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episode ten


now enjoy…..






Mhesha rolled her eyeballs in shame and shift back. I know what I said snucks her brain but she pushed me to say it by calling me a bastard first.


“I can’t blame you because he has started having s£x with you and you’re stupidly opening your legs.. that sweet pleasure has gotten into you and that’s why you’ve


gotten mouth to talk,adding to the fact that he’s the world’s favorite and he’s your




Tasha glared.


“just get ready to see yourself dragged out as a failure product cuz you’re not even up to the task” Mhesha found her voice.


“I know you very well cuz I stayed with you for a good one year. That year wasn’t easy at all.I know what you’re capable of doing. it’s fine if you buy your way but just know that……I will be the hardest task you will never overcome” I replied her.


Aunt roshni blended me to speak for myself. If I don’t, then I should know am killing the real me slowly.


Mhesha fumed in anger and wanted to slap me,


the noise from the other direction stopped her,coupled up with the flashlights.





it’s kelvin


kd,your autograph!!!!


we heard mumurs.


She drop her hand,I knew instantly that she wants to do something bad.


She seethed and wanted to scatter the hair Paula spent time in packing.


“what’s the matter???


Kelvin’s calm voice stopped her.


Mhesha faked tears instantly. I was surprised because she wasn’t crying before.


“Mhesha what are you doing with her??? Kelvin asked again and moved closer to us.


“you should ask her first. She’s just busy exhibiting exuberances in the public by bragging about her beauty, bragging about Richie being her boyfriend,bragging about her wealth, she even had the gut to call my mom “mad” Mhesha lied. my eyes widened.


I didn’t say any of that.



“kd,I didn’t say any of that. I did not. You can confirm from……


“from Richie’s guards cuz you will be the first person to have a serious relationship with the world most favorite” jenny said.


I just kept quiet..I dont actually know what to say.


“Kelvin, I didn’t…..


Mhesha glared fire..


“it’s okay Nare,just follow me”


kd said and took my right hand.


“Mhesha,learn to stay away from her, she’s not the cause of your misfortune” he


silenced her and took me away.


I smiled shyly and follow him.


He practically ignored all the paparazzi and rumor mongers that cross our path.


“which song are you singing?? .he asked.


“all of me version 2” I replied.


“that’s Richie’s latest song” he replied.I nod shyly and walk with him to where all other contestants are.


Paula saw us together,she left what she was doing and separated our hands, not minding if kd’s fans in the industry are watching or not.


“you this flirt, get your stinking hands off her,she’s my brother’s girlfriend, she’s not like other bitches you f**k and dump. Don’t even try acting nice,it won’t walk “flirt”


Paula smirks and dragged me like a doll to the counter.


I turned back at kd,


Paula pinched me and made me look front.


I turned back and did the sorry sign to kd,he didn’t react much, he just smile in an understanding way and left.



“here are all you need,both your pass card and your tag” the manager says and handed Paula my stuffs. I checked the tag,it had my name as the 10th participants. that means I will be the last person to come on stage.


“the person contesting should go that way” the manager said.


all eyes turned to me and Paula.


“okay” I replied and joined the other contestants.


“is Paula your aunt???


“hmmm you’re lucky to have a renowed model as a family” a blonde said into my ear.


“who are you dating,is it kd???


she whispered again.


“good,you know what to do???


the manaher said.


“yes” they chorused. I was confused cuz I don’t really understand the question and the answer they gave.


The blondie catwalks to the mini stage and collected a mic from one of six stars agencies.


“am Claire Dice,a 20years old ordinary girl,I’m contesting because I want the world to hear my voice” she said with a smile and drop the mic. it continued like that till it was mhesha’s turn.


oops,she’s number nine.


“am Mhesha Daniel’s, 22 years old. I know am the best person for this because the world have always bow to my voice coupled up with the fact that i have always wear my crown with pride” she said.


I saw the manager smiled at her speech


who knows if she have bribe her???


She left the stage, Paula signalled me.



I walk slowly to the mini stage and took the mic,it slipped away from where she kept it,the mic slipped away from my hand. other contestants gasped.




“she will spoil it,it’s her first time touching it” Tasha mocked.


it was kinda embarrassing.


I pick it up and pull it not to close to my mouth.


“I’m Nanare Jaiho,20years of age. I feel like this is the most perfect opportunity to inspire many helpless beautiful creatures who are suffering out there with my voice because I was once a victim” I said.


My other contestants clapped while Mhesha and her crews hissed.


“thank you all.The challenge for the play titled “ENCHANTED” begins tomorrow.Each of you have just 30mins to pass the first and the perfectionist stage and the votes will count in just one hour interval. Once again,welcome to six stars industry, the best organization that work towards the aim of the most angelic voice” the manager said, the contestants part ways instantly.


I clinched with Paula since she said I shouldn’t miss her.


“shy didn’t you hold the mic very well?? she asked sternly.


“sorry,mistake” I replied.


“don’t say sorry, punishment awaits you” she replied.


“I don’t want to see you with kd anymore” she replied.


“is he not your crush??? I asked.


“not anymore, just stay away from him,he’s a flirt and ladies users like trash” she replied with seriousness.


“did he use yoy???


I asked.


“nooooo” she replied,I smiled.





“Mhesha don’t think.


“she’s not going to win.Can’t you see the microphone fell from her hand??? she’s so clumsy.


I’m sure she is going to be drag out by six stars,she can’t even act that play with Richie” jenny said.


“are you sure?… I asked.


“yes” she replied..


I smiled a little bit and called my dad. he’s also hiding in a secret place no one knows, only me knows the place.


“my daughter,you can do this*


he whispered.


I smiled…..


“yes dad,have been doing it before. this one will be over successful” I replied.






we got home together and sat together in the slivery built living room. It is really fun being with the twins especially Nanara.


I think I’m even closer to Nara than Nare.


“Nare follow me to my room”


I winked.


“okay” she replied and ran after me till we get into my room.


“you’re going to do one thing for me but first go and wear that bumbershot and any


top,then come back” I said.


“okay” she smiled and left.


She came back few minutes later and rested her back to the wall.


I know why she’s doing that.


She’s suffering from over big ass.


“you remember the lap dance I teach you yesterday??? i asked,she nod yes.


“good, you’re going to do that lap dance for my brother whenever you’re together if you don’t want me to tell him about the microphone stuff” I said.She widened her eyes innocently in a cute way.


“is there anything else I can do??


she asked.


“that’s what I want.Lap dance for Richie” I said and checked the time.


like I knew what would happen,Richie’s car drove in.


Nare eyes widened the more.


She hide that her big bumbum behind the wall.


“Paula,I have forgotten the dance. I don’t know it again” she lied.


“should I tell him about the mic???


I asked.


“no” she replied.


“will you do it????


I asked.


“hmmm yes,but tomorrow” she replied smartly.


“no,this night” I replied….


she kept quiet.


“maybe I should tell him about the microphone stuff” I said and stood up, fitting my feet halfly into my foot wear.


“I will do it” she replied.


“okay,go. I will know if you didn’t do it because am going to ask him how it went.


He’s my brother and he won’t dare lie to me” I said.



“Go,why are you still waiting?? I asked.


she turned back.


I laughed at that big bumbum.


She stopped and rested her back behind the door.


“Paula let it be tomorrow,not this night.I’m not feeling fine and it’s drizzling already” she said.


“should I escort you??? I asked.


“yes” she replied.


I followed her to Richie’s room, he was lying flatly on his bed with phone in his hand.


I pushed her inside and lock the door, I stood at the door watching.


“do you want anything???


Richie asked with his eyes glued to his phone.


She kept quiet.


“hmmm…she closed her eyes!!!


swearssss am gonna hit this girl if she doesn’t do what I want.








a day task


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