contesting” I replied.


“she has mouth to talk” Alisha teased..


“why won’t she talk when everyone’s favorite is her boyfriend!!! well,you’re


loosing to me” Mhesha said.


I didn’t say anything.


“well watch out you this stupid bastard, if you don’t want to be disgrace like the idiot that you are!!! she shouted.


“what difference does it makes???


“I have a mother,where’s your own mother???? she’s busy eating our leftover in my


boyfriends mansion” I abused her back.


All she did was to stared at me shocked.








a day task


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