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episode six


now enjoy……..






“honey stand up”


she shout immediately while pulling my hands to the bed.


I felt sweet from inside with the way she touch my shoulders,she even bend down to remove my silver laided room slippers.


“don’t come home late again”


she said and went to drop the slipper on the door mat.


She joined me back on the bed and concentrate on her chocolates.


“the love making”


I reminded her and look sweetly into her face.


“I’m coming” she replied and carried the remaining nine bags on the floor. she rearranged the pillows and removed the silky white colored duvet,she kept them on the floor.



My eyes are just fixed on her waist down to her laps.Her body shape can kill.i just pray she won’t change once she knows what modeling is all about.


“Richie,let’s start”


she said and stand on the bed.


At the centre to be precised.


“Richie,stand at the center too,let’s do it,you will enjoy it” she said.


Her type of love making is as a result of ignorance.I’m very sure that the person they grew up didn’t tell them about s£x education.She’s just so pure and innocent in all things.


The person should have at least tell her all what she needs to know about guys because there’s just too much childishness in all endeavors. The last time I checked,


I find out that almost 99% out of 100 knows about s£x and all other stuffs at the minimum age of 12.


but here is my sweet girlfriend at 19 who knows nothing when it comes to guys, she only see them as an idol to be worshiped.


it simply means her childhood stage was damn boring.


“gosh, it would have been better if she knows things like that”.


I took my lips in and look at her backside, it’s sooo tempting.


“Nare sleep,don’t worry we will do it some other time,that’s not the type of love making am talking about” I replied.


“which one are you talking about???


she asked.


“hmmm don’t worry,maybe some other time you will understand” I said.


“why not teach me now???


she asked.


I smiled and opened her laptop.I’m not sure she have open it before cuz it’s still shining new.



“I can’t teach you that one now, maybe some other time” I replied. “okay,goodnight” she replied and slept with her back turned against me. Swears,it is really a big temptation. I don’t just want to make her cry. it is her first time,it will hurt deeply and bring out blood…


“honey” I called, she didn’t answer.


“babe” I called,she dudht answer.


I left her laptop on the bedside stand and bent over her on the bed.


She had slept with her full lashes lying on her high cheek bone,her lips just stick gummed together.


I watch her face sweetly and pack her long hair up so that it won’t disturb her sleep.


“look honey,it’s my second time falling in love.Please I want it to be the last time…


don’t change…


I don’t want anything about you to change.Your ignorance,your dumbness,your smartness, your nativity, your partial illiteracy, your long hair,your skin without a single blemish, your f**king appearance of a goddess, I don’t want it to change, I love you like this”


I said to her and sleep and gave her soft love bites on her ear and neck.


It’s so sweet,I don’t want to stop but she’s a virgin and it will be painful.


I stop the love bites and remove the duvet away from her body.


then I raise her night gown up.




I gasped.


She was wearing only pants under her nighty.


“this girl will not kill me” I mumbled and brought out a slivery chain from my pocket.


That chain worth a lot of rupees.


it bears my name and it can buy the whole of enchanted mansion with five different five cars.


“Nanare don’t lost this”



I said and wore the long chain on her waist before dragging her night gown back. I covered her well and use my phone to pick my ringing phone.


I got off the bed and went to stand beside the window just to receive my call.


“Richie, how much did you contribute for the next debut with Scott and kd?? Alberto asked.


“hmm,I think 8.6billion rupees, Scott added 7.4billion won,kd added 7.4 also and that new guy added 7.2 or so!! I replied.


“okay,so when are you registering Nare the voice challenge is just in the next 15more days??? he asked


“hmmm I don’t know.I have still not find the perfect tutor but I’m thinking of using roshni for now” I said.




“why not Paula!?? he asked.


“noo nooo Paula will spoil Nare. Paula is my cousin, i know her very well,she’s a wild girl,I don’t want her to corrupt her innocent brain.I’m standing on roshni” I replied.


“sorry,we are using Paula”


Alberto said.


“No way” I replied.


“Paula…. and roshni okay!!


“get yourself out of my phone”.


Alberto said and hung up.


I look at the sleeping Nare,


getting close to Paula might make her get corrupt and that’s what am avoiding. Alberto only chose Paula because he wants me to make more Money on enchanted. Paula have great and hot skills like Mhesha,that’s why Alberto is choosing her so that she can teach Nare.



I kept my phone back into my pocket and walk back to her bed.I bend over and kiss her forehead and that chain on her waist before leaving her room for mine. I know she will make me more famous by acting with me on stage.





I packed all the rotsk inheritances in a bag and zip it up since I promise to throw them away before the day breaks. I see no reason why I should have it with me when my daughters won’t accept me.


I carried it and opened my door slowly, I walk silently through the hallway and passed the first two stairs.


I passed the kitchen and plat my


feet on the last slivery stair turning that will take me to the large living room.


I got to the main door and tighten my hold on the back while the guards opened the main door for me.


“ma’am Elsa, where are you going??


“it is not morning already!!!


Pedro said with a corner of his eyes on my bag.


can we see what’s there??? Pat asked.


I squeazed my face and show them the bag.


“mom,where are you taking them to?


pat asked since everybody in the house call me mom.


“hmmm,I want to give it to someone”


i lied.


“okay” they replied and open the door for me to pass.


I passed the last hallway that will take me to the gate but something made me stop.


it was a voice….


very calm singing voice….


so loud and angelic…



if you say I should wait,I will wait.


i will wait for you,my own life


if you say no,I will go but I will be watching over you!!!!


the voice sang but it stopped..


maybe the singer notice that I wasn’t going,it stop singing….


“please,don’t stop, continue”.


“sing it,let me hear you one more time” I plead with my eyes shut.



just go, just go


you hurt us.


you hide us away


you didn’t teach us anything or do you??????


the voice sang.


I felt broken.


it was Nara singing.


the bag fell off my hand, everything poured away….



I want to count the stars with you.


I love you mom,I wanna be with you”


she sang again…..


i was waoowed…..


my lost joy returned back to me so far Nara forgive me.


“Nare said,we should forgive and forget” she showed her face and jump on me. “mom,do you know how much I miss you??? your absence caused most of my sickness” she said.


I couldn’t say anything.


All I did was to hug her….Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories




I hug my first fruit….


“mom, where’s dad????


“his he dead too????


she asked.


“no,he’s fine” I replied and started packing back the crowns and beads.


“sorry,it won’t happen again,we are going to find your dad” I said.


She nod her head and carried the inheritance bag.


“you and your twins are princesses but they stole our kingdom” I said, she nodded and followed me back to the living room.


“do you know the person that stole it??? she asked as we sat beside each other on a white chair.


“yes,your dad best friend. Chris Amandor” I said.


“okay,Chris Amandor”


she repeated what I said on a sheet of paper.


“what else do you know???


she asked.


“does Chris Amandor haa a son?? I asked.


“hmm I don’t know…. I can’t tell.I don’t know much about him but I know he


snatch our throne” I replied.


“do you have a picture of dad???


she asked.


“I don’t have it” I replied.


“his data?????


she asked.


“his name is jin Jaiho,he have same tatoo with you and Nare, he have the same anklet with us” I replied.




she nodded and walk upstairs with what she wrote.



Not up to 20min,I got a call from an unknown number….


I pick it up and heard a female voice.



am I by chance speaking with Mrs Jaiho???


the caller asked.


I was kinda surprised someone called me by my husband’s name.



how can I help you??? I asked.



you must be Mrs Jaiho looking for mr Jaiho” the caller said.


I was over shocked.I don’t even know what to say.



well,I know where your husband is, I can even take you to his house in


Australia” the caller said…..





gasped, the line went off….








20 more days


©adesola adeomowole. m.

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