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episode seven


now enjoy……








Richie found the love,


he found the girl,


so beautiful and sweet.


what about me????


I have got nothing.I’m just locked up here,my career is also locked up.


Each time I beg the interrogator to call Richie, she will ignore me,saying silly


words like “you’re now below”, “mr president can’t see you”,”you’re gonna stay


here till no one knows.


She hurt me lots of words.


She made me felt what it means to be enslaved.


Am I going to continue like this?


where’s my fake beauty???


where’s my mom??


where are my talent and skills???


what about my examination result??


No,this is not who I am!


“I don’t belong to this place at all!!


“voice challenge is in 15more days,if I don’t get out of here,there’s a high tendency all my fames will vanish into the thin air.


I don’t want to end up like my mom but pride and ego won’t just allow me rest.


“you’re Mhesha Daniels???


one of the detectives asked.


“yes yes” I replied and sealed my face on the metallic stripped door.


He smirks before opening the door.


“follow me”


he said and led me to a very neat and spacious section.


As usual,I let the interrogation managers and five other detectives.


“good morning”


I greeted,almost kneeling down.


“Mhesha this is not you” my head screamed pain.



The detectives look at each other then back to me.They are surprised I almost knelt down.


“ummm Mhesha, his Excellency wants to have some words with you” one of the


boards of interrogators said and connected her phone to the flat screen projector.


Then she dialed Richie’s phone number.


my heart leapt,


praying silently that he would pick up.


he did,


he pick up.


immediately he pick up,his face appear on the screen.I drooled instantly cuz his sight was dangerously handsome.


He didn’t bother greeting anybody, he just go straight to the point.


“Mhesha,you will be released only on one condition” he speaks, fluency in his voice.


his voice sounds so close like he’s near the location.


“what condition???


I asked.


“sign an agreement” he said.


I was happy at his kind gestures.


“an agreement, am in”


I replied,staring at his cute face through the screen.


“Mhesha,I’m not playing tricks,I’m going to assign someone you don’t know to monitor everything you do without you knowing immediately you’re released” he said,I nod my head.


This guy usually turn me on but I know he can’t be mine.


“don’t think am releasing you because I’m kind because I have promise myself not to sign your release but I just have to do sign it after much pleas from Doris (your band manager) and Khalil (your lawyer),I decide to release you but on the conditions I will be giving. if you agree,then we are good to go” he rush words.



I swear I didn’t hear any of what he said cuz my soul was far gone. I can’t believe I


almost shouted “Richie I love you”


but my subconsciousness caught me.


Richie pause the call or rather he place it on a hold while the interrogator handed me a file just for me to read the conditions. it states many rules.




“I, Mhesha Daniels promise not to harm any of the soul staying inside enchanted mansion,I also promise to stop bullying where ever I go. if any of the above stated is violated, I might end up being a slave for the rest of my life” I read the conditions and shake my head on sorrow.


“I agree” I replied,shame in my voice.


“then sign” he replied.


I was handed a pen…


I can’t believe I signed.


I sign my life into the hands of the law makers.


immediately I sign,Richie ended the call and his face disappeared from the screen.


“ummm Mhesha Daniels, have this, it’s actually 2million won,given to you by Richie miles” the interrogator brought out a check.. I was dumbfounded.


he still gave me money after a that I have done to him.


“thank you”


I said and collect the check with shaking hands.


“good luck in your voice challenge” the interrogator said before I left.





“can I have a little privacy???


I signalled my guards to move away from me.


“sorry,we can’t. We are asked to follow you around strictly by your mom since


today is the same day your dad died.We are kindda afraid that you might do


something crazy”


they replied.


“I’m not.I’m just going there to drop a bouquet of flower,it’s not like I will kill myself. I wanna go alone,so back off”


I glared and hijacked the car key to my black BMW sport car.


I drove alone at a high speed on the highway,it was really a long drive. I got there around 3pm.


The place was kind of deserted but it was beautiful.


I step out of my car and took the bouquet in my hands and approach his grave slowly.


I sat down on the floor beside it and kept the flower on it.


Today is suppose to be his birthday but he died.


No,he was killed.


The killer left no traces…..


I stared at the grave and the flower that I brought.I suddenly felt like crying and I did.


I cried silently with my eyes closed. I don’t like remembering what today is but there’s still nothing I can do.


This place is just one of my secret place. No one knows about it. almost everybody thinks that Liam is my father not knowing that he is just my foster dad.


Only my mom,my foster dad and Richie,kd and Dylan know about this Nara and Jenny making it seven.


After much cry,I turn my head sideways and saw her sitting close beside me…..




Did she come here???????


But I told her not to come………


How did she sit beside me without me knowing???????


She was even crying too…..


Who told her to cry??????


“will you stop crying???


I said and brought out my handkerchief to clean her tears.


“No,you should stop crying first”.


she collected the handkerchief and used it on my face.


She was even holding a paper and a pencil.


I took it from her and check what was there.


She scribbled how I sat down….


“now,am confused!!!!!!


how long have she been here???


“since when have you been here?


I asked.


“since morning” she replied.


“since morning!!


I arch my brows,really surprised.


“I saw you when you were crying,so I started crying too” she replied, I nodded and look at her drawing.


“I brought chocolates”


she said and opened a mini package.


“open your mouth” she said,opening hers partly.


She fed me the chocolates.


“open your mouth too”


I said,she did.


I moved into her slowly and kiss her slowly and steadily.


She was kinda shocked,


she wasn’t expecting any of that at all.




she called in between kiss but I was not stopping.


I locked my hands around her waist and trail my lips to her neck,giving it soft love bites.


I withdrew from the kiss.


kissing with her makes me sweet from the inside.


She look at me and make me kiss her again,this time,it was more deep and intense.


“thank you” she said and straightened her legs with her hands covering them.


I stared at her sweetly and saw that same tattoo on her left leg.


That same tattoo my foster dad have.


I touched the tattoo, she smiled and didn’t say anything.


Even her anklet,it is the same..


“Nara,who gave you…..


I wanted to ask…


“Scott let’s go home,she said.




“ma,your manager is around”.


Gangaa said. I rolled my eyeballs at her,she run away immediately.


I switch off my phone and left it on the chair.


“pick your manager’s call”.


Alisha shouted from her room.


I shrugged and plug in my headset before heading to the practice room.


I met Doris and the other girls.


“Doris, we can’t do this without Mhesha, she’s our lead vocal and she had that hot skills”


I said and glared at Jenny.


“I know,she will be here in the next 1hour” Doris replied.


“really Mhesha has been released??


Tasha and Ali widened their eyeballs.


“yes,because she’s a participant of the voice challenge on stage.She will join us here in the next 1hour. Myself and Khalil placed a petition on her behalf.She was released under dime certain conditions. She won’t be allowed to walk anyhow, her movements had been restricted a little bit” she satisfied our curiosity.


Just then,Mhesha showed up.


She had changed a lot…..


Her skin had been treated,


her facials was neat and shining new,


her hair was dyed pure white….


gossssh,she looks like those wild call girls.


The gown she wear is simple with little designs and it brought out the real model that she is…..


One thing is certain,she will get back all her fans and will surely win all the ten competitors that will be participating in the voice challenge.




we pouted her name and hug her one after the other.


She smiled softly and sat on a low pub with her fingers clasped together.


We look at her intently till Doris cleared her throat.


“there’s no time for all that,you have a lot to do,you need to set your pace very well


if you really want to win and get to the “perfection stage”. There are six other




Doris said.


“Paula and Roshni might be the one tutoring our number one competitor and I know that it’s not going to be easy for us because Paula is a fashionista,a skilled dancer,a boxer and to crown it all she’s a wild girl.


Her skills might help develop our number one competitor”.


she concluded.


“who is our number one competitor??


Mhesha asked.


“Nare” Doris said.


“what makes her our number one competitor??? she asked.


“her beauty” Doris replied.


Mhesha faked a smile.


“does six-stars look at beauty or skills??? don’t you know there are many beautiful


girls without brain??


Mhesha said.


Doris kept quiet because it’s so sure that Mhesha will win all other competitors.She has been the one wining for the last three years….


She has been the one acting on stage with all other script writers.


She’s the best and I don’t think there is someone better than her.


Mhesha is the best.


Everyone knows that.


“Who is Paula????


“does she have any achievement???


I asked.


“hmm yes,her recent achievement is that she’s the face of “Thai”……


Doris replied.


“hmm face of Thailand.Is that the reason why she have that tiny bracelets because


no one can have it except if the person have met with Tatiana Fia(the most top


Thailand modelist)”.


Tasha said.


“yes,she’s the one.


she’s Paula”


Doris said.


I swallow nothing in particular. if Paula should be the one teaching Nare, there’s a high tendency that she will win……


She might win because of Paula.










20 more days


©adesola adeomowole.



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