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20 more days.


© adesola adeomowole. m.




episode one .






He mistakenly punch kd instead of me,this is just so serious.


I did my face in a silly cute way and tried my possible best to look away from the beast in human clothing.


“you’re not gonna go anywhere without telling me where you got those royal


accessories from and I mean it”


Dylan shrieked.


The next thing I saw was kd punching him on his nose,he make sure that blood gush out before leaving him.


“its like your problem is bigger than you.Why trynna hurt your fellow human that you call friend??? you’re even questioning him like you’re his mother!!! are you sure you’re not mad????


k smirks and took my car key while I carry our briefcase.I followed him to the door but I drill stop and look at Dylan again.I really pity him cuz he has changed a lot.


“are you going to keep looking at the monster?? you’re gonna keep looking at our senseless friend who had always been a fool in the christian doom!!!


k snapped.


“no,I’m just pitying him”


I replier with a soft look,he smirks and followed me to my car since we are going the same place.


“Scott why do you care too much????


“why do you love too much???


he asked.


“do I love too much??


I smiled..


“its obvious because I know you’re capable of giving Dylan tissue to wipe the blood on his nose….you’re so kind that you can borrow him your eyes.Seriously,


you need to drop all those shits and show Dylan his place. What audacity does he have to ask you questions like he owns you??? kelvin asked.




“you see I don’t know what’s happening to me,I can’t just stop being kind.Its already my personality” I replied while driving.


“well,it will soon end,just three months and we are gonna part away from Dylan.


He’s not worth to be in our midst….” k replied as I drove into 6-stars industry….


6-stars is just like a model industry, more or less like an organization that builds up ambassadors.


Those ambassadors they are building up are people that Indian citizens can look up to as a role model…


Presidents,governors and all other high dignitaries are chosen from the ambassadors six-stars trained up.


it was,from there that Richie was chosen as the soon to be president.


its so cool bit the problems among competitors is what is making situation getting


out of hands cuz everybody wants good things apart from the million of rupees


they pay us every month.





kd carried the briefcase till we entered inside the industry while the security led our paths.


We got in and waited patiently for Xavier(the board speaker) in the Booth.


He joined us few minutes later and shook hands with us.


“Why do you wanna see us???


kd asked nonchalantly while I maintain a straight and cute face.


Xavier sigh and brought out two neat files which he passed to kd and I almost immediately.


We went through the contents and shared puzzled glances.


“Sir Xavier what do you mean by this thing???? kd asked


“The five of you made it to the 5wealthiest,exactly what made six-stars hold you high up but it was surprising that one of you guys net worth had reduce drastically. The person might be removed And replaced with another” Xavier said.




Kd look at me,


I shakes my head cuz I knew its Dylan they want to remove.


its even good like that.


me that am looking for a way that we part us.


“Richie signed already”


Xavier said


“I concur!!! kd said.




I said but I suddenly felt pity for kd.


If the industry should pull him out,he might become poor overnight,he spends frivolously,i don’t think he has financial backup cuz he buys hard drugs almost everyday.


“Scott….sign,kd had signed”


Xavier said.


I bat my lashes and pick the pen.


but wait,why am I pitying Dylan????




enchanted by adesola adeomowole.





Alisha passed out when she heard screening headlines on web.Seesha really destroyed a lot of things…


Everything is just srioo looking like a film trick.


Mhesha had been captured for sneaking into enchanted mansion, she was captured And shamed.


Shaming her means we are shamed too since she’s our band leader.


She has turned our band into a loaf of bread that passer lunatics can just chew anytime.


“Seesh made matter worst by calking her fellow presses!!!!


I sobbed while jenny kept quiet with her arms crossed all over her chest.


“Our dance and singing band might be withheld and banned and that’s our source of income. Tasha what if we become poor one day???? Jenny scoffed.




“No way!!!


“never!!! I interjected.


She scoffed also and started huming a poor lady’s song.



my creator don’t let me suffer!


poverty is not good


dear creator don’t let it be my portion,what’s the essence of you creator if I turn poor overnight!!!


she started humming the song in an irritating manner.




I shouted then hissed.


“should I not sing????


she shrugged and started saying irritating things.



Mhesha will be released in the next 72hours,pending on Richie’s approval, if


only she will sign that she won’t hurt anyone….


ohh Mhesha…..


your brain box denied you!!!!


she uttered,I hissed loudly.


“all I know is that Nare can’t perform, enchanted on stage.Richie only choose her cause,of her beauty.


Gosh, that girl is just so irritating, I doubt it if there’s something she can do…..


she knows nothing.


I hate her!!


I hate her for everything!!


I hate her cuz Richie loves her!!


I hate her cuz seesha likes her!!


I hate her cuz she’s a twin!!


I hate her cuz she’s dragging Richie with Mhesha!!


I hate her cuz she’s a hidden princess!!!!


“don’t worry, I’m sure she will fail Richie on stage”


I assured and checked our site.


our fans and subscribers had left,


our viewers had reduced.


I’m sad cuz Jackie our manager and coordinator might not be interested in our band anymore,


we wont get our fans back!!


pride made us lost all what we,have.


well,this is not the end”


we should be able to save Emily no matter how smart Richie is.




enchanted, extraordinary everyday.





I keep jumping on my bed excitedly like a kid.I’m over joyous cuz I went out with Richie for the first time.


it looks like it should never end.


My first date with him was so fun and expensive…..


He so much love me,


yes,I think I love him more than he does.


I like it whenever he touch me….


each time he kiss with me,it will just look like I’m in a paradise.


I don’t mind kissing him.from morning to night cuz it looks like am sucking on the Indian sweets my granny usually make back then in the village.


“Richie,I love you”


I pouted and jump up very well on my bed.I bounced back on it with my hair coiling out.


“Can I do something more crazy???


I pouted and started pouring out all what was in the shopping bags on my bed.




“did Richie ordered this???


I gasped.It was pants and other ladies undergarments that are in the last bag I poured.


“what type of pant is this??


its so tiny,it can’t cover anything.


“Richie why hunnmm????


I gasped and continue checking.


My eyes caught something special.



mere seeing it,I know it will look good on me cuz it was black and black is meant for ladies with pure and spotless skin.


It will fit me….


“yes,test it”


my mind haunted.


I gave in immediately and locked the windows and curtains very well since it is kind of raining.After that,I entered the washroom and took off all what I was wearing,leaving only my pant and bra..


I tried the cloth on but I didn’t get how to put it on,I don’t even know where to start wearing it from but my soul and body is willing to wear it.


After much attempts,I still didn’t get how to wear it.


The cloth is so much complicated with lots of openings and exclusive designs. My mind is so stubborn and bent on wearing it.I checked the label on the cloth, “VSL swim truck”.


I type it into Google on my phone,it brought out matching images and finally saw how it was worn.


I followed the steps one after the other and was getting it bit by bit.


“oops,I will need to remove my bra” I whispered and slowly unhook it,then I slip my hands into the strapless part before dragging it up.


I checked the mirror immediately.


“so cute!!!!!!!!


I smiled excitedly and tied the tiny rope at the back,so that it will make my br**sts stand firm.




“I like this’s beautiful, it makes me look like a fish” I chuckled and roll my hair up in a bun.


“Maybe,I should check another one. Richie knows what I like” I curve out a smile and close the washroom door halfly and climb into my bed,then I started looking for something similar to what am wearing.


Just then,someone knock at my door.




I gasped and quickly cover myself up with the duvet.


He entered,my heart shanked cause I’m not too comfortable in what am wearing, I just like it because it is beautiful.


“hope it won’t put me in trouble with Richie??????


He enter and lock the door,he was also licking something.Maybe candy and he was also on phone.


“Nare,come and stand beside me,I want to show you something” he said, not


moving away from the door.


My heart started racing faster.


“how will I stand up in the stupid thing that I’m wearing. I swear I will not have wear it oooo.


it was after I had worn it that I remember that aunt roshni said it is only worn for






“Nare,come fast,come and see this thing” Richie lick his lower lip.I know the candy is sweet.


“can you come some other time???


“am having headache and stomack pain with cold” I replied,tightening the duvet around my chest.


it is even bad that the stupid rope that I tie is losing slowly.


Seriously,I would have use a clip.


He caught me holding the duvet, covering myself from my shoulders, he then keep his phones in his pocket and moved closer,than he sat beside me in the bed.


“turn your back,princess”


he ordered.


“your Excellency don’t let me turn it”


I pleaded.


he smiled and purposely drag the duvet with me but I was holding it more tight.


I can kill for my body.


“Richie honey,let me be like this”


I pleaded since the stupid rope was loosing slowly already.I didn’t tie it well.


He smiled and went to sit behind me on the bed.I was more,than scared cuz he already saw the rope.He even touch it.


“my br**sts!!!!!


my heart beat more than faster.


“Your Excellency, clip it with this”.


I said and brought out the swim suit fancy pin. I did not even know it has one…


“your Excellency, clip it.


just press it like this,hold that rope like this and press the,open mouth of the clip on the rope”


I demonstrated, fear all over my body.


“clip what?????


he asked.


“honey,that thing in your hand,just clip it” I replied.


“hmmmm my hands cannot clip,it can only loose” he smiled and hold the helm of the rope.


That smile,…


he really mean it…..


if he loose it,he will see my small br**sts.


“Richie my love,sweatie pie,sugar plum, cupcake,candy crush,gemelo,gelato baby,sweat angel,heart throb…….do like this, it will clip” I demonstrated.


“my hands cannot clip,it can only loose” he replied.


omg,what do I do?????


Richie won’t clip this thing.


“I want to tell you something”


I said.


“I’m listening” he replied, still holding the rope.




I stammered,praying his phone should ring,but it did not.


“my hands can’t clip”


he kept on saying.


“maybe you should stay outside the door for a while, let me quickly” I demonstrated.


“aaahh I can’t leave,we are both gonna stay here till this thing loose. Thank God, its












20 more days.


© adesola adeomowole. m.


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