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episode twelve










“what’s happening to me???


I asked myself from within and pink the microphone in a stylish way. I batted my lashes in a sad manner because I saw Richie drop his head down before clasping his ringed fingers.


my lips shakes slightly at the sight of my other contestants,they look so so beautiful and classic,not inferior people like me. I just hope I will win????


even if I will not win,I really want my spirit to irritate mhesha….but it will be better


if I win her here.


winning her is the best punishment that I can ever give…..


I bowed slightly to the audiences watching and went to stand not to close to mhesha since our numbers are on the same range. She shot me a glare, I shot mine back.


“welcome to six stars,we appreciate your efforts for wanting to be a partaker of the


play titled “ENCHANTED”,written and composer by Richie miles, the world most


wealthy and popular script writer”


the projector snucks in green lights.


“For the first stage,your vote counts must be up to 4million counts.If not, you’re disqualified.


over to Pragya ivory” the projector shut down,making everywhere dark, only the light on the stage was sharp.


Just sharp white,coupled up with the lights shinning from the background.


An average height girl with tag number one walk up to the stage and reposition her head set.


“girlfriend” written and composed by me” she speaks fluently and started singing with pure boldness.


“vote me in” she smiled immediately she finished the song.


The sequence continued like that till it was mhesha’s turn.


She stood on her vote meter and made a fake smile. The smile can actually make everyone go crazy.


“stay with me by mhesha jasmine Daniels” she winked.


my heart started beating slowly when she starts singing.


I instantly have three doubt’s.


“she’s better than me!


“I am better than her!!


“no,we are the same!!!


my mind raced faster.I admit that she have a great sense of composure skill while I just have the talent.


She have the voice and she can compose….. but me,I only have the voice, I can’t




“Vote for me” she smiled immediately she sang her song…


I know she will get many votes cuz her fluency was just pure.


Immediately she left the stage,I started fidgeting from the inside.


“Nanare,you will win” Paula and nare waved there hands. I nodded cuz I didn’t hear what the said,it was my mind that guessed.


“Miss,nanare jaiho!.


the projector changed light to a mixture of white and blue….


I walk abruptly to the stage and held the microphone firmly.


Mhesha’s looks distracted me but I was able to fight my way out.


after all,she is not God!!!


“Nanare sing!!!


Alberto walk up to me on the stage and folded a necklace into my hands.


“all of me version 2” written and composed by Richie miles and nanare jaiho….


I said firmly and look at Richie who had that sweet bad boy look.



is she with Richie???


are they together???


are they dating???


why is she wearing my crush necklace??????


ohhh my!!! someone hold me, she’s wearing that necklace that can buy the whole of six-stars!!!!!


I kept quiet for a while,


it looks like I am in another word entirely because the stares are just too much.


“are you interested???


“why are you not singing????


the projector snucks out red.


“well,I am over interested”.


I replied and sang the song I and Richie composed together.


I sang the last part and lit my eyes up.


“Do not vote me in,accept me in your heart” I said immediately I sang and bowed slightly.


“within one hour,Mhesha Jasmine Daniel’s had 9million votes while Nanare had a


total of 8.9million counts…..


the projector screened out the results. I was kinda surprised that the other contestants did not even make it up to 3million vote counts…


Just mhesha and I!!!!


I smiled at my competitor while she glared at me.


“I’m ahead of you…. you will be dragged out like the bitch that you are” she




“how about seeing yourself being shamed and disappointed by your fake beauty?????


“I can even make you fail by shouting into this microphone that you’re depending on facials but no,it is not the best way to fail you,the best way to do is for me to prove to your as the hardest challenge!!!!


I replied, she rolled her eyeballs…


“well I have got news feeds that the perfection stage requires who your father is….????


“you don’t have a father,you can’t win


“you’re just an unwanted seed”


she replied.I wanted to cry but it’s not now.


“unwanted seed???? I rolled my eyeballs.


“how about I call you an unwanted product whose birth certificate is rejected in a factory company?????


“what difference does it makes???


“you called your sugar daddy to represent you and you won’t allow us hear word again!!!


“warn yourself and don’t push me to reveal your secrets!


I replied her.


I was surprised that she didn’t say anything further.


“and mind you,if anything should happen to me,my boyfriend won’t take it lightly with you.


Go your way and let me go mine!!


I shut her out and walk to the back of the stage so that I can get ready for the next stage…


which is the perfectionist stage.



I went inside my numbered dressing room and met Richie and Alberto.


I bowed slightly at Alberto who kissed my cheeks.


“try harder”


he said and left,leaving only me with Richie.


“Richie,I want to change,the next round is in the next 40min” I said.


He nodded and came to my back.


I can dress you” he said and opened a shopping back nylon…


“ummm I think with this,you will look more beautiful than a goddess”


he said and brought out the black Saree with expensive diamonds all over it.


I gasped and widened my eyes at the price tag…


I shut my eyes at the tag and push the cloth away.


“how can he buy just a single cloth for 5.6million rupee???


“keep closing your eyes,I will wear it for you” he said and wanted to drag my top up.


“whattt,I can wear it! I replied and took the clothes and rushed into the comfty washroom.I changed into the cloth and came back,Richie was still there waiting.


“I can help you with something” he said and brushed my hair.


The next thing I felt was his breath on my chest,almost close to my br**st while his hands are moving in between my laps.


“2more minutes”


Richie left me and brushed my long hair.I hugged him again and slowly open the door that will lead to the stage.





“Dylan just called me that he lost track” mhesha said.


“lost track as how???


“do you mean he won’t be able to kidnap Nare’s dad anymore???


I asked.


“yes” she said,trying not to cry because crying will spoil the heavy facials that we did for her.


“why do you suddenly want to start crying??? don’t you trust me???


asked. She sniffs….


I pick my phone and dialed Theo(six- stars informant) since he is one of my puppets.


one favor please”


I said into the phone, smiling seductively from ear to ear.



what favour???? he asked.



ummm can you minus 5million counts from Nanare Jaiho’s total vote counts???? I asked.


why not???? if the pay is good,we are good to go!!!


he replied.


“I will pay!!!!!!!!


mhesha screamed and through her credit card on me.


She stood up and adjusted her gown and slowly open the door that leads to the stage.




Throughout my life,


I have always get all that I want….


I get it without little stress….


Nanare Jaiho,I’m the real winner here! I grinned and catwalked out, the opposite


door also opened to reveal my competitor in the most STUNNING outfit….


I was not the only one shocked….


The audiences were shocked more to the bone marrow….


I look at what I was wearing back to what Nanare was wearing!!!!


This last stage allowed us to wear whatever we want but it must be the same color, just black and silver.


We stood on our separate stands….


I suddenly lost more hopes cuz the cloth Nanare wore was just a simple short Saree.I swear I haven’t seen such Saree all my life.


I look away from her quickly so that it won’t look like she’s winning already, then, adjusted my earpub,it will make me communicate with Tasha.


“Tasha,tell Theo to minus 20million votes from nanare’s votes count” I said slowly.


“ahhhh mhesha,that is pure wickedness,the total vote count is 20million and that’s the highest record so far….if you minus 20,what will she have to present????


“what if she have 10million votes, how will theo minus 20votes??? she asked through the PC stuff.


“okay,please tell him to do it in a way that I will win” I replied and disconnected the earpub from my ear.


I faced my audience and cheered up.


“Forever love composed by me!!!!


I lied….


that song is nanare’s own.


if I should sing it,she will have nothing to sing and will only look like a moron”


I smiled and stole her song….


I sang it from the beginning to the end….I stole the song from her iPhone in her


changing room….


She didn’t lock her iPad,


she saved her second stage song with “perfectionist stage” so it was easier for me.


I sang the song like it was mine……


my fake dad waved his hands from the crowd,it only allow me get more votes counts.


“within an hour,mhesha Daniel’s got 19million views…so great because it is almost close to the highest record six stars have ever heard”. the projector snucks.




I look at Nare,


she didn’t shout nor scream,instead she said “you stole my song, someone will steal your destiny” she said with just a tear dropping out of her eyes.


She wiped her tears and replaced it with a smile….while looking at somewhere.


Standing at the place she was looking at are Seesha,Elsa,Nara,Paula and a man who I persumed to be the true king.


“enchanted by Nanare Jaiho”


she said….


“she have another song???


I gasped and watch her change her standing position…..


She has got a good figure and her bumbum,let me say it is four times my own….


well,she’s still gonna lose because I always have my way.


She held her mic and allow her long lashes fall on her cheeks.



“Beautiful helpless girls, this song is dedicated to you,I was once a victim just like you” she smiled and started singing.



Living is to inspire,Nanare inspire.


like fireworks, you’re enchanted


when it is real,you’re enchanted hope,smile,aspire….nanare aspire



she said my aspirations runs into perfection,inspire….Nanare aspire.


you are flawless,you’re enchanted.



Yes I know,I remember,


You languished me,,I’m your slave.


I won’t stop chasing, I will aspire.



If that devil darken your word,


Nanare do not stop… is divine to ENCHANTED.



No matter what I am,


I am aspiring,I am ENCHANTED…..


She sang slowly and opened her eyes….


“whaoooo,you are so so beautiful!!!!


“it’s so emotional…Miss nanare….


Park Shouted into her mouth piece.


“within one hour,Nanare Jaiho had a total vote counts of………….”


the projector snucks sounds and started beeping low red lights.


“Please minus 30million”


I managed to speak through my PC.


I noticed Kelvin’s gaze…..



did he catch me????


I started sweating. My facials will turn out bad if I should continue like that.



Kelvin looked away,I came back to normal,eagerly waiting for the results.


“Nanare Jaiho had a total of………..!!!


the projector said and beeped dim red lights…








“0” it counted and screen her name on the screen.


“Nanare Jaiho had a total of……….








a day task


©adesola ADEOMOWOLE.m.


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