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episode five





“I can explain!!


I gasped at my beautiful twins.


“noooo,don’t tell us anything,we already know it” Nara replied in a sturbon manner while Nare stared at me with a confused face.


“I’m your mother”


I said….


“you can’t be and we don’t need a mother or do you see us carrrying signboard that we are looking for a mother???? Nara asked…


“why should we look for her???


“mother that does not know if we are alive or not,she doesn’t know if we are sick or not, she didn’t even teach us all the things a mother should do, she just left us in the care of an heartless granny.


“I won’t forgive her and besides,granny amber said she’s dead”


Nara replied…. Nare didn’t even say anything,she just look on as if she’s watching


an interesting television show.


“it was not my fault!!!!


I said cuz I know that it won’t be easy to get them to love me as a mother.


“who said it’s your fault????


“don’t come close to us!!


“don’t talk to us again in this mansion!!!


“don’t look at us,don’t call our names, don’t mention the word “mom” wherever we are….


“if you can do all of that,we will be happy”


Nara said, signalling Nare not to cry..


I guess Nare does not know what to say.She’s just so soft and emotional like me……..


“I accept,I will do all that if it will make you happy” I replied.


“good” she breathed out and continue what she was painting.



I went away and lock myself up in my room,sat down in the floor and cried silently.


I opened my diary and read out the horrible words I wrote down 10hours after I gave birth to them…..


God,why did you make me a queen when you know it won’t last??





whyyyyyy meeeee??????


I wish I can die right now but you didn’t allow death cross my path!!!!


Take me to my kiddddsssss!!!


I want to stay with them!!


let me stay with them cuz I feel empty without them!! I am just like a bad song because I left them with my mother so that they won’t die since they are just 2hours old when my households were banished….


I closed the diary,not wanting to read the next thing that follows.


My twins are just so ignorant”


they don’t really know all what I want them to know about life”


I whispered tears and opened my safe drawer.


Since they said that I should not call their names, I think I should throw all this royal inheritance away.


Let me throw it away so that I can forget my sorrows.



I don’t want to be a queen again, I want my twins!!!





“hmmm wait!!


“mom,am not scared because if that little threat.You don’t have to worry, I’m going to get the real crown before this week runs out,bye’. I hung up and diverted my hands to my steering.



I drive out of a secret place and headed towards the direction of the famous stage dancers mansion.


All through the drive,


I was thinking on how am gonna capture Nare and deflower her. I don’t need to worry about the crown because Scott must know something about it since he’s wearing the real king’s necklace.


Getting the crown will be so easy but the real problem is how to capture Nare and deflower her.


Deflowering her will take me a long way. Rich will lost interest in her, if possible they find out about the real owner of the throne,they will still have no other choice than to make me a crowned prince since I already deflower one of the princrssess.


I can’t just imagine deflowering her…


it’s gonna be so sweet touching those big bumbum and kissing her red berry lips like she’s one of my bitches.


the fact that she’s ignorant will even make it sweater” I winked and drive crazily into the stage dancers place.


I removed my bandana and allow my curly hairs fall on my face before slipping, my feet into a red slipper since I really like colors.


I step out of my car and walk in,straight away to their living room.


I met just Tasha, Alisha and Jenny doing a voice challenge stuff.


perhaps they want to renew their bands.


Jenny’s voice sounds great.


I can say it’s really like mhesha’s own. That means they have little hope.


“you can pretend to be Mhesha”


Tasha said.


“yes,it’s a great opportunity to lie to our band followers ygst Mhesha is not in a captive,we can upload some of her pictures,the ones she have not posted on our band social media, with that,we can get our fans back because no matter what the situations maybe,Mhesha is still the only lover of Indian’s….


in terms of modeling,she’s still the best.No one has never won her”


Alisha said.


“yeah it’s true.


“you can take,my voice recordings and use some of mhesha’s photos. let’s try our luck” j concluded….


“well,I have something to tell you guys” j said,looking at me.


“Dylan, I have seen Nare and Nara’s dad” she whispered.


“really, where???? I asked,happiness all over me.


“Nare and Nara’s father is Scott’s foster dad.The man is just soooo rich. I mean stinkingly rich”


She said, making my eyes to widen.


“how do you know he’s the one???


I asked.


“who will not know????.


“I’m not blind because he has a matching tattoo with the twins and besides,I have dated Scott before so I have seen the man like three different times.Do you even know that he’s the owner of artist high?????


Jenny said…..


I felt some pains all over my body.


“how do you know???


I asked.


She pause for some moments and slam her forehead.


“he’s the one.I know because I’ve dated Scott before and I know few things about the twins because they once work as our slaves” she replied.


“does Richie knows????


I asked..


“no…for now,no one knows.Richie only know that Elsa is their mother. Scott


would have known but he’s not very observant.Had it been he usually spend lots of


time with Nara, he will have notice the princesses beads on her waists and the


tattoo on her left leg”.


Jenny replied.


“I’m thinking of something” I smiled into something sweeter than honey.


“I’m going to make Scott’s foster dad remember his pasts,then I will prank him by telling him that I know where his wife and children are, I will tell him that they are in Australia. Gonna make him travel there and kill him there without anybody knowing. With that,the throne will be for me and my family”


I took my lips in.


“supported” jenny concurred.


“but how do I deflower Nare??????


I asked,they kept quiet.


(enchanted by Adesola golden stories).





“Don’t Alberto me,you have to partner up with kd.Do what I say!!


Alberto said.


“hunnnn,tell me you’re joking!!


I replied with a frown.


“I’m not joking. don’t even make that cute frown because its gonna work. You will do what I say you this naughty president!!! Alberto said.Only him can control my decisions.


He has been working with six-stars for ten good years,so he knows the right decisions to take at the right moment.


“Alberto why taking this too far, can’t you see that kd might betray us for the second time”.



I pouted,looking straight into his eyes,he look away,not wanting to look at my face because I know how to beg him to the point that he will give in.


“Richie, you know me very well.I had been your mentor right from when you were young,it was me and your dad that taught you how to manage your wealth and how to use brain in getting whatever you want……


Do you think I will push you into what is not good???????


Remember you don’t have a girlfriend before!!!!!!!


you only have sluts hovering all around you but I still pull out time to find a low class girl but an innocent beauty for you……


You this cute kid fell in love with that innocent girl within 2days…..


what am I even saying????


you fell in love with her within 3hours……


I didn’t bring her to you because of enchanted stuff on stage, my main aim was for


you to fall in love with her and you did….


“Now,do you think I will push you into what is not good????


“can’t you see that kd is changed???


he asked and made some looks that made me say “okay”.


“okay,you win,I forgive him”


I said.I smiled wildly and touch my hair. He’s fond of that tho.


“So should I call kd????


he asked.


“hummmm no,don’t call him,just tell him that we are back together as partners and friends” I replied and took off my face cap.




“wear it!!!!!


“you are not suppose to be opening your head anyhow.What about your bandana……!!!


Alberto started blabbing.



“your rules are just too much.Don’t worry, you will still get fired” I replied and wore the new mask he gave me.


He carried my briefcase while Pedro held my phones.



I purposely took the car key cuz I needed to do something when we get outside .



As usual,reporters are outside with camera’s, fans are holding phones and six-stars guards keep staying in my front,back and sides. I really don’t like this tight security stuff.


its not different from someone in a prison.





so mr president,is enchanted still going to take place??? if so,who is the girl?????


is it Mhesha????


you didn’t even mention your girlfriend to the public??????


what’s happening????


Show your face And tell us something????


the reporters summoned while different lights keep flashing.


I wanted to remove the goddam mask and shout it that my girlfriend is not


Mhesha…but Alberto caught me.


“Richie, don’t do it,it’s not yet time!!


he cautioned.



do you have a girlfriend????


they asked.


swears, I really need to say yes.


Nanare might be watching this on TV.


“Richie, don’t, it’s not yet time” he caught me again.



Richie, tell us something,how does it feels to be the next president and who is your girlfriend???


is she pretty and s£xy?????


I stopped walking and remove the mask…..


The camera and flashlights almost blinded me… guards moved more close. I


signalled them to stop.


They obeyed.


I face the reporters and ignored what Alberto was telling me indirectly.



I have a girlfriend!!!


I said into the presses mouth piece.


The flash lights increased.



her name????


her name, how does she looks like???? they asked.



won’t say her name.” I replied.



we know you ain’t proud,we love you for that. but please,answer this last question…..

Is she better than Mhesha??????


they asked.To them,Mhesha is their role model,they still like her despite her bad character.



I won’t say that one too,it’s personal” I replied and followed my guards to my car before Alberto will do anything funny.


I really can’t answer the last question because Mhesha got hot skills when it comes to singing and dancing while Nanare only have the talents.


Messages buzzed into my phones,


I didn’t bother checking it cuz I know who it was,it was “Alberto”.





“love making on bed” I curved out small smile immediately my car drove into my mansion.




I took my lips in and carried ten shopping bags in my hands.


“sir,let’s help you”


my guards said.


“what, no!!!!!!!


I replied and took them inside.


“but sir,you should not be seen like this,carrying things” they replied.


I didn’t answer,I walk straightaway to my room.


I changed my foot wear to a black color and wore white soft sweater.


white has been my best.


I took those bags to nare’s room.


“gosh,she has slept and I promised to be a little bit earlier because she promise me love making!!!


I failed her by coming late!!


I drop the bags on one side on the bed and tap her lightly on the back….


“leave me alone,you came late”


she replied.


I bite my lips and kneel down beside her bed.


“honey,am sorry..I’m back now”


I replied,she didn’t say anything, she just put many pillow as demarcation on the bed.


“honey, I said am sorry,I’m kneeling down already,should I stand up??? I asked.



“leave me alone,you came late,go back to where you’re coming from” she said, I smiled and pour out all what I bought.


“honey, see I bought your favorite chocolates” I said.


She opened her eyes immediately and collected everything….


“I bought……”


I wanted to say.


“don’t talk to me,you came late” she replied and continue packing the chocolates.


“honey, but am kneeling down”


I replied.


“yes,and raise up your hands too!!!


she replied.


“whaaaaatttt honey, I can only kneel down,I can’t raise up my hands! I said.


“do it like this,because you came late” she demonstrated and started opening the chocolates.


“honey should I stand up???


I asked.


“no,still stay like that!


she replied and started eating the chocolates.


“honey, my knee cap”.


I said,she opened the juice and sip it all.


Then she opened water too.


“honey I’m thirsty too” I said.


She stop drinking the water and brought it close to my mouth.


“drink but don’t stand up and don’t drop your hand” she said……




I gasped before drinking the water from her hand.


I choked on the water and pretend to be having some issues,the way she jump up made me smile.


“honey,stand up!!!


she said…..








20 more days


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