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episode eight








She has 80% chance of wining,she’s getting 30% from Paula while the remaining


50% is from her body structure. She’s really fit.I have seen her once when roshni


brought her to 6-stars for registration into the industry. I must admit she has a kind


of big bumbum with tiny waist”


Doris said in the middle of our tutor.


Even if she will win,I won’t allow that.


it is my Mhesha that will act on stage with Richie and not that piece of trash!! I rolled my eyeballs.


My phone rang,it was Dylan.


“don’t pick that call, we are learning something useful here” Doris cautioned.


“it’s urgent,I won’t take up to 5min” I lied.


“2min” she glared.


I ran out of the practice room go the living room before picking the call.


“Jenny,write down what am going to say,then send it to Elsa when you’re less busy” he said.


“okay” I replied and quickly tear out a paper.


“reaady??? he asked.


“yes” I nodded.



real name- Jin Jaiho


throne name- Jin Jaiho the 8th


Age- 48


Daughters name-Nanare and Nanara.


Residence- Australia.


send it to Elsa” he said.


I exhaled and drop the call. i rush back to the practice room before Doris will start barking like a dog.


I will send that stuff to Elsa when am’s part of me and Dylan’s plan to truck her out of india so that the real crown can be collected and it might make Nare not to perform on stage anymore.


I exhaled again and pen down the song Doris composed for me.


Doris just tool most of her time to compose mhesha’s song. She made it lenghty with sweet words, loving lines and a little bit rap.


That song gave me an assurance that she will make it to the “perfection stage”.


I pray she wins.



my Scott’s



I carried her to my car and did her seat belt.A part of me wanted to ask her about the tatoo on her left leg but my phone interrupted me,it was a call from my dad.


“hi dad” I said.


“Scotty, can you come right away,I think I need to travel to Australia right away because someone just mentioned a neurosurgeon who can help me regain my memory” he replied.


“have even sent the person 9.8billiom won,since he asked for it” he added.


I was surprised.


“you sent him money already without seeing him or knowing him!!! “dad,are you sure about the person, it might be scam”


I replied while driving.


“it can’t be scam!! he said,I smiled.


“but dad, you know you just came back from Germany all in the name of meeting


neurosurgeons. Going again will make it the 20th time.Are you not tired of


traveling around???


I asked.


He kept quiet for a while.


That quietness somehow means sadness.


“dad,are you there???


I asked.


‘ohh yes” he replied.


“send me the number the person used in calling you” i requested and pack carefully on one side of the road. After a while,he sent the message.


I didn’t waste time,I called the number with my yellow phone because no one has that number.


The phone I called started ringing,. it was picked minutes later.


“hi” the receiver said.


that voice………


why does it sounds like Dylan????


I decide to play along by changing my voice to my dad’s own.


“I’m that man you called on phone based on the issues of memory lost. Should I send another money??? I asked.


“sure,you can do that right away,I will get back to you” he replied.


I was more than sure that it was Dylan.


does it means that Dylan knows about my dad death too because its this same number that called my dad before he died and now,Dylan is doing the same with my foster dad.


“what’s Dylan’s reason for telling my foster dad that he’s a neurosurgeon when he’s




I smirks.


“is anything wrong??


Nara asked softly.


“kiss,me” I pouted.


“hmm no,we kissed earlier” she replied.


I lean on her and brush my fingers into her waist and lock my fingers with her waist beads.


I wonder why she’s wearing such beads.Only princesses wear things like that,she didn’t tell me anything much about the beads.


I stopped and kissed her, eating deep into her lower lips and directing her tongues,


making them lock and unlock. I stopped the kiss and pull away my fingers from


her waist but the thing drag her close.


As I drag it,she dragged with it.


I think its my bracelet that tangle with her waist beads.


“let me do it”.


she said and tried untangling.


if she continues like that,either the bracelet or her waist bead will cut.


“let me do it”


I replied and removed her Saree stuff with my other hand so as to get a better view. it wasn’t something difficult, it was my bracelet that curled with the only pendant on her waist




I gasped because its actually the same with the one in my neck.


“Same jin Jaiho the 8th”.


She sat well.


She doesn’t seem to notice anybody.


“so Nara, what’s your surname??


I asked.


“Mia” she replied, innocently.


“your dad’s name?? I asked.


“Jin”she replied.


I nod my head and continue driving.


I drove into enchanted mansion and left immediately I drop Nara. i even feel like confronting Dylan because for him to tell my foster dad about neurosurgeon stuff,I might know something about his pasts.


I drove to his penthouse and step out of my car. I enter his house since I know his secret pass code.


The house feels so empty,


all I saw was a laptop opened down,


ten different phones displayed on the table,a notepad,two car keys and a diary.


I opened the laptop and saw some chats….



Elsa Jaiho,you need to come to Australia if you want to see your daughters..



ohh,I can’t come. I have seen my daughters already”



what about your husband??



I can’t come because the person am staying with said it’s a scam and I can’t leave my daughters,this is the time they need me the most.


don’t you want your throne anymore????



how do you know I have a throne??


I read the previous chat and sip in the wine beside the laptop.


I don’t know what is really happening but I know that this person might be my foster dad’s wife and Dylan must be trying to play them for some reasons best unknown to me.



dear,Elsa please be more careful, this is not the best platform to ask for help. I


am promising to find more about this then bring your husband to you if only you


will stop giving attention to false news.


I sent on that same chat.



hmm I’m confused ooo,am I chatting with another person?? she sent almost immediately.


yes.don’t worry,I’ve copy your digit,I will call you later.This is not the safe time to talk” I sent.


ohhhk thanks…please my husband must be safe” she sent.


“more confusing” I said And open the notepad.


A photo slip off.


it was my late dad picture.


what is my dad’s picture doing here?


I pushed the glass table away, some loosed beads pour on the floor,it was exactly like the one on Nara’s waist.


The only difference is that the one in Nara’s waist is more pure and shining.


what the hell is happening here???


I clenched my fists and opened the notepad.



real name- Jin Jaiho


Throne name- Jin Jaiho the 8th..




identity name- liam


Granny’s name- Amber….


are they talking about my foster dad?


I drop the notepad.


… Dylan behind all this??..


Just then,I heard the horning of a car downstairs…


I quickly arrange everything the way I met it.I hide at the back of the curtain and wait patiently for the person to come in.


A part of me was praying seriously that it shouldn’t be Dylan.


The door was opened by his only three guards that followed him,he entered and glance through everywhere.


“it looks like someone enter here”


he said,my heart started beating fast.


he opened the laptop,


I think he saw the last message,his eyes were just blood shot…


he look around for a while.


Just then,my phone spoilt everything by ringing out.


it was a call from my foster dad.


“whose phone is that?????????








20 more days.


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