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episode four


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“are we going to leave Mhesha like that????


“we are lagging behind seriously because all other bands that are always looking up to us as a role model are Noe moving ahead of us. We need to do something, even if it is a small video so that our fans will know that we are still alive” I choked on my words but I got no reply.


Alisha stayed glued to her phone,


Tasha was typing something down on her laptop.


“yes,you’re right.our visitors page is not friendly at all,it has been filled up with nasty remarks that can make someone commit suicide” Tasha said,Alisha curve out a smile.


“Mhesha caused this”


Tasha hissed.


“not Mhesha,its seesha.We need to stop her so that she won’t continue saying nonsense. She is just busy feeding our fans with bloody lies,she is telling them to leave our site and come to her new site in a cunning manner” Alisha said.



“Seesha did bad….


she has dragged all our fans to her blog by feeding them with sweet promises.I wonder why Mhesha told her the secret code to our blog.Now, it is backfiring on us”.


Tasha hissed while I read the nasty remarks.



Mhesha where are you???


where are the beauty you’re always boosting about????



Mhesha, I loved you,I am always looking forward to download any of your debut songs, I also love your dance videos,my bedroom is filled up with your modeling pictures but you disappointed me!!!!!


Mhesha looooossssser!!!!!


Mhesha liar!!!!!!!!!!


Mhesha fake beauty!!!!!!!!



still finding it difficult that my best stage dancers always copy someone else


dancing steps….



You disappointed me!!!!!


all thanks to seesha who reveal the truth to the public..


“ahhh did seesha also do this???


I asked,shocked.


it’s true that we always copy dancing steps, we copy and pay off the real owners to stay quiet.


“I think we should renew our band do that we can perform on six-stars. let’s make


it new,and real.It will be so bad if we do not showcase all what we have been


practicing secretly”


Alisha said.




“can we do it without Mhesha???


I asked,curiousness in my voice..


“we will help her escape”


Tasha scorned.


“will it work??? I asked.


“watch and see”


Alisha replied.






I have not started at all,


I’m just starting..


I’m going to make sure that Mhesha bow to those girls she’s always calling “commoner”.


And that stupid blog she’s always bragging about, I will make her fans move to my blog so that am gonna have more followers because more followers means more wealth and more fames.


Now,my next mission is to tell Clifford the real culprit behind twinkles death.


it was Mhesha that killed twinkle.


she killed her, her mom faked the news by lying that it was “Jace”.


Jace was my crush but Mhesha and her mom framed him,they lied against him….


I was so sad I didn’t have an evidence to present,if not I would have saved my crush.


That same Emily Daniels injected Jace to death….


They killed Twinkle,


they also killed my crush.


I pretended as if I knew nothing.


if I had talk,I would have be their next target.I didn’t talk just because of a day like this.


A day like this that I will plan their destruction.


I just hope Cliff will believe all what I will tell him.






“let’s give him this last chance”


I said softly to sir Xavier.


“no,our organization does not pity. We deal with serious minded people and not people that might bring down our organization”. Alberto said.


“Did Dylan do anything bad???


I asked.


“yes,he did many bad things. He exhibited his exuberance in the public, he cause some violence and also dealt in hard drugs.His case is just serious that he was caught by drug agency’s but they left him just because he is an ambassador of our industry!!.


“Scott we paid many people huge money so that the news won’t broadcast,we cleared it all but Dylan won’t still change” Sir Xavier replied.




“Just this last one”.


I pleaded.


“Scott,you have problems.


The problems you have can’t allow your brain work perfectly.Must you always pity everybody???? hope this your pity eyes won’t put you in a pity position!! kd sneered.


“I’m just trynna practicalize the attitude of a concerned friend.Dylan has been our partner for a good one year,do you think it will be easy to kick him out like that.????


I asked,he rolled his eyeballs and smiled at the new commer.


“no,arguments,we are recruiting Dylan”….


Richie said with a tone of finality in his voice. The new person smiled.


“welcome to six-stars,an ambassador organization that set the pace for young and wealthy stars” Xavier smiled at Clifford.


He smiled back,looking at Richie with a corner of his eyes.


I knew it instantly that this new guy is not really interested,he might be a spy who likes competition. He might be here to compare Richie’s wealth with his own. I don’t trust Cliff really well but I’ve got to play along.


“six-stars will be replacing him with Dylan” Alberto said.


Just then,the elevator door opened,revealing Dylan in a black hoodie on a black top with a black face cap,all over a black jean.


Six-stars has bring another person and he’s here.


I sense trouble.


“why will you replace me without my consent?????


he yelled at Xavier and Alberto with his fists tightly clenched.


“why will you replace me???. he asked.


“you should leave when you’re done” Alberto replied.


“I’m not leaving????


he shouted back.


“leave right away”


Richie spoke with a very pure and soft voice..


That voice………


it shows deaminor of cold superiority that Dylan won’t dare deny.


He drop his hands down in disappointment,he just can’t do anything. Talking back to Richie might lead to another thing and I doubt it if he really wants to see the hot tempered Richie.


“Richie….. what……”


he started speaking.


“you’re still there????


Richie showed his sharp brows and tilted his jaws like bronze to look at Dylan.


Dylan closed his eyes.


it’s part of the goddam tradition that one must not look into the face of an angry president.


“why are you shouting just because you’re replaced. Is it your family inheritance??? must you die there??? “you’ve done small,let another person in”


Richie said,softly with little anger.


The idiot slowly open his eyes and stared at jin Jaiho pendant on my neck before leaving.







it is time for Nare and Nara to know who they are but am ashame to tell them that they are princesses.


“will they ever forgive me????…


Nare will forgive ms but Nara will not, my absence throughout their childhood stage affected her health.


I wasn’t there with them as a mother.


I pray they accept me!


I walk to her room and knock.


“come back later,I’m busy”


she replied from inside.


“it’s urgent” I said.


“come in” she replied.


I opened the door and met her in a bumbershot all over a pink cardigan. she was painting directly on the wall with just two fingers.


“what is urgent???


she asked,not turning to look at me.


“hmmmm….I came to check on you”


I lied.


“thank you” she replied and concentrated on what she is doing..


“I want to see you for something”


I said,waiting for her reply.


“something…is it food??? you can tell my twin. Am not interested” she replied and change the painting brush in her hand.


“it’s very important, I fell like telling you first” I said.


She frowned.


Her frown made me remember my husband.She is just so sturbon like him.


“ma’am Elsa, you’re disturbing my painting,it’s a project am working on or do you


want me to get low marks?


She asked,I noded “no”


Just then,the door opened.


it was Nare.


they’re putting on the same thing, even the same hair style.


“what do you even want to say???


Nara beckoned while Nare look at the both of us.


“I’m your mother and the two of you are my princesses” I said.They started laughing.


“you’re joking!!!!


they said at the same time and started laughing.


“our mom is dead!!! Nara said in between laughter.


“yes,a long time ago.She died immediately she gave birth to us while our dad ran away.Thank goodness granny amber didn’t kill us” Nare smiled. I felt embarrassed at the gravity of lie Amber told my kids.


“She’s joking!!!


Nara laughed in conjunction with Nare but deep down, I know that they are hurt cuz they never got the chance to experience the love of a mother.


“We might look like your twins,


but I’m sorry we are not.


we have the same beads on our waists, same anklets on our feet’s,we have same tatoo,same everything!!!


Does that make us your twins?????


“ma’am Elsa stop dreaming!!!!


they said and continue laughing but they are hurt.


“Nare,where’s our mummy???


Nara asked.


“no where to be found.She hate us. She died after giving birth to us” Nare replied.


“what about our daddy??


Nara asked.


“that one,he’s so heartless,he ran away! Nare started crying but Nara was laughing.


“I can explain” I said.




“you don’t need to,we know it already that mummy is dead”.


Nara said.


“but am your mummy and I didn’t run away” I replied….


They stared at me in anstonishment.








20 more days


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